Most Used Tools on a Homestead | ON Three

Most Used Tools on a Homestead | ON Three

2012 Books – Get Answers to Your Questions

It’s not that surprising anymore to see hundreds or more books and e-books about the 2012 end of the world news being written and published both online and offline. Anything with such international hype will surely cause an upset to the masses, the governments and the different nations across the globe. We have had our share of these “end of days” prophecies, but there’s nothing quite like this one, judging from the numerous 2012 books it has spawned plus a mainstream film.

How to Have a Realistic Survival Water Supply

Having survival supplies is important during emergencies. Learn what you can do about having a water supply.

4 Ways to Start a Fire Without Matches Or a Lighter

Having a fire is not just a good idea it’s a key factor to you’re survival in a natural disaster or in the post apocalypse world. Here are 3 simple ways you can start a fire without any help from matches, or a lighter.

Build a Home First Aid Kit

Every home should have a well stocked first aid kit. It is frequently too late to get a necessary item once an emergency has actually happened, so being prepared in advance can be really important.

Various Life Saving Cheap Medical & Traveling Kits

Medical Kit containing several life saving items is one of the most important and must have equipments of your home, auto or luggage if you are moving out for outings. These kits are meant to provide the best support and comfort until medical help reach you.

Tornado Survival Tips

It is generally considered common knowledge that being underground is the best bet you can make when a tornado strikes, but what happens when you don’t have a tornado or cellar available, and what do you do once you’re in your safe area? If you live in a tornado prone area, it is very important to know what you should do when you hear a warning siren.

Getting Your CPR Recertification Online

Learning how to do CPR is one of the most wonderful things we can do to help others. It is a fun, and simple process that can be accomplished very quickly and easily through online classes. A definite feeling of pride and achievement is felt once you are given your certificate of completion, but sadly your credentials will not go on forever. Many times, individuals attend a single class, obtain certification, and after that allow their certification to expire.

The Key to How to Survive 2012 is Within Our Grasp – 2012 Discovery

With television, libraries, and especially the internet; our world population as a whole has access to so much information all at once from everywhere, the truly enlightened are starting to stir and wake up to the important information that is being taught. This information could prove to be the only thing teaching us how to survive 2012, which will lead us into personal 2012 discovery.

The Great Prophecies of 2012

The revelations stating the end of the world as we know it on December 21st 2012 are not found in the Book of Revelations. The predictions in Revelations tell us of the end, and may help us learn how to survive 2012, but it does not specify a date. If you believe in the Bible you may take the prophecies contained in this great book as evidence.

Significance of the Date 12-21-2012

Our modern day calendar is only a partially accurate method of measuring the movement of the sun. There are many of those who have the belief that a particular age starts when we enter a new century on this Gregorian calendar. This particular way of keeping track of the years, months, weeks, and days is a man made system introduced by Pope Gregory XIII. Properly charting the solar system is a far more precise way to measure the length of a year or season. This system easily and accurately measures the passing of a year according to the planets place and movement.

The Truth Behind Crop Circles, Equations and Magnetics in Reference to 2012 Survival

Unfortunately, many people believe that crop circles are just a big hoax. This is largely due to the fact that there are those who find it humorous to create their own crop circles. This act not only destroys the significance of these great events, it also very specifically shows our blatant ignorance of matters that should be viewed with more respect. This ignorance insures that those involved will not be amongst those who believe in 2012 survival.

Basic Survival Tips – Keeping Yourself Safe in the Mountains

Sense leaving Minnesota in 2004 to live a life in the mountains, I had to re-train myself on survival skills that would keep my wife, kids, myself and our dogs safe. Other than just cold weather skills, I had to address the fact that conditions in the mountains can change very quickly, going from bright and sunny to foggy and rainy within minutes. Every time we hike into the mountains, no matter how close or far away from home we go, we always take our survival kits.

Things to Consider When Preparing a Survival Kit

When preparing a survival kit there are basic elements to consider. Whether you buy an assembled survival kit or put one together yourself there are certain things that must be included.

How to Prepare For Common Urban Disasters

Urban disasters are something that can happen at any moment. Be sure that you start to get some basic planning done today so that you can be more prepared.

Stock Your First Aid Kit

A fully stocked First Aid Kit is all important in the event of an accident whether at home, in the car, or because of a major natural disaster. Ideally, there should be two kits, one at home and a smaller one in the car.

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