RANT! I am Sick and Tired of This

RANT! I am Sick and Tired of This

Proper Placement of the Automatic Fire Extinguisher

There are many different ways to prevent fire but a few ways to fight it. This means that it is practical for safety as well as for legal reasons to be prepared to fight fire. The United Kingdom is well-known as a fire prone country, and this is probably why the Fire Safety Order (FSO) was ratified in 2006 to combat this problem. I have experienced handling commercial areas as a property manager for several years, and I have spent quite some time, focus and budget consulting with fire engineers, fire consulting companies and the like to make sure that our places are as fire proof as possible.

The Fire Hose Reel Components

Among the fire safety equipment currently available, installing a fire hose reel is essential especially in taking out water based fires. It is one of the easiest and safest to use of fire fighting equipment by laypeople as it uses a spray of water unlike the electrical fire extinguisher, which can sometimes cause frostbite due to extremely cold temperatures when people don’t follow the proper instructions in its operation.

Why Emergency Survival Kits Are Essential to Being Ready For the Worst

Being ready in this day and age is more critical than ever, and having emergency survival kits will keep you one step in front. There are so many things happening everyday and there is no way of indicating what can come to pass. When it comes down to it, you and your family are what matters most and being ready will make all the difference.

Strategic Placement of Fire Fighting Equipment

As many of my readers already know, I am a an obsessive compulsive safety buff particularly with fire proofing homes, buildings and any other place that may be prone to this preventable disaster. This as the title already says, is strategic placement of fire fighting equipment.

Health and Safety Signs – Low Cost Necessities

In my years as a property manager of different commercial areas, I have dealt with different kinds of business from different industries. I’ve dealt with manufacturers, distributors, banks, schools and the like. One thing I am known for is the emphasis on safety and in particular, fire safety. It is a huge disaster waiting to happen but unlike an earthquake, it can be easily prevented or quelched with the right fire fighting equipment, practice and knowledge.

Carbon Monoxide Alarm Fact Sheet

I remember as a kid how why father once scolded me when I slept inside a closed car that was turned off. I was sleeping peacefully when he suddenly dragged me out and gave me a sharp slap across my face. Stunned to know what I had done wrong, he shouted at me “Don’t you ever sleep inside a closed car that is turned off!” I really didn’t know what was wrong nor do I remember if he ever told me, but I now realize it is because of the deadly gas carbon monoxide or CO.

Maintaining Your Fire Safety Equipment

In my experience as a commercial property manager for some time, I find that fire safety equipment along with proper fire engineering as a whole is a big investment on the asset column and yet is rarely ever used. This is excellent of course as nobody wants to will it to fire just to utilize them! But it also doesn’t hurt to be aware of proper maintenance of such equipment and investments in order to keep them in working order for an extended period of time.

Mandatory Courses For Seafaring Personnel

If you have sailed on cruise liners, while on vacation, you probably participated in one of different drills that simulate some of the worst scenarios that can happen on ships, such us abandon ship, fire, etc. In my one and half year stay working as a maintenance engineer on a cargo carrier ships, I have passed through a number situation where the drills almost came to reality.

Examples of Emergency Shelters Being Used in Recent International Disasters

Losing your home in a natural or a man-made disaster is a terrible ordeal. The international community has taken pains to get involved in goodwill programs that provide emergency shelters to those who have lost their homes. People from all corners of the world donate generously to both governmental and non-governmental organizations. It is the job of the organization to responsibly take the emergency materials to the victims.

Steps in Building a Campfire

There are certain procedural steps to take when building a campfire, which will make it easier and safer for you to enjoy. It is good to know these simple procedures before you begin building a campfire.

What to Do When Someone is Unconscious

If you find an unconscious victim, call 911 and do not move him. You don’t know what happened to him, so moving him could aggravate his injury.

Survival Or Starvation (SOS) – Get Ready Now

Never in our history has the future of our economy and country looked so gloomy. The Great Depression was a horrible, dark time financially, but the constitutional freedoms of the United States were not being threatened or in a state of being abolished through the birth of “One World Governance” as they are now.

Reasons For Buying a Portable Water Purification System

If you’re like most Americans, you take your drinking water for granted. All of our lives we’ve been able to turn on the tap and receive all the fresh water we want. However, what if something happened that cut off your supply of drinking water? Following Hurricane Katrina and the problems with contaminated water that so many people faced, many Americans are opting to buy some type of portable water purification system to help their families through times of emergency.

Only Attend Infant CPR Classes That Are Taught by Certified Health Instructors

It does not matter if you are a first time parent or a parent many times over. It is important that each parent attends infant CPR classes.

How to Use Your Fire Bunker For Your Maximum Safety?

When you are using a fire bunker to protect from bushfire, you should have a plan of survival. The children and pets need special care during a bushfire.

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