Overlooked Tools for SHTF Homesteads | Bear Independent

Overlooked Tools for SHTF Homesteads | Bear Independent

Earthquake Preparedness and Apartments

Just a few days ago, an earthquake woke my husband and me up at five in the morning. This was a very unusual event for us because we don’t live in a state that usually experiences earthquakes. Although the tremor only lasted about a minute, I was already mentally planning how we would get our children and where in our house we would go to be the safest.

Womens Self Defense Programs – Best Things You Could Learn Out Of It

Now-a-days the crime rate against women has increased to a greater extent. The latest economic slowdown across the globe is one among the main reasons for the increase in the crime rate and the worst affected because of that are the women. It is a real alarming factor for all women that they should make themselves fit enough to face any kind of attacks they come across. Joining any of the womens self defense programs would be an ideal solution to get to know many of the essential things for your personal safety.

Creation of a Senior Summer Survival Kit

With the ungodly amounts of heat we have been having recently it only makes sense to construct a summer survival kit for your senor family members. Generally as the temperature raises so does our monthly electric utility bill, however for senior citizens residing on their own there is much more at stake then money. Records have been showing that we are presently encountering period of higher temperature levels on the east coast then what we customarily do at this time of year.

Street Wise Survival

Being street wise when the balloon goes up can conceivably be more advantageous in saving your life then most information that you may possess. At some stage in an emergency you are prone to encounter an unusual array of unsavory people out to help themselves to what ever humanity would allow.

Create Your Own Bedroll

When bugging out under the phenomenal starry nighttime sky we all have to make a choice. Do we retire for the evening in our sleeping bags or use blankets to fend off the cold? If the weather is slightly cool you may opt for the added insulation of the age old bedroll. It’s a known fact that loosely woven materials tend to create air pockets which can effectively keep you warm.

How to Release a Zip Tie

Would you believe there are at least three ways to escape a zip tie binding? Until I started looking, I didn’t realize this. These tricks can be nice entertainment. In the event you find yourself in the company of bad guys, this information can save your life. Knowing this information may help you resist the urge to panic in a dangerous circumstance. And THIS can be just what you need to take advantage of an opportunity to escape.

Avoid Terrorist Kidnapping

During my time spent as a forward air controller and in security service we would have daily top secret briefings at which time the speaker would conduct some special training. We would initially view what I referred to as a “spy film”. These films were clearly taken in the field under the worse possible conditions and featured some very bad photography.

Planning For Various Disasters

It can often become overwhelming when survivalists embark upon thinking of the vulnerabilities that can befall us. It becomes more and more complex to properly organize for any circumstances that we may come upon whether its dirty bombs, solar generated EMP, plagues or economic collapse. In addition, it’s very challenging to ensure that we are equipped for everything when one has limited resources available to them.

The Survival Gorilla

By now you may have already taken the Invisible Gorilla Test that is floating around the internet. This test was devised to detect how observant people are for other effects then what they were told to watch for. During the Gorilla Test you have two teams that are passing a basketball from one to another.

Making Sure That Everyone is Protected and Safe

Watching those workers construct those tall bridges are amazing with the way that they just walk around like it is nothing along them catwalks and right on the edges of the cabled areas and most of them hundreds upon hundreds of feet in the air and so many are not attached to anything at all that can keep them safe from falling or having things fall on them. Ensuring that everyone is completely safe with on the job or enjoying daily activities.

How to Prepare For an Accident Or Unexpected Event

Everyone knows that throughout life emergencies are going to occur. A little preparation goes a long way when an emergency strikes.

Do You Know How to Deal With Summer Emergencies? Try a Refresher Course on First Aid

When you’re out having fun in the summer sun, it’s easy to forget the health hazards that lurk out there. But this year, instead of forgetting, why not take a first aid refresher course to keep you and your family healthy and safe?

How Safe Would a Boat Be During a Tsunami?

I recently completed an article about the possibility of using a boat in place of a vehicle for your BOV. In the same article I stressed that one of the major downfalls of this idea was the possibility of Tsunami’s occurring. Since this possibility is a real threat I thought it would be best to follow up and discus this issue in a bit more detail.

Water Wells – A Life Giving History

A well is a hole sunk in the ground to bring water, oil, gas, brine, or other fluids to the surface. Although all types of wells are important today, we will mainly discuss water wells. The story of the spread of civilization is closely connected with the discovery that water could be found underground.

Surviving in the Wild

Generally if you are planning a trip into wilderness country you are advised to go with several friends or family members. Usually the experience is more enjoyable when you can sit around a campfire at some future date and relive the exciting events of the trip with each other. In fact most safety professionals highly recommend that when you travel in the nation’s forests and woodland areas that you do so as a small group.

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