Most ESSENTIAL Bushcraft Knot: The Square Lashing

Most ESSENTIAL Bushcraft Knot: The Square Lashing

Emergency Preparedness: How to Make a Family Disaster Plan

Considering the lessons from 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Sandy, having a family disaster plan is no longer just for people like the “Doomsday Preppers” on the National Geographic show. Even in the 21st century in the greatest country in the world, things can happen that cause us and our family to be in jeopardy, so a family disaster plan is a good idea for emergency preparedness. So what are the components of a family disaster plan?

The First 3 Things To Do If SHTF

The show “Doomsday Preppers” shows a lot of people who are very prepared for just about any disaster. But what about the rest of Americans who haven’t gone to the “nth degree” to be prepared? What do THEY do when the SHTF (Sewage Hits The Fan) and society is up for grabs?

Why an Emergency Car Kit Means More Than Jumper Cables

Whether you call it a bugout bag, an emergency car kit, a 72 hour kit or a disaster readiness bag, it all boils down to one thing.  You want to have the supplies in your car so that if something happens, you will be ready.  Unfortunately, for most people, the most that they have in the trunk of their car is a spare tire, and if they are lucky, some jumper cables.

Bear Grylls, the Legend the Knife

Bear Grylls is best known for his survival series, Man vs. Wild, or Born Survivor in the United Kingdom. Grylls was born on June 7, 1974 in Donaghadee, Northern Ireland. When Grylls was the age of four his family moved to Bembridge on the Isle of Wight. At an early age Bear learned to climb and sail with his father, politician Sir Michael Grylls.

Three Ways to Prepare for an Economic Collapse

For many people these days, it isn’t a question of “if” there will be an economic collapse, but rather “when” there will be an economic collapse. So there is understandably a lot of anxiety about how to prepare, since we know that it is probably coming soon. Here are my top 3 ways to prepare for an economic collapse.

When Does Emergency Preparedness Make You a Prepper?

Not everyone who believes in emergency preparedness actually qualifies as a “prepper” like on the National Geographic show “Doomsday Preppers.” That degree of emergency preparedness is pretty extreme on the scale, though not necessarily “wacko.” Extreme just compares you to the norm.

How Much Do You Spend On Bugout Bag Supplies?

  Not everyone has the money or time or motivation of the “Doomsday Preppers” who have accumulated disaster supplies over the course of years. Still, for anyone wanting to put together their own “bug out bag,” one of the first questions is what will it cost to get everything you need. The first thing to consider is that the sky is the limit; you can spend as much money as you want and then still even more.

Why Should You Have a Survival Generator?

If there is ever an end of the world scenario that happens, having a survival generator will be very important. A generator will provide electricity to you and your home for the many things we need.

What To Do To Survive An Economic Collapse

Now that the national debt has gotten to the point of an absurd amount that can never be repaid, the question of how to survive an economic collapse suddenly becomes the topic of conversation for more people than just the “preppers” and “survivalists.” Lessons learned from other major economies who have faced a devastating financial crisis teach us that it will happen suddenly. Even though the writing has been on the wall for a while that our national credit card is maxed out and deficits are out of control, when it finally hits, it will be sudden.

What to Do If the SHTF in America

What do you do if the SHTF (“Sewage” Hits The Fan) in America due to an economic collapse, power grid failure, terrorist attack or a major natural disaster? The first thing is to realize that most living Americans have never really had it very tough for any length of time, so if there is an SHTF scenario, people will panic. During the Great Depression 80 years ago, people starved to death in America, but we have gotten so used to having it so good, most people think that if they don’t have enough Christmas presents it is a…

How to Be a Prepper

So we hear about “survivalists” and “preppers” and see shows like National Geographic’s Doomsday Preppers and people start to ask how to be a prepper. As an expert in prepping and survival, I get this question a lot and in order to answer it, I have to ask “what are you going to prep for?” Natural Disasters The most run of the mill, normal, average person wants to be prepared for natural disasters and isn’t too much worry about anything else.

Urban Survival During An Economic Collapse: What To Do First

So you live in an urban / suburban area and are wondering what you should do to survive an economic collapse. You are not alone. As a matter of fact, an increasing number of people share your concern.

3 Steps To Becoming a Prepper, Ready For Economic Collapse

So you watch “Doomsday Preppers” on TV and you want to know how to go about becoming a prepper yourself. What are the 3 things you can do to start on your journey to be ready for an economic collapse? (Most preppers agree that an economic collapse is more likely than just about any other scenario that would qualify as “SHTF” (Sewage Hits The Fan”).

An Emergency Preparedness Plan for Economic Collapse or Hyperinflation

People who are obsessed with the show “Doomsday Preppers” are not the only ones concerned with having an emergency preparedness plan these days. Whether it is a total economic collapse, terror attack, natural disaster or hyperinflation, more Americans than ever before are concerned that if something major happens, they will not be able to rely on the government for much help. The images from Hurricane Katrina are still fresh in peoples’ memories as they realize that if they don’t want to become victims or refugees, they need to have an emergency preparedness plan of their own.

Why America Could Face Hyperinflation in 2013

With the economy and the deficit and the national debt being a trio of bad news, it’s no wonder that so many people are considering why America could face hyperinflation in 2013. An economic collapse is actually more likely now than ever before, with unemployment at high levels, the debt burden at insane levels, and problems in Europe and Asia just as bad as at home. Hyperinflation is what happens when the government responds to this type of economic crisis by printing more and more money.

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