Purefire Tactical Firestarter Review | ft. Jason Salyer from ON Three

Purefire Tactical Firestarter Review | ft. Jason Salyer from ON Three

4 Places From Where You Can Get a First Aid Certification

First aid being the primary treatment given in the event of suffering a sudden illness or being involved in an accident, is extremely vital and its timely administration can often prove to be the difference when it comes to life or death. Completing a first aid course will not only help to develop the skills for curtailing the injury and stabilizing the person, but will also teach you to assess the situation as a whole and prioritize the treatment accordingly. Now that you know the importance of a course, it is time to select one.

4 Benefits of First Aid Training

Emergencies come unannounced. We expect the government to up our security systems and make sure that there is no external threat. Bag checks, body scans and X-ray security, we go through all of that to make sure we are in a safe place.

6 Top Benefits of First Aid Training

You may think getting first aid training is unnecessary. It may seem to be somewhat difficult and complicated. This is a wrong notion.

Combat Safety in Post-Apocalyptic America

Melee combat can be fun as all get out, but one ill-placed blow could send a spray of zombie blood and spittle into your eyes, nose, or mouth. And that spells contamination. And contamination, of course, is death. Because fights with the undead will be unavoidable, most survivors will have two choices when it comes to battle: cover up or stick to ranged weapons.

What Items Should You Put In Your Bug Out Bag?

This article discusses the basics of what is required in your bug out bag. More and more people are starting to have a 72 hour survival kit after they have witnessed the horrors left in the wake of Hurricane Katrina and various other natural disasters.

Life Giving Water

Water is a very big problem. One of the reasons for this is that we cannot live very long without it. If deprived of food, we might live about a month, if deprived of water, we cannot live more than about three days. So, this subject demands our careful attention. Before we go further we must ask why would we be without water? After all, every county in America provides us all we can use. In response we note that there are reasons our water system may not always continue to work. Some of these are short term failures, while others may be long term interruptions in our water supply.

CPR Training And Family Vacations

On a family vacation, safety is a must. Children will be very excited about being somewhere new, about being away from home. Adults will be more relaxed than usual and they may not pay attention to everything that the children are doing.

Secure Your Home and Loved Ones With Personal Safety Devices

You and your family’s safety is a priority. Know the many examples of home security and personal safety devices you can install and have in your home for your own peace of mind.

Importance of Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers, in combination with smoke detectors are usually the most typical fire preventing products that a majority of homeowners in America possess, even in other regions around the globe. Those fire engines were available in many dimensions in order to make sure that anyone can use them. The larger sizes are usually found inside the house and company or business establishments while the lightweight ones will also be both at home and where you can bring them such as in your family vehicle.

Survival Preparation – To Bug Out or To Bug In?

As with many preppers I wonder if I should consider bugging out when the shit hits the fan or staying put and protecting the place I am at. This dilemma has been debated a countless many times by many a doomsday preppers. The question really boils down to this.

Stun Guns for Sale – How Do They Work?

Crazy Voltage! 100,000 volts? 300,000? 4.5 million volts? Stop your attacker in his tracks!

Pepper Shot Pepper Spray – How Does It Work?

Carrying some kind of personal protection supply is necessary for many reasons. Pepper spray is a non lethal and very easy to use way of keeping some protection close by.

A Senior Citizen Self Defense Course Should Include The Proper Use Of Pepper Spray

Self defense classes are a wonderful idea for any senior citizen. However I think any class teaching seniors self defense should also include the proper use of pepper spray.

Six Reasons You MUST Have A Foam Cooler Ice Chest During Hurricane Season

During hurricane season you absolutely must prepare yourself to prevent food and medicine spoilage by having at least one cooler on hand for thermal insulation. The question is, “What kind of cooler?” There are six reasons you can feel confident about choosing a foam cooler ice chest over a hard shell plastic or metal cooler, or at least use a combination of the two, and we explain why.

Evacuation Chairs – Design And Function

In the event of an emergency an employer’s paramount concern will be the safe evacuation of all staff. Should the company be based in a high-rise building with lifts and employ people with mobility problems then this can be a logistical challenge. During emergencies it is quite common for lifts and escalators to be out of action and prepared companies will have evacuation chairs and trained staff available to assist with the safe exit of all.

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