One of the Most Important Preps

One of the Most Important Preps

How To Administer First Aid For Sprains And Strains

Muscle and joint injuries are very common and the pain caused by them is intolerable. Sprain occurs due to a hurt ligament. Strains are injuries to the muscles or tendons.

How To Give First Aid For Cuts And Scrapes

Cuts and scrapes are very common injuries. Minor cuts may be painful but usually heals quickly. If the cut is in an area that is in use constantly, it may take more time to heal.

Importance Of Hygiene In First Aid

Emergencies occur without any warning. It is important to know how to act during emergency situations. If there is a person who knows exactly how to apply the right first aid techniques at the accident scene, he or she can help save lives.

Significance Of First Aid Training

Emergency situations always arise unexpectedly. Whether it is a minor accident or a serious one, first aid training will give you the confidence to act immediately. Acquiring first aid skills can enable you to help victims who are injured or who fall ill at the workplace, at home or on the road until medical help arrives.

3 Things You Will Need When Banks Collapse, and One Is Silver

More economic experts than ever before are seeing that bank closings, economic collapse, runaway inflation and skyrocketing silver are coming very soon. When it happens, it will seem to happen overnight, and to be sure, it will be “sudden.” So when the economic collapse happens, will it lead to deflation or hyperinflation? The is the ultimate question, but the top three things you’ll wish you had will remain the same, whether it turns into a hyperinflationary depression, or a ‘regular’ deflationary depression.

What You Need To Know About First Aid and CPR

Heart ailment is the largest cause of death in the United States. Every year, heart disease kills around 300,000 Americans. Most of the heart patients lose their lives because their heart stops beating suddenly.

Things You Need To Know Before Administering First Aid For Fractures

A broken or cracked bone is a fracture. Bones can usually withstand external forces, but if the force is harsh or the bones are weak, they may break or crack into fragments. If you have sufficient first aid training and knowledge you can administer first aid for fractures to prevent the victim’s condition from worsening.

Some Common Misconceptions Around First Aid

Many of us are susceptible to accidents that always happen unexpectedly. When there is a serious accident, administering first aid to the victims within the first few minutes can help save their lives. If you notice, even those who are highly educated do not know how to respond effectively during emergencies.

How To Prepare An Emergency Food Supply

Whether natural or man made, no region is immune from the potential for disaster. Tornado, earthquake, hurricane, winter storm or terror attack are just a few examples of emergencies that could necessitate the need to have an emergency food supply and emergency water supply on hand. During these emergencies you may not have access to electricity, gas, food or water. By planning ahead now and putting together an emergency food supply and emergency water supply, you will have the food and water that your family needs during a crisis.

Child Labour: The Difference Between Abuse and Normal Child’s Work

In Nigeria, many children under the age of fourteen, work outside their homes – they work as house help, hawkers, bus conductors, as well as servers in bars and eating places. Some wash cars, sell newspapers, or carry heavy loads in the market.

Preparing for Disasters With Emergency Food and Water

Food and water are essential during a disaster. To be prepared for any hurricane, tornado, or similar occurrence, you should have a supply of emergency food and water available.

Why Stock Up on Freeze-Dried Food?

Do you need freeze-dried food? If you plan to sustain yourself during a disaster, you do.

Emergency Shelters and Relief Work During Disasters

There are millions of homeless people in this world and the reasons are many including poverty, human clashes, natural disasters etc. It is necessary, to provide these victims of unfortunate events; basic amenities for their survival. Proper care must be taken to see that they do not contact serious or fatal diseases.

LED Torches – Essential Kit for Home, Car and Toolbox

The humble Torch (Flashlight/Flashlamp) is a much overlooked piece of equipment, but is essential in many of our day-to-day activities, and has the potential to be a life saver. Lighter, more compact, longer-lasting and with no power loss, they are a vital utility item in the car and in the home.

Choosing Quality IV Warming Equipment Without Overspending

Administering intravenous fluids is a common practice among all areas of medical care.  Although there are several IV devices for blood and fluid warming, ranging from traditional stationary to battery-powered and portable models, buyers must weigh all aspects of the equipment to maintain a reasonable budget. Blood warmers designed to minimize staff training, maintenance, and investment costs are considered the most practical option to date for the healthcare industry.

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