SD BS Tops Knives

SD BS Tops Knives

Making Survival Fun For Kids

Children naturally want to be part of their parents’ preparedness and survival experience. They see how important it is to you… all you have to do is make it fun so that they will be eager to learn.

What Should A Survival Kit Include?

A survival kit is a collection of items put in a container that will help you to take care of you until help arrives. Most survival kits that can be bought online contain items to help you be prepared for 72 hours. These kits contain water, food, shelter,first aid, communication, hygiene kits, and other supplies. These kits or collection of items can be saved in many type containers such as boxes, backpacks, fanny packs and suit case as well as other easy to carry or shelter in place locations. I always tell my clients two things are going to happen if they are faced with a emergency, they will either have to shelter in place or evacuate. In either case they need to have at least 3 days of supplies for each member of the family and any pets, which are sometimes forgotten about. My favorite is the backpack it allows you top add additional personal items such as clothes, shoes, medicine, important documents, cash money and other personal items. It is important to keep your kits in a location that everyone in your family knows about and can be easily accessed.

Emergency Medical Treatment for Children

Sometimes little children may get caught in cross fires. Or there may be times when children stray into combat zone and may get injured. In such cases, medics and rescuers should have the right pediatric emergency medical supplies to treat small children.

Stroke – Recognizing and Responding

A guide to recognizing the signs of a stroke. Includes an explanation of why immediate medical attention is so important for decreasing the effects of a stroke.

First Aid – How To Treat Burns

Most burns are not medical emergencies and can be treated easily. Burns that cause the skin to be red, painful and swell are called superficial burns.

Get a Bug Out Bag For Your Car and Be Prepared For Anything

A well thought out survival list will include items such as survival water, that is water that is potable and portable for an extended period of time. Your survival water can be prepackaged water, such as bottled water; or it can be a survival water supply that is tanked and ready to be distributed. In ground wells are wonderful applications, since the depth of the well is usually deep enough to not be affected from biological disasters.

In Days of Old When Knights Were Bold or Learning From Medieval Weapons

I am a big time fan of history and in particular that history which deals with wars and battle strategy. I believe that even modern day warriors can often learn something from the various military leaders of long past ages. Imagine for a moment that you could jump into a time machine and travel back to the year 1232. Before you lies a huge Saxon castle in Northern Europe busy fending off an enemy attack.

New AHA CPR Techniques for 2011 – Is My Previous Training Outdated?

CPR guidelines are changing for 2011 American Heart Association courses. Does this mean my previous CPR training is outdated?

Queensland Floods: Exhaustion On An Entirely Different Scale

If you’re a shift worker, then the term ‘exhaustion’ is certainly a familiar word in your vocabulary. But what about extreme exhaustion?

CPR Certification Classes: Choosing The Right One

The four questions to ask yourself to ensure that you sign up for the right CPR certification class. Includes a complete list of American Heart Association and American Red Cross CPR classes.

Diabetic Emergency: Recognizing and Responding

A guide for recognizing and responding to a diabetic emergency. Hypoglycemia, hyperglycemia, proper forms of sugar to consume and when to call 911 are covered.

Preparedness for Disasters – Earthquake Emergency Kits for All

A resident of an earthquake prone area should plan to stock at least 72 hour’s worth of basic supplies such as water, food bars, torch lights and cash as a measure of mitigation. You can make your own kit or choose to buy a kit.

Why Should You Have a Fire Sprinkler System?

While for some time, fire sprinklers were primarily seen in businesses, today many homeowners are opting to have them installed in their residence as well. This is because studies have proven the fire sprinkler to be one of the most effective ways to protect against fire damage.

Water for the Masses

Human’s are unlike other mammals and they require an abundance of water in order to survive. When you think about it our bodies are composed of about 70% water. We find it in the body’s cells and it plays a vital function in just about every bodily process. In view of the value placed upon water by our body it is important that we quickly replace that water which is lost during our normal daily activities. Although our bodies are capable of going for about five weeks without any sort of food we would rapidly subside within a matter of five days if we failed to have adequate supplies of water.

Emergency Preparedness Kits – Bracing Oneself for Unforeseen Disasters

Preparing someone mentally and supply-wise for the yet to happen disaster, is the first hurdle. We generally don’t care to spend our money and time to prepare for unforeseen circumstances. However, when such an emergency preparedness kit saves one’s life, we understand its value. Buy a kit that holds items for multiple calamities such as earthquakes, floods, cyclones, hurricanes and even war. This way you can make sure your investment works for you at the time of need.

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