Planting Blueberries w/ Alan Kay

Planting Blueberries w/ Alan Kay

Blood Fluid Warmers Prevent Hypothermia Development Caused by Rapid Infusion

Substances entering the body at a colder temperature than core heat can cause an individual to develop adverse health effects. The risk of hypothermia is heightened each time a blood fluid warmer is not used in conjunction with intravenous infusion. Portable devices are the easiest way to reduce this treatment hazard.

Blood and Fluid Warmers Are Beneficial During Initial Medical Treatment

Blood and fluid warmers are devices used to heat substances before they intravenously enter the body. They were previously restricted to medical facility environments; however, design advancements have opened up countless usage opportunities to less institutionalized settings. Pre-warming is a process developed to maintain internal core body temperature in environments where cold is present or in situations involving the high volume, rapid introduction of colder substances.

The Growing Need For Personal Emergency Response Systems

Increasing risks of accidents in the home among older folks and people afflicted by physical disabilities indicate the rising importance of the personal emergency response system. The dangers are not only limited to mishaps or falls. Elders have many limitations and are not capable of caring for themselves during emergency situations.

Infusion IV Supplies: How Can Professionals Enhance Patient Safety?

Infusion is a medical process involving rapid or slow substance introduction directly into the vein or in some cases between tissues. Intravenous (IV) therapy can be performed any time a patient needs blood, drugs, or electrolytes. The infusion IV supplies used to accomplish this type of therapy include access devices in the form of a needle, Peripheral IV line (PIV), or central IV line. Central intravenous lines are applied to specific veins within the body. They offer certain advantages over other methods like the ability to deliver fluids that PIVs are sensitive to, they faster bodily distribution, and they have ability to apply multiple types of liquids at the same time.

Home Emergency Survival Preparation Tips

Nobody can completely anticipate the specific issues and problems that could be encountered in the event of a full-blown emergency. The single best recourse is to be prepared for any and all contingencies that may occur.

Having The Right Stuff When You Need It Most

An emergency preparedness kit is the best way to ensure a person is ready for any type of disaster. Food is one of the chief items that should be included in these kits, and the current world situation necessitates that people purchase disaster kits to provide everything they will need in times of need. Grocery stores only stock enough food to supply local populations with food for about three days. In the event of a national disaster such as nuclear attack or compromised fuel supplies, they will be unable to provide the goods that are needed for basic survival. These occurrences grow more likely every day, and emergency food supplies are the smart way for a person to be ready.

Blood Warming Products: Choosing the Best IV Warmer

When you think of patient care, an intravenous (IV) fluid warmer is not one of the first things that come to mind, but it should be. Throughout medical history, IV infusions have typically been delivered cold, even as the risks of doing so were well known:

Medical IV Supplies for Hypothermia Prevention

Accidental hypothermia is a common condition among medical patients. If left unresolved, it can increase the risk of cardiac arrest and the infection of surgical incisions. In addition to weather exposure, the following things frequently cause hypothermia…

Choosing an IV Fluid Warming System: Frequently Asked Questions

A familiar and important aspect of medical care is the administration of intravenous (IV) infusions, but simply administering infusions is not enough to protect a patient’s heath. Prior to administration, infusions must be warmed. Otherwise, patients can experience hypothermia, or have an existing case of hypothermia made worse.

IV Bag Warmers Help Emergency Medical Services With Injured Victims

In a 1995 study on accidental hypothermia in trauma patients, researchers investigated whether hypothermia is relevant to pre-hospital emergency treatment. After studying 302 trauma patients, they discovered almost half of them suffered from hypothermia. Published in the journal Anaesthesist in 1995, the study concluded that hypothermia is indeed relevant to pre-hospital emergency treatment.

Buying Self Defense Products Is the Least You Could Do For Yourself

Unfortunately, many people have a misunderstanding of the concept “self defense weapons.” Most people immediately think “taser gun” or “stun gun”, and then negative media stories soon follow. This mindset is inaccurate and unnecessary because self defense weapons are anything but negative in nature.

Why You Should Know First Aid – 3 Points

First aid is the preliminary treatment that may be administered during an accident or illness to stabilize the victim until professional medical assistance arrives at the scene. First aid administrators do not have to be highly trained personnel and anyone with a moderate knowledge can do the job. Yet the nature of first aid is such that the simple set of treatments given can help to buy precious time which makes first aid as important as the follow up care.

First Aid – 4 Common Situations

In your routine life you will often have to deal with minor mishaps that will cause you no more that a bruise cut or scrape. However, at times the injuries might be of a more serious nature. Either way first aid can come in handy to treat minor problems and contain the more severe ones.

Emergency Survival – What To Look For In A Great Survival Knife

No one can predict when you’ll be trapped in a distressed situation. That’s why it pays to be ready for anything, including and especially, when deprived of everyday conveniences.

Suggestions for Water Conservation: Water Storage Tanks and More

When you want to conserve water, think about using less, recycling, and using water storage tanks for long-term and emergency uses. Here are some tips for conservation and using water storage tanks.

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