New OKnives and the OBuddy | Olight Black Friday Sale 2021

New OKnives and the OBuddy | Olight Black Friday Sale 2021

Surviving a Riot After a Heated Political Election

The political unrest in the United States during the present period is significant, and as usual all Americans are told that they have a choice, between the lesser of two evils. Many are tired of such choices but others are “all in” and backing the candidate of their choice. Thus, the outcome of the election will mean a major change in power and direction for our great nation.

Survival Kits – 9 Things to Look For While Making a Choice

Whether you’re looking for a survival kit to prepare for the frequent hurricanes that plague your state, or a wilderness kit to accompany you on a camping trip, an emergency kit is an absolute must. It’s easy to find a survival kit, and you have a choice of pre-assembled ones that are customized to meet any unforeseen situation you may find yourself in, to choose from. However, just because a company declares its survival kit to be “emergency gear,” there’s really no guarantee that these items will actually be of good quality, or will be effective in a dire situation. There’s nothing worse than reaching for your survival kit during a power blackout in hurricane season, and realizing that the flashlights come with weak batteries.

Disaster Survival Kits Will Save Lives

Disasters are most likely to happen anytime, anywhere. With the kind of weather the world has right now, things can go full swing in brewing possible disasters. Take for instance, the winter season.

Fire Starting Methods – Five Tips For Starting a Survival Fire

You never know when you might find yourself in a survival situation. Having the knowledge to start a fire could save your life by keeping you warm and dry or giving you the ability to cook your food. Follow these five simple tips to begin learning how to start a fire when you really need it!

Surviving an Earthquake – Tips to Save and Protect Your Family

When will an Earthquake hit? Will your family have the education and tools that it will take to protect your family?

Building a Lean-To – Tips For Constructing a Rugged Survival Shelter

Learn how to build a quick and simple survival shelter and be prepared to stay warm and dry if you ever find yourself caught in an outdoor survival situation. A lean-to is not only a good survival shelter, it can be a great place for boys to play outdoors and let their imagination run wild. Read this article and learn the basics of creating your very own lean-to.

Natural Disaster Recovery Guide

Storms can be deadly. That’s why emergency weather management facilities send out such serious warnings ahead of time to protect the lives of our children, homes and communities. We know to stay inside during severe weather and to unplug our televisions and computers because we know that in bad weather bad things can happen.

Emergency Survival Kit – Don’t Be Without One in Your Automobile

Your away from home. Traveling somewhere in your automobile. Disaster strikes! Traffic stops. Your heart starts pounding. Your mind races. What will I do? What can I do?

Natural Disasters and Emergencies – Is Your Family Ready? Top 4 Things You Can Do Now to Prepare!

It is not a question of “if,” but more likely, “when” an accident or emergency is going to strike you or your loved ones. Will your family be prepared in the event of a worst-case scenario? There are four things that you can do right now to begin the journey to emergency preparedness.

Being Prepared For Hurricanes

Are you ready for Hurricane Season, do you have everything ready and planned out for the next Hurricane that may strike? Learning from the past to be prepared.

Tornado Emergency Preparedness – You’re Not in Kansas Anymore!

A tornado, sometimes referred to as a twister or dust devil, can cause a great deal of damage. There are preventative measures that can be taken to increase the chances of surviving a tornado.

Emergency Survival Kits Are Vital in Times of Disaster

One way to maintain safety around the home is to have an excellent emergency survival kit. It is also a good practice to keep one tucked in the family car, for those times when you go on long trips.

Survival Questions You May Want to Ask Yourself

There is zero doubt that the time are changing. With recent hurricanes, economic meltdown, and Mr. Bin Laden still on the loose, natural or man made disasters are now more a part of our lives than ever. You only need to watch FoxNews or CNN for an hour or two to become a little frightened about the possibility of the sky falling on our heads at anytime.

Storm Shutters – What is Available For Your Hurricane Preparations

Many people make the mistake of failing to equip their homes with storm shutters only to regret it after the hurricane hits. Here, we discuss the different types available to ensure your home can be well protected.

Hurricane Emergency Preparedness – Time to Come in Out of the Rain!

Hurricanes are powerful, violent tropical storms that bring destruction in their wake. Being prepared ahead of time can help diminish the disaster effect.

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