Starting a Fire with Wet Wood | On Three

Starting a Fire with Wet Wood | On Three

What Happens When You Make a 911 Call?

This article will describe what happens to your phone call and who ultimately answers it when you make a 911 call. The following discussion only relates to 911 calls placed from a wired land line and is not relevant to 911 calls initiated from a cell phone. A description of enhanced 911 and why it’s important will also be presented.

The Benefits of Using Adhesive Tapes For Safety and Fun

Adhesive tapes are very common and are practically considered household articles, and with good reason. As a matter of fact, most people use them to wrap their various gifts and presents. However you can use these types in many other various ways, and once you know a bit more about the different types of tapes you can get, you realize that the possibilities to using them are practically endless.

Winter Time Auto Survival

We travel many places in the winter never considering the consequences of being stranded in the cold for an extended period of time. All automobiles should contain a certain piece of basic survival equipment.

Try the TASER C2 Without Laser Sight For Personal Defense

Personal defense is a common concern, and many people seek out devices that can help them to protect themselves should they run into any trouble. Different people prefer different types of devices. One option that is worth considering is the TASER C2 without laser sight. This is a less expensive option than the version with the laser sight, and can be a very useful personal defense device.

Wear the Stunning Pepper Spray Ring For Protection at Your Fingertips

Fifty years ago it was unheard of to lock your doors when your family was away from home or at night while you slept. It was a rare occasion when a home or business was burglarized and violent attacks and murders were something that only happened in the bigger cities like New York or Los Angeles. Sadly, our world has changed greatly since the idyllic decade of the 1950’s. Today very few people leave their homes unlocked at any time of the day or night, whether they are at home or away. Not that a locked door will stop a criminal if he is determined to enter a home.

The Stun Master Multi-Function Rechargeable Stun Gun is Your Personal Security Partner

A stun gun is just the protection you need in order to stop an assailant from overpowering you. The Stun Master Multi-Function Rechargeable Stun Gun will give you the confidence you need when you have to walk into a dark or dimly light parking lot, when you are staying in a hotel or you in any surrounds in which you could be at risk.

Emergency Shelters and Biological Decontamination

In work places and other areas, where there is a fear of biological contamination, it is always wise to install a modern and properly equipped emergency shelter that is ready to deal with all sorts of emergency cases. Biological decontamination is basically a mass level infection that may spread and result in the death of individuals and living organisms. Hence, it is of the utmost importance that necessary steps be taken when dealing with any type of biological contamination.

The Use of Emergency Shelters After a Terrorist Attack

Emergency shelters are impermanent places to live. The emergency shelter is usually used in the adverse situations. So this emergency shelters are more than a blessing for the sufferers. As shelter is a place where you can feel safe and protected, these emergency shelters are assembled or are built to provide them security.

3 Easy Steps to Emergency Preparedness

September is Emergency Preparedness Month, and for many of us, it’s a time when we think about all the things we haven’t yet done to get ourselves, our families, and our businesses prepared for an emergency. After all, just like any organizing or productivity project, getting prepared for an emergency takes time and effort – or does it?

Pepper Spray Your Day and Night Time Defender

You are out trying to find a business address for an appointment with a new client. You find the street and start looking for the correct building. It is almost noon on a bright sunny day. You can’t find a parking space very close to the building, but you are willing to walk the half block to get to the appointment with your client.

How Medical Response Teams Use Emergency Shelters

We live in a world that is rocked by turbulence every once in a while. People become victims of natural and man-made disasters. Their helplessness is mirrored in their eyes. Being humans, it is our duty to help those in need, when the going gets tough for them.

When Fire Sprinklers Fail

It was 7:00 AM on March 22nd, 1987 in a Harlem apartment building when the first flames appeared. Although the building was equipped with a sprinkler system, the fire which had started in a garbage-chute, quickly spread killing seven people. In the aftermath, it was determined the firefighter who had inspected the sprinkler system had mistaken it to be functional.

How Safe Are Your Memories?

We are taking images faster than ever but what happens when the hard drive is full? Or inevitably crashes? Or there is a flood, a tornado, a hurricane or an earthquake? How will you recover those memories? Do you have a plan in place to keep your memories alive?

The 5 Best Self Defense Weapons For Seniors

In your golden years the only thing you should have to worry about is how to enjoy the remainder of your life to the fullest but sadly that is not the case. Now, more than ever, senior citizens need to worry about their personal safety and do what they need to in order to remain safe.

72 Hour Survival – The First Step to Emergency Preparedness

72 hour survival is the first step in your plan to become prepared for emergencies. The government has told us that we need to be self sufficient for the first 72 hours after an emergency occurs. Whether it is a major snow or ice storm, an earthquake, flood or power outage you need to have sufficient supplies for you and your family.

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