SHOCKING! Dire Warning From Worlds Top Bunker Contractor

SHOCKING! Dire Warning From Worlds Top Bunker Contractor

How to Survive Sea Trouble – Sea Survival Course

Sea survival training is essential for anyone that spends any amount of time on the water. So, when was the last time you traveled the high seas? Was it on a cruise, deep sea diving or was it just a fishing trip? Back in the old days, the exploration of new lands was carried out by sea, and on many an occasion a captain, his crew and ship have been known to meet their end due to the treachery of the storm, wind and waves.

Tips on How to Respond to a Heart Attack Victim

A heart attack is a very frightening experience, not only for the one who is going through it but also for those are watching what’s happening. It is important for everybody to be prepared to respond to common medical emergencies. You want to be sure that you know how to do all that you can to help heart attack victims because you never know who will need your help. If a heart attack occurs, you should abide by these rules.

Things to Pack in an Emergency Kit

You can never ever be sufficiently prepared for an emergency. An emergency kit can save your life in crisis situations, no matter how old you are. Do the smart thing and use these guidelines on how to prepare a kit for emergencies.

A Blackout Kit – Essential Items to Surviving a Long Term Power Outage

Preparing for a blackout or power outage is one of the fundamental areas that many people avoid. Making your own blackout kit is a smart way to take steps in preparing yourself and your family for an impending power outage.

The Start of Hurricane Season – Tips For Pet Owners on a Budget

The purpose of this article is to provide tips to pet owners who may find themselves in a situation where they would have to evacuate their home and have limited resources or are on a tight budget. As hurricane season hits during the late summer months in the southeastern United States, it is important to prepare for these types of situations.

Make Your Own Plans to Eat Well During a Long Power Outage!

Preparing for the day when access to the comforts of the microwave and the oven are no longer available could make the difference for the safety of your family during an extended power outage or blackout. Make your own plans to have access to food, water and other necessities for you and your family if your electric power is no longer available.

Make Your Plans Now For a Power Outage – What You Need to Know!

It is inevitable, the power you receive for your appliances and comforts of home could someday disappear for an extended period of time. Are you prepared? Make your plans now to prepare for the eventual loss of electricity to your home.

Fire Awareness, Safety, and Damage Restoration

Fires are considered to be one of the worst disasters that our country faces daily. Nearly 4000 Americans have died each year while another 2000 have been injured as a result of house fires. 92 percent of all Red Cross emergencies have been fire related. This exhibits a need for and importance of fire awareness, fire safety, and expert fire damage restoration companies.

How Paying Attention to Details Can Avert an Assault

Knowing how to prevent being targeted by an attacker can save your life. This article will cover the many aspects of how to recognize a potentially dangerous situation, how to prepare for the unexpected, and the many aspects of surviving a violent attack. Also, included will be how to choose a self defense weapon. Practicing emergency drills using your self defense weapons makes you more secure. Finding another person to evaluate your routine is paramount in helping you to develop good self defense habits.

Hurricane Season is Here – Be Prepared

The Atlantic hurricane season officially started June 1 and extends to November 30th. There seems to be an attitude of unconcern prevalent that is alarming. Many people who live in the areas that have been unaffected by storms for the last few years have apparently been lulled into a false sense of security that could be very dangerous.

A Simple Sample of an Emergency Food Storage Solution

Will you tire of all the dehydrated and freeze-dried foods packed away in your emergency food storage? Here’s a fresh approach!

Blast Doors

Blast Shelters are places designed for people to go to in order to protect themselves from blasts caused by bombs. Another type is a fallout shelter, however these differ as they are designed to protect from radioactive precipitation where as blast shelters are designed to protect against overpressure and shockwaves…

Making Tomato Powder For Your Food Storage

Whenever a survivalist considers starting their food storage plans one of the more important considerations that they must take into account is the amount of space that is available. Without adequate space one can not properly store a sufficient quantity of needed food supplies.

Being Prepared to Be Prepared

Emergency Planning. It is wise to be prepared, but it is even wiser to both be prepared and to know how to use what you have prepared.

Minimal Retreat Requirements

When we are in the process of bugging out to our retreat do we really need a spacious home with all the luxuries that we are used to? After all modern inventions tend to use vast sums of energy in order to run properly.

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