Prepare for Whats Coming: How to Build a Bugout Bag

Prepare for Whats Coming: How to Build a Bugout Bag

What to Put in Your Vehicle Survival Kit

Disasters often occur with little or no warning: earthquakes, terrorism, tornadoes, etc. That’s why it’s wise to have a vehicle survival kit in case you’re stranded somewhere eventually or forced to evacuate the area.

Car Jacking – Emergency Safety Measures That Could Save Your Life

There are a number of preventive measures you can take to improve your safety when confronted with a carjacking. First, if confronted by a carjacker, and entry is made, get out of the vehicle if you can. Don’t argue, give it up, and get out.

Unusual Survival Gear

On most nights I read in bed for an hour or two before going to sleep. My wife usually falls asleep first so to be considerate, I turn off the lamp and use a book light. It occurred to me that I’ll be using this book light a lot if the power goes out. Then I thought, “If the power goes out, we only have one book light. What if someone else wants to read, too? It’s hard to read by dim candlelight.” I decided to stock up on several book lights. Then I started brainstorming for other unusual survival items that most people might not have thought of. Here’s what I came up with.

Emergency Food Storage

Before you can build your food storage nest egg you must first layout and plan what location in your home would be most ideal. Proper preparation of the space can be the difference between a well preserved stock and food that goes bad when you need it most.

Long Term Food Storage

Planning ahead for your emergency food supply is always the best bet because there is no guarantee that if you wait too long there will be any rations left. This article will give you some basics on what you should be targeting in food categories if your planning on food storage to last for up to a year.

What Type of Survivalist Are You?

When I first got into survivalism I started reading The Encyclopedia or Country Living. I remember I was telling my wife about planting, growing and harvesting grain when she said, “We live in an apartment in the middle of the city. Where and when are you going to raise grain and turn it into food?” It was a good question, and it made me reevaluate my plans. If you’re going to start prepping, you need to think about your particular situation and what you’re preparing for.

Last Minute Preps

Imagine a disaster has occurred and you didn’t bother to prepare. A pandemic is spreading across the country like a wildfire, maybe an earthquake has knocked out the power and water. Perhaps there’s been a terrorist attack and part of your town is in flames, or hyperinflation has hit a critical point where prices are rising throughout the day. If something like this occurs, you’ll have to run to the nearest grocery store and get what you can, while you can.

Get Home Bag Vs Bug Out Bag

Almost every survival and preparedness related  website you run across has an article, or an entire section related to the “bug out bag.” I don’t have any plans to bug out anywhere.

Are You Ready and Set to Go?

Are you Ready? Sometimes the unexpected happens and you and your loved ones may have to evacuate your home, place of business or vehicle. Do you have the necessary items for emergency preparedness to grab and go?

Defending an Apartment After TEOTWAWKI

My wife and I live in an apartment in a densely populated area. I admit to having some reservations about living here in case of “the end of the world as we know it,” but moving just isn’t feasible right now. If you’re also living in an apartment and you’re worried about a major disaster, you’ve probably had similar concerns. The good news is, there are some steps we can take to defend ourselves in case looters and hungry scavengers come knocking.

20 Uses for Baking Soda

When stocking up in preparation for a disaster, one of the first things you should add to your cache is baking soda. Lots of it. If supply lines to your community are cut off, this item will disappear from the grocery store shelves as quickly as canned goods. The reason it’s versatility. It can be used for all types of cleaning, deodorizing, and other miscellaneous needs. Here are the top 20 benefits.

Safety Measures To Prevent Fire Accidents

Fire causes more injury in homes and related deaths in a community than a lot of people realize. Property is also destroyed and people can be misplaced for a decent amount of times. Not to mention all the lost memories that might go up in flames.

Wilderness Survival Gear Guide

Finally, the time has come for that great summer camping adventure or that backpacking trip abroad! Soon you will be facing a golden sun, a gentle breeze will caress your calves and you will ready for the adventure that is there and ready to pounce on the world’s roads.

Fire Safety 101: Only You Can Protect Your Family From Fire Tragedy

There is no such thing as a 100% fire-proof home. Take the necessary precautions to keeping your family safe.

Don’t Make Yourself a Target

If you ask children what is the most dangerous predator in the world, they might answer something like lions, tigers, or bears (oh my!). Most children and adults forget that human beings are by far the most dangerous predators on Earth. They are not to be underestimated, especially if they’re desperate.

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