My Every Day Cary Item For Fall of 2021

My Every Day Cary Item For Fall of 2021

Keeping an Emergency Water Supply

Most people aren’t aware of what it takes to maintain a clean water supply in times of disaster. This article will help you understand what you need to do so you can keep your family safe during an emergency.

2009 Western US States Fire Season – It’s Going to Be a Doozie!

Experts are worried about the 2009 Fire Season out West. Already in early May 2009 there was a huge brush fire in Santa Barbara, and due to all the fuel and dried brush it rapidly grew.

Fire Safety Tips For Your Home

Owning a home comes with many responsibilities and knowing how to prevent fires in the home or what to do if you have a fire in your home are very important. This article will tell you about some the most common reasons a house becomes on fire and some of the best ways to prevent a house fire as well as safety tips for the whole family.

Hands Only CPR – Is it Real?

CPR saves lives. Is hands-only CPR just as good? What is necessary for survival. CPR instructor and disaster preparedness expert answers those questions.

Food Crisis Reaching America – How to Protect Your Family

Food is abundant on Supermarket shelves, but millions in America go hungry. There is worse to come, the global food crisis will spread over America and the government is standing by – protecting the industry that is the cause of all. We have to be prudent and start growing and preserving natural food as long as it is available.

Emergency Supply Sheds – Tips on Creating an Emergency Supply Storage Space

Whether we like it or not, emergencies happen all the time. In some areas of the world, emergencies in the form of natural disasters are actually somewhat common. We live in places where there are forest fires, earthquakes, tornadoes, and all sorts of other things that come up on a regular basis.

Could We Experience Meat Rationing Again?

I am and always have been a history buff. I completely enjoyed learning about all the various phases of history and actually found that as a child when I was studying it I would visually project myself as being at that point in time and space. In effect I role played before it became popular.

How Critical is Food Storage in an Emergency?

Most hard and true survivalists tend to worry significantly about whether they have a sufficient supply of food stored up for a possibly emergency. To them their food supply is of paramount importance since its primary purpose is to take care of their family in the event of a crisis.

Apocalypse Type Survival Plans

You can easily find that some survivalist have no sort of survival plan what so ever. I recently spoke with several that are in this frame of mind. They readily state that there are several reasons behind their mad thinking but the most predominant is that they claim to be one of those people who would least likely be able to survive in any sort of apocalyptic crisis.

Be Safe – Be Aware of Gas Safety

It is important to remember that gas safety should always be kept as a number 1 issue whether in industrial or domestic situations. In the majority of properties a lot of people don’t know where to turn of their gas supply. You should know where the meter and emergency control valve is located!

Federal Budget Cuts and the Swine Flu Problem

There is no getting around the idea that our economy is hurting badly. Not only are the normal households trying to cut expenses and balance their budgets but the federal government is actively seeking ways to cut their costs as well. Many federally sponsored programs are on the verge of losing all or some of their urgently needed funding as our government tries desperately to sort out this financial nightmare

Show Some Spine in 2009 – Make That Survival Plan While There is Still Time

As Americans we are inherently optimistic, and yet, that is not always wise when it comes to having a family survival plan. For instance, recently the Swine Flu breakout in Mexico City shut that city down completely, a city of 20 million plus people stopped dead in its tracks. A state of emergency of epic proportions; these Swine Flu cases also started popping up in the United States, but luckily there were not the large scale deaths as there were in Mexico City.

Surviving Swine Flu Pandemic

Apparently, the Swine Flu Breakout of Spring 2009 did not luckily turn into the horrific pandemic that was predicted, but it could have, and thus, perhaps this was a test. Fortunately, the outbreak occurred in the Spring instead of flu season, but had it happened in fall or winter the results would have been far worse and perhaps it might have really taken off and killed 100,000s of people or more.

Hotels Can Become Hospitals For Mass Casualties

On 4/24/2009 I published an article about actions the military would have to take in the event the United States was struck with nuclear weapons. I argued, among other things, that the military would have to seize hotels and convert them into makeshift hospitals. This statement generated considerable interest on the part of readers.

How and What to Prepare in a DIY Flood-Survival Kit

Very few natural calamities can bring more desolation and waste than floods, which have the capability of cutting off your food and water supply, and deprive you of shelter and electricity. Floods occur in many areas of the country and if you live in a flood-prone area, you have to protect your household by preparing a well-supplied flood survival kit.

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