Olight Valkyrie PL Pro | May 2021 Flash Sale

Olight Valkyrie PL Pro | May 2021 Flash Sale

Low Kicks for Urban Survivors

One of the skills anyone needs for survival is awareness and self-protection. You can learn to defend yourself in any classes offered for self-defense. Not every technique will be right for you, but if you learn something that protects you then you are ahead of what you knew before the class. Learn how to punch correctly without causing a great deal of damage to you. Learn to keep your kicks low and hard. Learn to fight and do not stop until you are safe.

Having Clean Water Is the First Step to Surviving an Earthquake Emergency

The best way to avoid a life threatening situation is to be prepared. Having an earthquake kit that will provide enough clean drinkable water in the event of an earthquake, or other natural disaster, is a key to survival. Here are several different methods for having clean drinking water and staying hydrated after an earthquake.

Why Food Storage Helps You In Emergencies

With all of the natural disasters that we have suffered from in the last few weeks and years, it’s hard to believe that more people aren’t taking the initiative and trying to prepare emergency kits for when disaster strikes. Here are a few ways that you can use food storage to protect you during a disaster. First of all, dehydrating.

Keeping an Emergency Kit

By definition an emergency is a sudden urgent or unexpected occurrence that requires some immediate action. The word is a noun and it may also imply a state of need for relief caused by some unexpected event. We have this type of occurrence many times over the period of a year all over the world.

An “All Hazards” Approach to Survival and Preparedness

Many people who are new to preparedness and survival quickly become overwhelmed when they begin to see how fragile the systems that support our lifestyles really are. There are many things that could go wrong that can disrupt our lives to one extent or another. An “all hazards” approach can help you to face most disasters from a position of readiness.

Precautions to Take in Case of an Earthquake

Are you ready for an earthquake? What about other disasters? Being prepared in advance can save your life and that of your family.

What It Feels Like to Be in an Earthquake

How to describe the sensations during an earthquake is an interesting topic. Here are the things I’ve felt and gone through.

Natural Disasters

Because of the relentless cruelty of man, the earth is somehow coming to an end. Has it ever occurred in one’s knowledge what will happen if nature pays back on us? Surely, it would cause total destruction and damage, not only to our lives, but to our homes as well. The earth was filled with splendor and glory before even man was brought out. But because of the continuous evolution of our capacity of thinking, we noticeably cause severe damage to it.

The Importance of Learning Earthquake Safety

There were many lessons learned during the Northridge Earthquake. Some of them were learned before the quake and others afterwards. Here is a bit of what we experienced and how both being ready and learning more about safety.

Urban Survival Preparation

This is my first article, on my journey of preparation for surviving a disaster. I will attempt to find the best ways to be prepared and inform you what I’ve found. Together we can be ready.

Preparing for the Survival of an Earthquake

Strong earthquakes are extremely serious phenomena that can be devastating and horrifying. But instead of just being afraid, what we can do is to empower ourselves by educating ourselves and preparing so that we know what to do during these devastating events.

Emergency Supplies – Basic Survival Supplies To Prepare For Hard Times

Enlisted here in this article are some things to consider when natural or emergency tragedies occur and require you to vacate your home. Be prepared for any crisis by acquiring these things which are already arranged and also easily within reach. Keep everything in a water or fire-resistant storage.

Storing and Rotating Gasoline for Emergencies

Having a supply of gasoline available in times of emergency or disaster could mean the difference between tragedy, or an inconvenience. If there is a large scale power failure, and you can’t get gas at the local gas station, what will you do? What if there is a sudden evacuation notice and you have to leave your home quickly?

Candles Are a Part of Outdoor Survival

You’re cold, wet and miserable. You have only a few matches left to light the pile of kindling. What would you want to pull out of your survival kit to insure you get a fire going?

Essentials To a Survival Kit

Everyone should be prepared for an emergency, but not many of us are. We all saw how Hurricane Katrina affected the golf coast.

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