Olight Baldr S | July 2021 Summer Flash Sale

Olight Baldr S | July 2021 Summer Flash Sale

Stun Guns As Dog Attack Deterrents – Is it Legal Or Not?

With the prevalence of crimes nowadays, there is nothing more important than being able to protect yourself and your family from unidentifiable lawless individuals. However, there are still other elements which you need to be cautious of. Dog attacks are just as rampant as human attacks so aside from defending yourself from human criminals, you need to be able to defend yourself from stray animals as well.

Tips to Arrange a Medical Kit to Make Your Travel Safer

The medical kit in order to get rid of used bandages the right way or to store ice in it. Put an immediate ice bag in your kit.

Why You Should Be Concerned About December 21, 2012

For some December 21, 2012 is a day of great anticipation and forewarning. There is much evidence that some historic event will occur on this day. Some people believe this day could actually be the end of the world. Others think it will be the end of our time and the beginning of a new and different time. And of course there are those who are skeptics and nonbelievers.

Planet X 2012 Survival Guide

The fact is that the 2012 Doomsday scenarios are purely theories. There is no way to know if they will happen as predicted. But the fact also is that if they do happen as predicted, the only way to have a chance for survival is by being adequately prepared for such events.

Two is One, One is None – The Importance of Redundancy in Outdoor Survival Equipment

Having a plan for outdoor survival is important. But it’s also important to have more than one tool available in the event that your equipment fails or is lost.

Fire Extinguisher Signs and Other Symbols

How important are fire extinguisher signs? Living in a first world country we often forget about simple things like fire extinguisher signs we see on a daily basis. I am just using these signs as an example because we see them everywhere but don’t really understand the importance of what they mean and how symbols play an important part in our daily lives.

How to Prepare For Thunderstorm Season

Thunderstorms are something that many people experience a number of each year especially during the spring and summer months. Find out what you need to do that will help you prepare for these types of storms.

How to Properly Prepare For Extreme Summer Heat

Summer heat can be hard for many people. At times it can be dangerous. Find out what you need to do to properly prepare for the summer heat especially on the hottest days of the year.

Are You Prepared For Mother Nature?

Regardless of where you live, Mother Nature can pack a punch when it comes to making her rounds. Whether it’s winter snowstorms or spring floods, wind and rain can do a lot of damage to a prepared home, and even more damage to an unprepared one. Every year homeowners are burdened with hail, forest fires, hurricanes, lightening strikes, earthquakes and tsunamis.

Fire Statistics – The Cost of Fires

While many people may not realize it, fire is the costliest natural disaster in the United States. These disasters can occur anywhere, often with little warning, and they can be incredibly devastating, both to property and to human lives. Familiarizing yourself with the statistics of fire in the United States can help you realize just how potentially dangerous they can be when they occur.

What Should You Do After an Earthquake?

If you live in an area with earthquakes, you need to know what to do after the quakes have just happened. Find out what you need to do that will help keep you and your family more safe.

Metallic Siding and EMF

I am persistently on the look out for any suggestions that could aid in a survival situation. One particular dilemma that we will face as the balloon goes up is that involving EMF. EMF is short for Electromagnetic Field. An electromagnetic field is a force created as a result of electrically charged objects. Any items within that field are negatively affected with the usual result of breaking down or burning up.

Attack of the Deer

In our neck of the woods it isn’t unusual to be causally driving along the road and all of a sudden you find that a deer will scurry across the highway in front of you. Or perhaps you will be maneuvering through a wooded back road and observe a deer positioned on the side of the thoroughfare. On that one you will likely wipe your brow feeling lucky that it did not decide to dash across the road at the last minute.

Controlling Stress When Bugging Out

Various day to day irritations when bugging out can have a philosophical effect upon one’s attitude. These minor triggers can stimulate extra stress buttons throughout those times which can instigate conflict between yourself and your co-survivalists.

Bug Out Sins For Survivalists

Whether you plan to bug out solo or travel in masse with fellow survivalists there are specific, unwritten rules that would be best followed. These are not just random policies but ones that have been thought out very carefully and were selected to ensure your safety and those of your associates.

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