Self Reliance Outfitters and Pathfinder Knife Shop at Blade Show 40

Self Reliance Outfitters and Pathfinder Knife Shop at Blade Show 40

Where to Get the Best Survival Training

Survival schools provide training to people on how to find and get food for survival for themselves and their loved ones. Things that would not ordinarily cross a person’s mind as being edible are often used as sustenance in emergency situations.

Big Knives and Choppers for Wilderness Survival and Camping

Big knives have always fascinated me and I know they have the same effect on a lot of other people as well. They bring up images of Jim Bowie, Davy Crockett, mountain men, and the Long Knives. Small knives are useful, practical, and handy, but they just don’t fire the imagination like large knives do. Both are necessary for the wilderness, especially if you don’t carry an axe or tomahawk.

How to Stockpile Food for Survival

It is essential that all people are prepared against potential disaster. It is impossible to know exactly when an emergency may strike, and as such, one should take considerable measures to ensure that he or she knows exactly what to do in any circumstances.

Fire Warden Training: To Manage Crisis

It is always an interesting sight to see, how fire fighters douse a flame that erupts in a neighborhood commercial premise. They derive necessary skills and expertise only after successfully undergoing through a fire warden training that cultivates some life-saving techniques.

Pack An Emergency Car Kit – Items You Must Have In Your Car To Survive An Emergency

Summer, Winter, Spring or Fall, getting stranded in your car is no joke. Emergencies can happen at any time- they’re unexpected and that’s precisely why you should pack an emergency car kit. Having just a few of the items could save your life and the lives or your passengers or pets.

Disaster Preparedness Plan – Staying Dry and Warm

In a disaster sequence wherein you’ll be trusting heavily on your disaster preparedness plan, remaining warm and dry could be the primary investment into your life. Although water and food are important, a lack of those assets would allow you stay alive longer compared to the onset of hypothermia, which can often begin within moments. You can greatly increase your chances of survival by properly preparing to be warm and dry as you prepare your bug out bags and car emergency kits.

Emergency Shelter Basics

As you wander in the woods, night time is quickly approaching and you suddenly realize that you are hopelessly lost. You have inadvertently disregarded just about every survival trick you had been learned or been taught. You forgot and left your compass at home on your bedroom dresser. You brought no portable GPS with you and you have very few emergency supplies stored in your backpack. However you figure help should be here within a few hours – maybe. Possibly you would be well advised to construct an emergency shelter at this time.

Using Your Food Storage Reserves

Nothing can be more discouraging than to store up on hundreds of pounds of food and when it is time to use it the prepper has no idea how to prepare it. If you are going to store up supplies for an emergency than its important that you understand ways for which you can incorporate those supplies into your food menus.

What Does the Mayan Calendar Prophesize?

Actually, there are many specific sources for this prophecy – the Mayan Calendar Prophecy and Nostradamus’ prophecies. These two are the most quoted sources of the prophecy.

Emergency Preparedness and Response Plan – How to Survive Through Nearly Any Emergency Situations

Hopefully by now you’re aware that these days a definite emergency preparedness and response plan is a must. There’s already been an increase in the number of emergency situations happening around the world. From natural disasters to accidents and crimes, the number of victims just keep rising and rising, due to the fact that most people are caught unprepared. Will you be prepared?

Are You Looking Into the CPR Certification?

Everyone understands and knows the importance of have a CPR certification and being able to perform CPR in a situation that will most likely be a life or death one. What they may not understand is how to go about obtaining the training necessary to obtain the certificate that is awarded when the course has been successfully completed. CPR stands for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation.

Food Price Increase – What You Need to Know to Survive and Protect Your Family During This Turmoil

Economic downfall, unemployment, and food price increase are just some of the major problems that countries all over the world are facing nowadays. In the last few years, evidence of crisis in food price is already evident. Countries, even the developed and progressive ones, are not spared from this crisis.

Educate Yourself About Causes and Prevention of Fire

More and more people are starting to be more conscious when it comes to their safety. As an early sign of securing our properties, we started off with putting our money in to the bank; some even have safety deposit boxes for better security. When it comes to securing our homes, some would even install a lot of locks in our doors, gates or even windows, but what we might be missing is actually the threats that could start from the insides of our homes, and one of the most popular causes of accident or sometimes death is during the…

Things to Include for Infants in a 72 Hour Kit

Having an emergency kit is critical while dealing with uninvited emergencies. It has been observed from past experiences that it generally takes a maximum time of 72 hours before the help arrives during a disaster. Therefore, most emergency kits are 72 hour kits that have sufficient commodities to help you and your family members survive for 72 hours. Remember that a 72 hour kit is meant to support survival and cannot have all the luxuries.

Moving With The World’s System – The Danger It Portends

When the subject of prosperity is brought up, money is usually the first thing that comes to mind. We’ve been conditioned by the world to believe that a person with a lot of money is prosperous – and if that individual is prosperous, then he or she must be happy.

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