STARLINK: Off-grid Internet for Preppers, homesteaders and Survivalists

STARLINK: Off-grid Internet for Preppers, homesteaders and Survivalists

Salvaging Food After a Catastrophic Event, What Action Should Be Taken? Use It, Uh No

There are foods that can be stored for extended periods of time, rice, beans, dehydrated fruit, honey, oatmeal and cereals are among them. There are also foods that will store well below 40 degrees F, some will develop mold, I will describe a few actions to take with food after an evacuation event.

It’s Wildfire Season, Are You Ready?

As Robert Burns wrote “Even the best laid plans of mice or men go astray”. Emergencies can happen without warning, especially wildfires. As it is with most things in life, a plan is critical to make the most of any situation. One missed step or unexpected circumstance can make the difference between success and failure. Our ability to plan, execute and at times re-adjust our plans at a moments notice is crucial to its success.

Flies, Dust and Extreme Heat Summer Is Here. The Desert Is Hot, Planning a Heat Hike?

I lived in the Coachilla valley for three years, my wife and I moved from Fresno California to La quinta California, south of Palm Springs and west of Indio. The temperature in Fresno is hot, the desert (residents call the entire valley the desert), is typically 20 degrees hotter. I worked outside in the heat, it was beautiful during the winter, however in summer I was often working in temperatures exceeding 110 degrees F.

Wild Fires in the West, the Season Is Upon Us – Here’s My 11 Step Plan

Wild fires in the west, the season is upon us, I have been reading about the fires in Utah, Arizona and California, what tragedies. It’s easy to understand how the fires are able to burn so violently after a person spends time in an isolated area. I made a list of 11 things I would do.

Preparing for Disaster and Emergency Preparation

In the event a catastrophic disaster leaves you and your family in an unsafe or precarious situation our reaction will require different levels of readiness. This article will deal with the first basic level which is our initial reaction.

Emergency Survival, Is Your Family Prepared?

In previous articles, we listed many events, in this article we will focus on just one of those that may be the underlining cause of an Emergency Survival Event and how to be prepared for it. Last time we focused on an unexpected event such as families or groups becoming lost on hiking trips or other outings.

Simple Fire Evacuation Plan

Making a fire evacuation plan for you and your family can be simple. In this article you will fine out the simple and easy steps you need to take to create a safe and easy to follow evacuation plan for you and your family.

Navigating Without GPS

What do you need to be able to navigate without a GPS? Learn about the tools and tricks you need to get you where you are going.

What Would Create an Emergency Survival Event?

There are many events, both natural and man-made, that are possible. We all must become aware of these events and begin now to prepare our family for them. We have time now to prepare, but unfortunately, we may not have time after the event occurs.

Setting Up A Triage

If tragedy strikes in a big way and you are faced with a medical emergency are you prepared with a Triage plan. Learn how to get ready for the unthinkable.

Hurricane Preparedness For Seniors Presents Unique Obstacles

Tropical storms and hurricanes are unique amongst natural disasters in that there is generally days or even week’s notice that a storm is coming. No other natural disaster actually has a “season” with a start and end date to plan by.

Plan Entertainment For Emergencies

What Would You Do Without The Internet? No electricity, no cell coverage and no internet.

My NRA Hat Stopped a Robbery

Wearing My NRA Hat Stopped a Robbery Let me start by saying that this is a true account of a trip to the local mall with my wife. Since this was during a holiday the parking lot was full so we were forced to park in a remote area of the parking lot.

Storing Emergency Supplies In Your Home

Some people use the excuse of not having room for storing supplies for ignoring the need to prepare. Look around your home and you will find plenty of places for storing supplies. This article will point out some great ideas and help you get over any fears of not having enough room.

Types of Emergencies – Floods

Floods Are The Deadliest Disasters A great many of the largest disasters in recorded history have been floods. Whether biblical in nature such as Noah’s flood or the devastation of Galveston by the 1900 hurricane known as “Isaac’s Storm” (Named after the meteorologist who attempted to warn people of the storm) or Hurricanes Camille, Andrew and Katrina.

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