My Best Advice for New Preppers

My Best Advice for New Preppers

Homeless Tips: Surviving the Streets – What To Know And What Not To Do

Know the difference between being a bum and being homeless! I’m homeless but not a bum! I have drive, ambition, dreams, and determination! A bum has none of these things.

The Benefits of Metal Buildings for Bad Weather Areas

It’s just a fact of life that some areas of the country and the world have worse weather than others. Hurricanes, tornadoes, severe thunderstorms, blizzards, earthquakes and other natural phenomenon may be exciting to watch from afar, but they can all take a toll on people’s lives when they are severe enough. Buildings are one element of a city or town that can be devastated by serious weather, and the damage can filter down to include much more than the building itself.

Self Defense For Seniors Is As Easy As Buying A Personal Alarm

Senior citizens, perhaps more than any group, need to be prepared for the possibility that they may one day be the victim of an attack. Personal alarms help them do just that.

Fire Safety in a Correctional Setting

One of the most, if not the most, dangerous situations in a correctional setting is a fire. Our nation’s correctional facilities, for the most part, are constructed of steel, concrete and bricks. Windows either do not open or are designed to open very little due to security concerns and our mandate of providing public safety. Natural ventilation is greatly reduced. As a result of these building designs, what we have is either a chimney or an oven that we work in.

Benefits to Reloading Your Own Ammo

Gun enthusiasts and frequent shooters probably have all wondered at one time or another what the benefits of reloading their own ammunition are. For most considering this option the question of whether reloading your own ammo is actually cheaper is of reasonable consideration. Also worth questioning for gun enthusiasts is whether there are other benefits beyond costs that make reloading your own ammo a better option. Truth is there are many considerations for shooters to mull over when deciding to make the choice of buying factory-loaded bullets or reloading the ammo themselves.

How to Store Water

A person can survive without food for many weeks if necessary if they are properly hydrated. However, if a person does not have enough water, you can dehydrate and die in only a few days. A person needs 3 gallons per person/day to be able to have enough for drinking, cooking, washing and cleaning. Storing water is not difficult but it does need to be done the right way and you need to have enough stored.. The FDA recommends food grade polyethylene barrels.

A Fire Safety Ladder Installs Below the Window

Each year an effort is made to promote fire safety and the options available to homeowners as part of their home improvement projects. It is especially easy to add a permanent, portable ladder as part of a replacement window installation.

Disaster Preparedness “Games” for the Whole Family

During a car ride or perhaps over the dinner table, start off with a very simple “what if” situation. Ask something like, “Just imagine our electricity went out for two days during the summer. What would we have to do differently? What would we need to keep our family safe and as close to normal as possible?”

If You Are A Senior And Want To Defend Yourself Try A Personal Keychain Alarm

There is absolutely no reason for any senior citizen not to have a personal alarm on them at all times. The only exception would be if you are a senior who actually wants to be mugged.

Top Ten Things To Consider When Planning For Survival Preparedness

The top ten things you should take into consideration when starting to plan for survival and disaster preparedness. Don’t be caught unprepared. Don’t rely on others. Look out for yourself and your family first.

How a Make a Personal Safety Kit

Disaster relief is essential and there is an abundance of public sources and support for kits and emergency preparedness for natural occurrences, but information and support relating to personal security is not as available and often a taboo subject. The reality is that assault and violence occur, and the information and products going into this type of emergency kit could save your life.

Common Terminology Used by Survivalists In Disaster Planning

Below are some basic terms that a person may come across when researching survival awareness and preparedness. Some of these words and others may appear from time to time in articles and other information sources commonly used by survival experts or self proclaimed ‘preppers’.

What Makes Better Self Defense, Stun Guns Or Pepper Spray?

When it comes to choosing what form of non-lethal self defense to carry it usually comes down to pepper spray and stun devices. Which one is a better choice for you can hopefully be determined by reading this article.

Emergency Preparedness – What You Need to Know

If the recent storms have taught people anything, it’s that emergency preparedness is crucial for survival. Whether it’s a storm, flood, a typhoon, a tsunami or an earthquake, individuals must always anticipate the possibility of tragedy and act accordingly. That being said, following are some things one should know about emergency preparedness.

The Special Forces, a Key Instrument in Counter-Terrorism Plots

The United States Army Special Forces are also known in the military as the Green Berets. They earned this nickname because of the special headdress they wear, the green beret. This makes them standout against all other soldiers and military employed individuals.

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