Smoke Baths and Smudge Fires | TJack Survival

Smoke Baths and Smudge Fires | TJack Survival

Put Together Your Survival Equipment

As you are putting together your survival equipment for your home, car or bag; try not to add stuff that you are sure will not be used but you would like it anyway. These kind of items are using up valuable space for more important stuff and will add unnecessary weight.

Hurricane Preparations – Getting Prepared For a Hurricane

It’s amazing how each time a hurricane approaches, there is a scramble for food, gas, and water. And a big one is plywood to cover windows.

Know the Fabrics to Make Smart Outdoor Clothing Choices

Dressing to survive in the outdoors starts with knowing what fabrics to wear. Different fabrics have radically different properties. Choosing the wrong type, or mixing clothing of different materials, can be disastrous!

How to Protect a Log Cabin From Wildfires

Wildfire season happens in the spring and the fall when the winds pick up. Remote cabins are particularly threatened by wildfires, first because they are usually in the woods or in remote areas where firefighters have a hard time getting to them, and second because they are uninhabited much of the time, and so often no one is home to defend them against the fires. Here are some ways to protect your cabin even when you can’t be there.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings to Avoid Being Carjacked

You are a mother out driving with your kids maybe going shopping or to a school event. You pull up to a red light and there are only a couple other cars around. You notice something moving out of the corner of your eye to your left and turn to look and find some guy standing right buy your door.

What Will Happen in 2012? – Only 2 More Years to Find Out!

No one can know for sure what is going to happen in 2012 but what is for certain is that there are going to be major life altering changes. Everyone is trying to scare people into believing certain events will happen but it sounds like a racket to me.

Stun Guns, Tasers, and Mace, Oh My! Are Self Defense Products Right For Me?

With so many powerful products on the market, it can be difficult to navigate the world of self defense weapons. Although many individuals are curious about the talk surrounding products like stun guns, tasers, and mace, finding the right fit can be overwhelming. Oftentimes, people wonder if self defense products are a good match at all.

Safe Travel – Using Self Defense Products When You Are on the Move

Are you planning an upcoming trip and interested in knowing how to best protect yourself on the road? Travelers are particularly vulnerable to crime because of their tendency to carry large amount of money and their lack of familiarity with their surroundings. As a protective measure, many travelers plan ahead by stowing away a few self defense products in their suitcases.

Basic Self Defense Tips Every Woman Needs to Know

Women’s self defense classes and products are surging in popularity as ladies everywhere are using simple techniques and tools to save their own lives. Protecting yourself is as simple as remembering a few self defense tips and familiarizing yourself with self defense weapons like pepper spray and stun guns. Follow along to learn more about the basics of women’s self defense and how you and the ladies in your life can be more safe and secure.

A Woman’s Guide to Safely Using Self Defense Products

Do you know how to properly handle and use the self defense product you recently purchased? Are you interested in purchasing a tool to help you protect yourself but need some tips on how to safely work it? Have you ever been curious about the correct way to operate self defense weapons? If the answer to any of these questions is “Yes” then you might benefit from a quick lesson self defense safety. Women’s self defense saves lives, so keep this article handy for yourself and the ladies that you love!

A Girl’s Best Friend – Why Self Defense Products Are a Woman’s Ally

Although the safety and security of women continues to improve all over the world, women’s self defense maneuvers and products still remain indispensable in saving lives. Self defense weapons offer women the ability to better guard against rape, assault, and domestic violence.

Protect Yourself – A Beginner’s Guide to Self Defense Products

Are you prepared to defend yourself in an attack situation? Do you know how to protect yourself in foreign places or unfamiliar neighborhoods? Have you ever considered purchasing a self defense product spray like tear gas or pepper spray? People of all ages and in all different areas of the world are turning to self defense weapons to enhance their personal security. If you need a crash course in self defense products, then keep reading for the basics of self defense tools for protecting yourself.

Don’t Neglect Emergency Preparedness Supplies For Your Car

You know you need to put together an emergency preparedness kit but where do you start? How about a kit for your car to start off with. This way you at least have something to work with and you can build from there.

Make Your Choice For a Survival Bag

So you have decided to put together a preparedness survival bag or a bug out bag. Now you are trying to decide what your best options are for your bag. Have you decided exactly what you will be carrying or better yet how much stuff.

Taser C2 and The Phazzer Dragon – The Case For Social Responsibility

Wait, could this be the criminal’s newest best friend? Phazzer Dragon and the Taser C2 the case for social responsibility. This could be a little scary in the wrong hands and it’s perfectly legal for anyone to purchase regardless of background.

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