Quick Tips for Beginner Preppers | ON Three

Quick Tips for Beginner Preppers | ON Three

Be Prepared For When Nature Strikes

Dramatic and sudden flooding has been more frequent in the last decade. Whether during summer or winter, it has resulted in the media reporting many more incidences of commercial properties and residential homes being made uninhabitable due to water damage. The fallout from being a victim of such a disaster can be immense.

Things You Should Have in Your Trunk For Emergencies

Auto emergencies can happen anywhere and anytime. It’s important to be as prepared as possible. Here are some essentials for your trunk that will help you in an auto emergency.

Ready to Go Emergency Kit (Bag)

Many of us may hope and pray that we are never faced with an emergency due to a hurricane, a snowstorm, a tornado, a home or forest fire or even an earthquake. However, history has shown that these disasters are all too common within our own country and neighboring countries. With this in mind, you can prepare an Emergency Kit (Bag) to help you and your family through the first three days (3 days) of these trying times.

Motoring First Aid Tips and Advice

If you suffer a car breakdown, carrying a few things with you at all times may help you deal with the situation. You may even want to carry a first aid kit in your boot, which could be helpful if you ever come across an accident or are involved in one yourself – what you have with you could even help save a life. UK laws do not require motorists to carry a first aid kit, but some European countries have rules on this, like France.

Emergency Car Equipment

Even if you’re not mechanically-minded, it can pay to be prepared and keep some things in your car for an emergency. Some motorists keep things like blankets, drinking water, and a torch in their vehicles should they ever breakdown in a remote spot and find it difficult to get help quickly. A shovel can also be a good idea, if you ever find yourself broken down or stuck in snow during the winter.

CPR – How You Can Save a Life

Accidents and accidents can affect all of us. Be prepared for a medical emergency through CPR training. It just may be a loved one that needs your help!

7 Things That Will Cause Your Emergency Power Generator to Fail When You Need it Most

Owning an emergency power generator can be a godsend when the power goes. It can also become the object of overwhelming disappointment and frustration if it fails to operate when you need it most. Unfortunately, there are emergency power generator horror stories. These are incidents in which the situation required immediate back up power but the generator failed to operate as required.

Personal Safety and Security in a Natural Disaster

When a natural disaster strikes, chaos naturally follows. We’d all like to think that the good in humans come out then. But altruism does not always rule the day and that is simply human nature.

Search and Rescue Supplies and Tools

When search and rescue is needed it is often the first responders who make the biggest impact. They are the hottest on the trail, so to speak, and having the right search and rescue supplies and tools can make all the difference in their endeavors. Community Emergency Response Team (or CERT) members are often the first people out in the field to begin the search and rescue.

3 Ways to Purchase the Wrong Emergency Power Generator

The sole purpose of having an emergency power generator is to be able to have back up power when you need it. That last thing on earth anyone wants to experience is a power outage, grab his or her generator and it won’t start. Or, it runs sporadically. If this unfortunate mishap occurs during the winter, this could wreak havoc on so many levels. How does a homeowner or business owner end up in this unfortunate predicament? They make one or more of these three mistakes when purchasing their emergency power generator.

Shipping Rates of Survival Supplies

While aimlessly drifting from one survival store to the other on the internet recently I noticed that numerous people had been complaining about the venders cost of shipping survival related items. I too have experienced this dilemma predominantly with e-bay stores. It never stops astounding me how many people can turn out to be extremely ravenous during periods when they should feel most generous. These people ought to be delighted that in this economically strapped economy we are purchasing our items from them. You can go to e-bay and search for any survival associated item and immediately see a vast assortment of prices for that item.

A Case of Preparedness and Rough Economic Times

I recently glanced at an commentary that essentially stated there were over 250 million people that are affected by disaster every year. These figures are unquestionably believable and I have no doubt in my mind that they are accurate. The same article proceeded to say that in order to preserve the safety and readiness of your family you should be amassing what is referred to as Ready food Kits.

Power Outages – What to Do When the Lights Go Out

Power failures are hardly a rare occurrence and no one takes them too seriously, or at least most people don’t until they’re in a bad one. In 2003 while I was with my son and his friend in Darien Lake, a massive power outage hit most of the north eastern United States and Ontario. Two days later when we returned to Toronto, the lights were still out and millions of people had a real taste of how dysfunctional a city can become when the power goes off. Lucky for us it was summer. But naturally they happen in the winter too and unless you’ve given it some thought, it’s difficult to say for sure what you’re going to do the next time the lights go out.

Understanding Ballistic Levels

Do not be confused when buying bulletproof clothing. Understand the simplicity of ballistic levels.

When the Power Grid Shuts Down – Why You Should Care to Prepare For Disasters & Emergencies

As our planet continues to change, most reputable scholars agree we can expect wild and unpredictable variations in weather, with extreme amplifications in weather events, such as floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, wildfires and more. The question that we all should be asking ourselves is simple: are we prepared?

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