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Overlooked Home Security Aspects | Bear Independent

How to Recognize Food Shortage and Survive It

Do you know how to grow a vegetable garden? Do you know how should you plant the seeds? No? Well, you are not alone. In fact most of us do not know how to do this. Most of us have forgotten this most basic ancient skill. Reading these lines one of you will think – So what? the market is pretty close. They have everything that I need. But, if you are really thinking like that, than you are not aware of a serious oncoming problem – food shortage.

5 Most Essential Concepts in First Aid Training

More often than not, people don’t take first aid seriously enough. And even though many people have some basic knowledge about first aid acquired from parents or school, it is not sufficient. A lot of times people ignore formal training in first aid.

How to Prepare an Emergency Kit for a Global Food Shortage

Lately everybody seems to be talking about some kind of crisis in the world. On the news we hear about financial crisis, economic crisis, oil crisis, military crisis, humanitarian crisis, food crisis, but most of us take these reports for granted. If you really think about it none of the above really affect you, but there is one exception and you should not ignore this one – food crisis. Some call it food crisis, others food shortage and if you think that it happens only in Africa you are very wrong. Many of us do not realize it, but today, in 2012, we live in a serious global food shortage. You don’t believe me? Well, lets take a step back and look at the facts.

Evacuation Chairs and Stretcher Types for Sporting Injuries

Competition in sporting events can be tough and even the very environment certain sports are carried out in can be a challenge in themselves. Should an injury occur during a match then officials, coaches and the player will want to be safely removed to receive treatment in the quickest, safest manner.

5 Common Self-Defense Myths

Self-defense is one thing needed by all of us. Even though you live in a very peaceful place, in a place with low crime rate, or even in a place where you have the best police force, it is still important to learn self-defense. No one could be too sure when and where there is something bad that would happen.

Basic Tips on How to Be Safe When Using Public Transport

Public transport vehicles have been an integral part of the lives of a lot of people all throughout the world. Millions of people around the globe go to their work, school, and other places using public transport. Since the use of public transport is very important to a lot of us, safety while using it should be one of our top priorities.

Evac Chairs And Rescue Stretchers – What Are The Design Criteria?

The appropriate rescue stretcher will depend on the circumstance and the type of extraction the casualty will undergo. If a rescue stretcher is required to be lifted vertically out of danger then it must have strong attachment points for securing a rope and restraints for making sure the patient is comfortable and safely held.

Body Armor for Women – Your Life Saving Equipment

Men are not the only ones vulnerable to danger or are working in the field of military job, police force and the like. The number of women working in the men’s world is escalating hence the need to wear body armor for women have also increased exponentially.

How to Survive Living in a Doomsday Bunker

If you’ve seen the show Doomsday Bunkers you probably know the basics of how a bunker is created. What you may not know is the physical and mental challenges that living in a bunker for an extended period of time will be. This article is about the various considerations you need to make before choosing an underground bunker for survival.

PALS Training to the Rescue – Chest Pain in Children

Occasionally, children complain that their “chest hurts”. Of course, with an adult, one would automatically assume “chest pain” signifies heart problems. But is this the case with children’s complaints of chest discomfort? Read on, it could save your child’s life!

A Life Saved By CPR

The sun was shining this warm summer afternoon and people were outside enjoying it. A group of men had gathered near a local shopping mall parking lot to play a friendly game of basketball. The play was active, the temperature climbing and everyone thoroughly enjoying themselves.

What to Look for When Selecting an IV Fluid Warming System

When intravenous (IV) liquids are administered cold, they can cause the recipient to experience hypothermia. Hypothermia is dangerous in itself, but it can also lead to other health problems, such as cardiac arrest and hospital-acquired infections. Using an IV warmer is the easiest way to prevent hypothermia that results from cold infusions, but not every warmer is the same.

How to Prepare for and Survive the Coming Food Shortage

The warning signs are all around us. For the past two years food prices have been going up. Some will say it is because of the falling dollar. However, food is getting more expensive all around the world, not only in the US. Maybe climate change is the reason. Maybe it is a global conspiracy. Ultimately, the reason is not important. What is important is whether you are ready to deal with it. A global food shortage is on the way. Are you ready to survive?

How to Prepare Yourself for a Food Shortage

You might think that you are able to deal with any emergency situation, whether it is man made or natural, but if you have no real life experience you shouldn’t be so sure. Every disaster scenario is different and even if you think that you are prepared enough to deal with a flood or a tornado, a firestorm might eventually defeat you. However, even the most prepared people usually miss out on the most important aspect of any disaster – food shortage.

Emergency Food Storage – What Are Your Options?

While some areas around the world are safer than others, have you given any thought to what would happen if your food supply was disrupted? Even if you live in a comfortable safe suburb, it doesn’t hurt to be prepared. So where do you start, and what should you think about?

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