Silky ZuBat Review | Forest to Farm

Silky ZuBat Review | Forest to Farm

Why Things Are Seen

In the post apocalypse or collapse everything will be different. The way you get from point A to B won’t be a straight line anymore; you’ll have to go around urban centers instead of through them. Roads will be blocked, and cars might not be an option meaning you’re forced to walk. What also changes is the way you view the world, now longer will you be able to simply wander around without a care, you’ll need to pay close attention to you’re surroundings, otherwise your survival could be at stake.

Stun Guns – How They Work

Stun Guns, hence the name are not actually guns at all. They are electronic devices that use electrodes that are set at the end or the side of the mechanism.

Surviving in the Wilderness – The 8 Essentials

The most important technique for surviving in the wilderness is the will to survive. You need the correct attitude or you will have a very tough time surviving. Alot of your survival skills can be learned from being in the wilderness.

How to Help Neighbors During a Survival Situation

Preparing for disaster situations is good practice. There is a debate whether or not to give your neighbors your preparations. Before you have to come to that moral crossroad consider your options today.

How Could You Use Wilderness Survival During an Urban Disaster?

Wilderness survival skills can be used during an urban disaster. Learn which ones are the more important ones to learn and focus on.

Water Storage Basics

Humans can survive only 3 days without water, making water storage one of the most important parts of your emergency supplies. Read more to learn the different ways to properly store water.

During a Disaster, What Are You Going to Do About Water?

Most people don’t think about a potential emergency or disaster happening and affecting their lives. However, there are quite a few things that can negatively impact your life and put you into a disaster type situation even if it is just for a few days.

What Are the Advantages of Solar Power During an Emergency?

Sometimes the power can go our during an emergency. Learn how solar systems and solar products can help you if this happens to you.

How to Pack a 72 Hour Emergency Kit

Trying to prepare a 72 hour emergency kit can be a confusing and overwhelming process. This list makes it easy to identify what you need and and how to pack it.

2012 Truth Or Fiction? Who Will Live?

Did you watch the Hollywood movie hit ‘2012’ in 2009 or on DVD? If you did, then like me, you probably left the movie feeling kinda uneasy. This wasn’t your usual zombie, sky is falling flick was it? The truth is that 2012 has opened a lot of peoples eyes to what is going on around them. The massive volcano eruption in Iceland, the earthquakes in Indonesia and Haiti, the tsunamis; what are we to think?

Learn About Full Geographical and Magnetic Polar Reversal

There are so many theories surrounding our demise come 2012. Some say an asteroid will strike our poor planet. Others argue that Earth doesn’t need any heavenly body because it’s capable of destroying itself or reforming its face. There are those who say aliens will surprise us on that fateful day. Some are quite optimistic and believe that the change won’t be devastating as many expect it to be but a change in belief, a change of heart. They say mankind will witness something that will trigger that change.

2012 Secrets Exposed – Find Out the Truth

This whole 2012 story has grown to a much larger case and has grown several branches of different opinions, conflicting theories, numerous explanations and beyond that. No doubt this so-called news of the end of days is hanging above the minds of almost every one of us like a dark cloud ready to burst and initiate a heavy downpour yet seem to hesitate to rain the answers on us. Most people are eager to know and want those 2012 secrets exposed right away.

Polar Reversals – Possible Cause of Our 2012 Deadline

It’s almost 2012 and a lot of people are already starting to worry if we could live past December 21 of that year and go ahead with our last-minute shopping spree for Christmas or that we’ll have to take a rain check on that widely-celebrated holiday to celebrate yet another global event, albeit earlier and highly catastrophic, which is the so-called end of the world. While there are various speculations, stories and theories about what’s going to happen on that fateful day that can be considered irrational or somehow not based on scientific facts, there are also logical explanations on why the existence of our species may be nearing a deadline.

Plastic Storage Tanks For Water When You Need it

Water is something we need everyday and being prepared for a time when it might be hard to get by having a storage source is something that can have you and your family safely drinking good water during times of emergency. Keeping an ample supply of water is recommended by government officials and it makes sense to have. Plastic storage tanks are a great alternative to storing bottled water or gallon jugs.

2012 Countdown Review – A Sneak Peek Into the Book

Ever since the news about 2012 and the end of days have surfaced, various speculations, theories, stories and opinions have started to populate both the online and offline community and have been buzzing every now and then. Even before the year 2012 took the spotlight, there are already similar prophecies stating when and how our precious world will finally come to a crumble.

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