Paddle Board Adventure | Day 1 | ON Three

Paddle Board Adventure | Day 1 | ON Three

Is December 21, 2012 the End of Days, or Simply the Beginning of a New Age?

Is December 21, 2012 really the End of Time as we know it or is it simply the beginning of a New Age with a brighter and more glorious future for all of mankind? Is it all Doom and Gloom or is our future actually something we should be looking forward to?

Understanding Flood Terms And What Steps To Take During Each Advisory

Flooding has become one of the most common natural disasters in the United States. Understanding the terms and meanings could help to save you and your home from being harmed.

TCCC Guidelines Provide Combat Treatment Procedures for Immediate Care

TCCC stands for Tactical Combat Casualty Care and typically references the practices followed by military personnel operating in battlefield conditions. These guidelines are designed to train individuals in what to do when providing tactical medical support in the field. TCCC guidelines provide basic plans for medical care under fire, in the field, and during combat evacuations.

Blood Warmers: The Significance of a Reliable Battery

The transfusion of blood is a critical process that requires dependable equipment and treatment. Warmers are one of many essential items used to guarantee the success of this important fluid transaction. One of the newer qualities provided in blood warmers is the ability to use battery power for operation.

Intravenous Fluid Warmers: Equipment Alternations Increase Field Use

Intravenous (IV) fluid application saves lives in many emergency situations. Warmers are becoming a part of this treatment to reduce the effects caused by rapid introduction of cold fluids. Most substances provided by an IV have to be cooled so it can be stored, and the refrigerated temperature is far below the internal warmth of the human body.

Natural Disasters – Crisis Management

Natural disasters and nature’s fury can upset even the most developed countries and reduce them to ruins. There is primarily nothing we can do to avert such disasters. The only point of control which lies in our hands is the ability to recover from such disasters. It would be mere foolishness to rely and take comfort in the administration and infrastructure in such cases. Calamities such as earthquakes, tornadoes etc can leave us totally isolated form the rest of the world. In such circumstances it is, quite possible that we are deprived even of the basic necessities such as electricity, water, food etc. Read on to get an insight into some of the basic disaster management techniques.

Earthquake Plan: Communications Update – Integrate New Technology Now

Earthquake plan: Communications Update If your like me, you live in one of the many earthquake hot spots around the world. It’s likely that you have experienced several small earthquakes.

Personal Recollections From WWII in the USSR: Seventy Years Ago

This article consists of my WWII recollections. It describes life in Dedenevo, a settlement north of Moscow, after the Soviet Union was attacked by Germany.

Know the Three Layer System for Your Emergency Winter Survival Gear

The most basic requirement in facing the harsh conditions of the outdoors, especially during winter, is proper clothing. Dressing up appropriately for all the expected conditions is your first line of defence when considering your safety. Have you heard of the “three layer system”? This is a popular term for people who are seriously into extreme outdoor activities like winter hiking and climbing. But even if you are not into these things, it is still best to be aware as to when or if ever a situation or an emergency arises, you will know how to be protected in the winter cold. As you go through the rest of this article, you will find out the types of clothes you need for your emergency winter survival gear.

Backup Food Storage – A Key Element to Emergency Preparedness

I would like people to have a basic understanding of how fragile the food supply system is and see the importance of putting an emergency backup food storage system in place. I believe a sound backup food storage plan is essential and second only to water, as the most important element of a comprehensive emergency preparedness strategy. It could be a critical part in the near future.

First Aid Tips in the Wilderness With the Use of a First Aid Kit

Accidents happen all the time. They happen everywhere, to everyone.

Being Ready For Emergency Situations And Life Changing Threats

Emergency situations are extremely unpredictable. During emergency cases, not only properties but also the lives of many people are at stake.

We Need a Micro Air Vehicle “MAV” Warning Flare System

It is incredible all these little unmanned aerial vehicles, especially the tiny ones called micro air vehicles (MAVs) which have come out lately. It seems every time an entrepreneur or someone in the marketplace discovers a need, this technology immediately advances, as these little flying devices can solve a problem. Up until now most of these MAVs have been remote controlled model airplanes, or strictly used for military surveillance, for the troops.

Psychologically Surviving the Storm Recovery

Surviving the storm is trying enough but is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to stress. This article presents some common sense steps to help someone psychologically survive the recovery effort.

The Stun Gun Flashlight Is 4 Tools in One

There aren’t many multi-function tools like the stun gun flashlight. From helping you see in the dark to saving your life in the event of an attack this little baby really does it all.

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