Refitting a Heirloom Splitting Axe | ON Three

Refitting a Heirloom Splitting Axe | ON Three

Everyday Survival and More!

I don’t know about you, but when I was a kid (seems like yesterday) and a Boy Scout, everyone wanted a Swiss Army knife. You know, MacGyver made them famous years later, one of those pocket-knives with all sorts of different tools on it. When I finally got one, around 1965 or so, I was the most popular kid around.

How to Survive Without Water

I realized that most of the people in this world have no clue about how they would survive, for a period of time, without water. In my humble opinion, most people have considered themselves exempt from this sort of disaster as they’ve only witnessed the devastation of these catastrophes in the media. This post will help you to learn some critical survival technique when water is unavailable.

Disguised Stun Guns – A Life Saver in More Ways Than One

Disguised Stun Guns aren’t just for looking good. They can keep you safe as well. If you have ever been stuck with having to give a gift to the person that has everything, read on…

An Introduction to Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery in simple terms is all about planning for recovery of technological infrastructure carrying critical importance to an organization after occurrence of human induced or natural disaster. Disasters are categorized into two types.

How To Get the Water You Need During a Survival Situation

Water during a survival situation is important. Hoping to find clean water is a pipe dream. Instead bring along a few simple lightweight tools to help you get the clean water that you will need.

What Causes Typhoons and How to Stay Protected

Typhoons are pretty common in coastal areas and areas near the equator region. Typhoon is a Greek word which means god of wind. The name is very well suited as they are normally characterized with strong winds. If you are wondering what causes typhoons. The answer is strong winds, moisture and warm water.

Preparation – Your Defense To Survive 2012

Surely you have heard about the predicted Apocalypse 2012 when everything else in this world will perish and the world will have its countenance with Planet X. Predictions of great tsunamis, massive earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and other natural calamities are forecasted to take place come December 2012.

Must-Do Preparations to Survive 2012

2012. How does this year sound to you? Does it scare you that much or does it just make you laugh? Well, whatever your beliefs or expectations are on December 12, 2012, the prediction is still scary. That is why whether that may be true or not, it will not hurt to do your best to survive 2010.

Why Everyone Needs Survival Food Storage

Many people believe survival food storage is only needed for a post-apocalyptic world. However, there are many levels of emergencies which require preparation. Prioritize your needs no matter what level of crisis: water, food, medical, shelter and take action now.

CPR Certification

Getting certified in CPR is something everyone should do and learn. CPR can come in handy in many different situations, and it could result in the saving of a life. There are many places that provide you with CPR certification courses that are very informational and hands on. It doesn’t take up too much of your time, and it is an asset in life that can potentially always be of use in case of an emergency. Not only will you be able to save someone’s life if need be, it also inspires confidence and a higher self worth knowing that you are absolutely capable of potentially saving someone’s life.

Permanent Fixed Style Fire Escape Ladder Versus Rope Or Chain Ladders

The thought of a house fire is an awful though. Visions of your family in danger is a helpless and disturbing thought. However, thinking ahead and putting together a plan could save your loved one should an emergency happen.

Survival Strategies During Our Time of Catastrophes

The lack of preparation for a catastrophe is one of the main reasons why people press the panic button when disaster strikes. If you were advised to vacate your home in thirty minutes, would you be ready to? Or, would you still need to sprint to the store to get supplies and equipment you will need for the mass departure? Read on to discover what it takes to survive a natural catastrophe, a terrorist assault or a bomb assault.

Canvas Canopies Help With Disaster Relief

Canvas Canopies are life savers in this current time of need for many involved in the newest natural disasters. These canvas canopies aid as great shelter from weather.

Bug Out Bag Items

The items you include in your bug out bag must be carefully selected. The biggest mistake people make when they make their bug out bag is adding too much weight and over estimating how much energy it will take to carry a heavy pack.

CPR Manikins – A Dummies Guide (Part 2)

3 things that are most important to choosing a CPR manikin are Durability, Cleanliness, and Price. Who gets the “no brainer” award for top CPR Dummy? Read on…

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