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Salt Water Survival | Desalination | ON Three

Workforce Training in Basic Life Support

June is National CPR & AED Awareness month, so now is the perfect time to ensure your employees are educated in basic life support. Many companies have devoted time and resources to educating their employees about how they can be the true first responders. A company’s employees are always its most valuable resources, and losing any team member can affect the company, and just in terms of productivity, emotional damage will be done as well.

EMS Supplies Benefit Multiple Types of Health Care Services

Emergency Medical Service (EMS) equipment today is not limited to common medical environments. In particular, intravenous (IV) warmers were at one time only applicable within a hospital. Increased technology developments widened their application to first response vehicles such as ambulances and flight services.

EMS Products: Widening the Application of Vital Medical Equipment

The implementation of advanced equipment has allowed Emergency Medical Service (EMS) providers to be more efficient and provide better care during critical situations. Many products have been created to assist these professionals in their job as medical providers. When an emergency occurs, responders must have reliable equipment.

Portable IV Bag Warmer: Making Necessary Emergency Equipment Available for Field Use

Portability has become a necessary device feature both in the field and at traditional medical facilities. This warming equipment characteristic allows fluid administration to be safer for patients. A portable device may be used by first responders, surgeons, specialty services, and military personnel to supply fluids in limited environments at a safe temperature.

IV Supplies: Design Advancements Provide Safer Fluid Administration

Intravenous or IV mechanisms have greatly advanced due to multiple technology innovations. These advancements have reduced both the risk of unrelated conditions as well as the risk of secondary infections. Warmers have been in use for an extensive amount of time but have also changed with the times.

IV Equipment: Limiting Hypothermia Risks in Surgery Patients

Intravenous or IV devices are typically associated with hospital emergency room or paramedic use; however, they are also utilized in many specialty situations. Plastic surgery is another very common area of use for intravenous warming equipment. Surgeons quite often have to apply fluids during inpatient or outpatient operations.

EMT Medical Equipment Can Decrease the Risk of Secondary Medical Conditions

Emergency Medical Technicians or EMT’s need the best devices to ensure every patient gets the treatment they need in an urgent situation. Time constrained medical emergencies require reliable mechanisms for providing the best care. Equipment such as defibrillators, warmers, and monitors are all equally important whether in the field or a facility.

Disaster Preparedness – 3 Things You Need To Increase Your Chance Of Survival

Studies show that approximately 70% of families in America do not have a survival kit, an emergency preparedness plan, nor do they have adequate food reserves in the event of a food crisis. Experts who train astronauts, soldiers, and police all agree that preparation is critical to survival. “The more prepared you are, the more in control you feel, and the less fear you will experience.” One thing is for certain, lack of planning can lead to severe consequences.

Knowing Winter Survival Is Your Way to Experience the Beauty of Winter Activities

Winter is here! Snowflakes are pouring and I bet you are already thinking of skiing, camping, and having fun outside. But wait have you also heard of some mishaps during winter season? Well I bet you do. It is fun to play during winter, but importantly, one must know some winter survival tips to keep you, your friends and your family safe.

A Matter of Survival: Make Your Food Storage Plan Now

If you haven’t made a food storage plan, you’re not following the news. Are you paying attention to what policy-makers and economic analysts are saying? If you are, you’ll realize that having a food storage plan is the most important thing you can do for both short-term survival and long-term prosperity.

Storable Foods for Emergencies

Storable foods can be worth their weight in gold in a severe emergency. When the earth heaves, the skies descend in tornadoes, the seas erupt in tsunamis, or long stretches of inclement weather ravage harvests, storable foods can be a Godsend. When societies are seized by political turmoil or buffeted by economic catastrophe, storable foods can provide a foundation of security for people who otherwise would face utter destitution.

Stockpiling Food for Emergencies

There is nothing alarmist or irrational about stockpiling food. In the times we’re experiencing, exactly the opposite is the case: Only a delusional fool would neglect an opportunity to obtain a large and diversified hoard of dehydrated, freeze-dried, or canned foods for emergencies. Indeed, we live in a state of perpetual emergency, and stockpiling food is one of the most sensible things anyone can do.

From Devastating Droughts to Flood Fiascos, China Warns of the Current Catastrophe

It seems the Earth is always kicking up something for humans to worry about. If it is not a hurricane, typhoon, or cyclone then it is a tsunami, volcano, flood, or the opposite a multiyear drought. The larger the country, the more problems it must deal with.

Post-Disaster Barter and Trade: What You Should Store Now To Spend Later

If, or more likely when, a national collapse occurs in the United States, the dollar will end up having little to no value. While some form of currency will eventually become universally accepted again, you need to plan ahead for how you will obtain goods and services during the interim.

Importance of Having First Aid Supplies on Hand

Whether you are at your home, office or traveling in your car, having first aid supplies is a must. Accidents can occur anywhere and everywhere. You can never predict an accident in advance and the damage it can do.

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