Prepare for Whats Coming: 10 Things to Do DAILY

Prepare for Whats Coming: 10 Things to Do DAILY

Understanding Prepping and Survival Tips

Prepping is a phenomenon that has become so widely spread and popular in the recent years. This has gone to an extent of the making of TV shows that focus on prepping. There are people who are extremely prepped for catastrophe that could possibly hit the world and this is something that has caught the eyes of the public.

The Dreaded Knock on the Door

Let me just clarify — I am not an expert in all the areas you would be wise to prepare. However, the one area that I do wish to impart are what key personal and financial documents you would need to bring with you should you have to evacuate or leave your home.

Build Yourself an Emergency Car Bag

What if you are stranded across town and can’t get to your safety supplies? You might be on vacation and a disaster might happen where you are, would you have emergency supplies?

In a SHTF Situation Your Worst Enemy May Not Be Human

In a shtf situation beyond the typical threat of other humans, health issues or even food issues there is a new and growing threat of Artificial Intelligence. Though you may not think of it as a threat it may very well be and it may be far reaching.

Can We Put WiFi Systems And Direct Current Battery Charging On Disaster Rescue Robots?

There has been a big push for disaster rescue robotic system with lots of participants in a DARPA Challenge in 2013. Google X and other contestants put forth their best renditions of robotic systems to solve problems, open doors, climb ladders, stairs, tie knots, turn off gas lines and avoid obstacles. These robotic systems are loaded with high-tech software, artificial intelligence, and an array of sensors to accomplish these tasks, along with video feed for their human counterparts. Why not add a couple of more features to really make them useful? Let’s talk shall we?

Natural Disaster Survival Kit-Best Survival Kit

Do you need a natural disaster survival kit? In my opinion most people are very complacent about their personal security. Saying that, most think it can’t happen to me. But wait it has happen to people you know or someone else knows.

When Disaster Strikes

Disaster preparedness should not be kept on the back burner. Preparation is the key to survival. Information and guidelines for your personal preservation.

Power Failure, What Causes Blackouts, and What to Do in a Power Outage

It’s raining hard, the only bridge to our island has collapsed and is washed out, the water is rising, if the slough gets any higher the levee may fail. The road out is blocked after trees have fallen across it, another tree fell on the house but the main house is OK. Water every where, a truck tried to turn around and is now stuck up to the axles in mud, it’s 3 am, I may need more than my tennis shoes.

Basic Survival Food Storage On a Budget

Several nationally conducted surveys have shown that Americans as a whole are not prepared for any extended emergency or disaster in regards to any substantial supply of food or water. This article explains why you need to be prepared now more than ever and how to do just that. You can store up a nutritious food supply that will last for 20-25 years and provide two healthy meals per day for $.15 per meal. You will learn the importance of being prepared and how to do so on an extremely tight budget. You will be shocked to learn…

On Your Way Out, What Would You Grab in an Emergency?

4-1/2 years ago my neighbors house burned to the ground in the middle of the night, The house’s on either side sustained damage from the fire, one was 80% destroyed and although never rebuilt still to this day stands as a burned out hulk. If the prevailing wind was up (it wasn’t) and if it were dry (luckily it was a misting rain) my house would most likely have been burned completely up as well. That event inspired me to build a web site dedicated to helping people be as self reliant as they can possibly be. Then I came up with the list below:

Surviving With an Every Day Carry Bag (EDC)

If you’re new to prepping or preparing and interested in it, but not confident, one way is by finding out what to carry in your EDC gear bag. Bear in mind that your EDC consists of items that you’ll commit yourself to carry every day. The main reason for carrying your EDC gear bag is to ensure you have some basic resources or tools to help you in case that you’re trapped and unable to get any help.

Is Survival A Natural Human Instinct?

There are numerous natural and man-made disasters which affect individuals and families daily. Human beings are able to stay alive in the most extraordinary and unusual circumstances. Is it the natural instinct of humans to keep living?

Have You Prepared Your Kids for Surviving?

How do you prepare your kids for surviving a disaster? What is your major concern in teaching the kids to learn to survive?

It’s Been 20 Years Since The Thredbo Landslide

It certainly doesn’t feel like it. Twenty years is a long time but the landslide at Thredbo, in the Southern Alps of New South Wales, is as fresh in the minds of those who watched it unfold on television as if it were yesterday. This popular ski resort comprises a village with guest houses and lodges built on the slopes of the mountain.

Delayed EMS Responses – Causes and Solutions

Students will be required to demonstrate competence in practical skills as well as on written examinations. In addition, each student will complete a 12-hour rotation in a hospital emergency room.

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