Prepper Almost Dies Doing One Chip Challenge

Prepper Almost Dies Doing One Chip Challenge

Fire! – How to Save Your Family in an Emergency

Being prepared for a fire is the best way of not becoming a victim of one. You should always install fire detectors, they are cheap and freely available, there really is no excuse. Fires can happen for a number of unexpected reasons so it’s important to have given some consideration to how you would react to a fire before you actually find yourself with one. Here’s what to do.

What to Do in the Case of Fire

One of the unpleasant side effects of global warming is the increased incidence of fire, and each season large tracts of wilderness and abutting farmland in Australia, California and South Africa are literally wiped out by blazing infernos. Apart from the obvious loss of livestock and crops, these bushfires often destroy homes and the people who live in them.

Is There a Mole Living Next Door to You?

Generally the common man has no idea as to what a mole is. I don’t mean those furry little animals which tend to make it’s home within the ground and destroy your lawn but rather a mole in the sense of international espionage.

Emergency Telephone Failure

Imagine for a moment that you are preparing to make your emergency rounds at 7 PM in the evening. It is just beginning to get dark and when last listening to the police scanner you noted some suspicious activities along your route. You don your proper gear and get ready to embark upon your task when all of a sudden the telephone system goes dead. You no longer have your primary means of communicating with other team members.

Snake Bites

Approximately, 8,000 people are bitten by poisonous snakes in the United States annually. Even if the snake is not poisonous, the bite can trigger an infection or allergic reaction in the victim. Snakes can be very dangerous, so it is important to use caution.

Packing a First Aid Kit

When packing a first aid kit, there are always some simple things that must be included. It is my intention to briefly touch on some of these items here, and to give a little explanation of each so you are better informed.

The Safekeeping of Our Children – Part of Emergency Preparedness

Have the ability to locate your child at all times. This is a wonderful way to prevent a tragedy, and comes in handy just for checking in with your youth.

Are You and Your Family Prepared?

The disaster of Katrina pointed out just how unprepared we, as a nation, are. We must acknowledge the fact that our government is not prepared nor can it save us in the event of a nation wide catastrophe. Water is a key to survival and ancient methods exist which can prolong life.

Hurricane Preparedness – Advance Preparation is the Key to Safety

According to meteorologists at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, tropical storm/hurricane strength and frequency runs in cycles, and we are currently in the middle of a 20 to 30 year period that will have above average storm strength and frequency. Gulf, as well as East coast, inhabitants are at higher than average risk for the destruction of a major hurricane and will be for at least the next ten years.

Do You Have One of These in Your Emergency Food Storage?

Do you have the means to survive in a disaster? Maybe you do, but having one of these included in your food storage can make things go a whole lot smoother and make the rough times a bit easier to bear.

Using GPS For Survival Geocaching

Did you know that geocaching is not only fun, but can also be utilized to prepare for survival situations? I’ll show you how, and I’ll reveal what types of things you should “cache” in the outdoors for emergencies.

Hurricane Preparedness – Prune Your Losses

Hurricane preparedness goes beyond making sure your insurance policies are up to date. There are some practical things you can do around your property, whether home or business, that can lower the risk of storm damage.

Teach Your Kids Fire Safety Tips

Are you the parent of a student who attends a school at the primary level? Are you a teacher or school administrator? If you answered either question affirmatively, it is very important for you to educate your children on how to handle fire safely and prevent setting fires. You will learn how to teach your children fire safety tips.

Can You Live Without an Emergency Generator?

Many homeowners now have an emergency generator installed in their home. Is one of these devices a good idea for you?

Have You Reached the Peak of the Readiness Pyramid?

Having scaled the readiness pyramid thus far, you can now initiate your preparedness efforts in the finance arena. Learn what it takes to be financially fit for an economic disaster.

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