Shelves Emptying, Prices Skyrocketing: Prepare Before it Hits

Shelves Emptying, Prices Skyrocketing: Prepare Before it Hits

Winter Weather Survival – 10 Essentials You Should Never Leave Home Without!

The winter blast of early 2010 that is sweeping the central and eastern United States is trapping hundreds of motorists in white-out conditions, and there are reports of unseasonably cold weather from around the globe. So far more than a dozen deaths have been attributed to the harsh cold of what will no doubt go down as one of the most frigid winters in record.

If I Perform CPR Will I Catch a Disease? (Part 1)

The thought of catching a disease from performing CPR scares everybody. What are your chances of getting something? Read on.

CPR Training Online – Get the Most Out of It

CPR Training online is one of those skills that one learns in hopes of never having to use it. At any given time someone close to you could become a victim of needed immediate emergency assistance.

2012 – The End of the World?

Some suggest that the December 21, 2012, date will be a positive time, the end of one cycle and the beginning of a new age of renewal in the spiritual or even genetic sense, an exaltation of the human race. Others believe that the 2012 is the time when the earth purges itself of humanity, either because of religious judgment or due to humanity’s inability to assimilate to the natural world (indeed, because of its inclination to separate itself from nature).

Staying Safe and Secure by Having a Car Fire Extinguisher

Being safe is a state of mind that we yearn for and we do all we can in our homes to protect our families and property. Therefore at home, we will generally have a fire extinguisher on hand ready for any emergency. Should that kitchen or garage fire start, we are ready to put it out or at least block it so out families can get out. But what about safety and fire prevention in our cars.

A Home Fire Extinguisher Can Protect Your Family and Property

Having a home fire extinguisher in your house for those emergencies can save lives and property. If a fire starts, grabbing your fire extinguisher can dramatically reduce damage to your home, stop the spread of the fire and may save lives. It can also suppress the flames while you and your family escape and while waiting for the fire department.

Putting Out That Dangerous Fire With a Water Fire Extinguisher

Fire accidents are one of the most dangerous and devastating accidents that can happen to anyone. Properties can get lost, houses can be burned, and even a loved one can be injured, or worse, can die. Therefore, it is of most importance that everyone has some knowledge when it comes to preventing accidental fire from happening. One of the most things that one can do to prevent fires is to have the necessary equipment.

Useful Survival and Disaster Preparedness Products to Have on Hand

There are some very useful disaster preparedness products to consider having on hand in case of emergencies. These won’t do everything you need but can make life more comfortable when you really need them.

How a Bug Out Trailer Can Help You Survive During Disasters

One option during disasters is a bug out trailer. This can be taken and used for shelter. Even if you can’t get out, you can still use it as well as the supplies that it contains.

Water Purification Options When Your Long Term Water Storage Goes Bad

If you are in a disaster situation, water is very important. Learn some water purification options that you need to prepare today.

Are You Ready If a Disaster Struck Today? Don’t Wait Until Last Minute to Prepare!

This article will show you why it is imperative that we prepare in case a disaster strikes. Some of of the basic things to get are food, a solar panel if possible, water filters. But do you know where you can find it?

Tips to Purchasing an Orange Safety Vest

Wearing an orange safety vest late at night is an excellent way to make yourself visible to others on the road as the last thing you would want is to get hit by a car. The following are tips to helping you make the purchase and what factors to take into consideration before you buy.

Why You Should Own an Orange Safety Vest

Each year, there are countless numbers of pedestrian related accidents in which drivers were unable to see them until it was too late to take corrective action. The following are additional reasons as to why you should own an orange safety vest.

Hi Vis Jacket – A First Line of Defense

A Hi Vis jacket is vital if you work in the outdoor environments, as danger is lurking around just about every corner. Working on roadways, you can often find tractor-trailers, cars, and trucks racing by workers within inches of where they stand.

Mouth-to-Mouth CPR on a Stranger – Would You Do it?

Mouth-to-Mouth CPR scares a lot of people. Here is a way to help save someone’s life without endangering yourself.

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