Minimalist Survival Kit | ON Three

Minimalist Survival Kit | ON Three

Fighting Fires in the California Mountains – Easier Said Than Done!

The California mountains, like those in many arid mountainous states poses a huge challenge with wildfires. If you ever hike on some of those trails up there, they are not really usable for a full scale fire truck. And when the sage brush grows from a previous wet winter, the vegetation gets really abundant, dry, and brittle in the summer months.

Wilderness Survival Tips – Understanding the Rule of 3’s

In emergency situations, one of the biggest problems is to focus on what matters most. That’s why in the field of emergency medicine, we use acronyms and steps like the “ABC’s” to help us control panic and remember what we should do first, then second, etc…

Why Self Defense Weapons Such As Pepper Sprays Need to Be Part of Your Wardrobe

All too often women suffer the brunt of violent attacks. I want the public to be aware that there is a disparity between the genders in how violent attacks are viewed and judged. The toll upon any person, who suffers from a violent attack or attacks, needs to come to the realization that self defense weapons are justified, in order to defend them.

First Aid Treatment For Black Widow Spider Bites

A black widow spider is a spider located in the United States, Canada in the southern portion, and also Mexico. Black widow spiders that are female seem be more venomous than a male. The female spiders have colors that are orange,red, or yellow underneath, and their outer side is all black.

Another Take on the Proverbial Survival Kit

Americans are quickly becoming aware of the value placed in home emergency management. As with any type of management program a family emergency plan is a critical aspect of the overall program.

Importance of Home First Aid Kits

Many of us have probably walked through the store and never even considered having a first aid kit. Now you will want to find out the importance of having a first aid kit.

Bees in the Bush

You’ve likely heard the phrase “there are two things you can count on in life; death and taxes.” Well if you venture off the beaten path in Southern Ontario I’ll add a third constant; biting insects.

Get a Child Care Safety Kit to Keep Your Child Safe

When you have toddlers and young children and they are in the walking stage, it can be very easy for them to get into things that they should not be getting into. However, in spite of that, there are ways that parents can prevent their children from getting in harm’s way.

What to Do If You and Your Family Are Quarantined at Home

In June, 2009, the World Health Organization (WHO) announced a swine flu global pandemic—a new strain of flu that spread easily and widely between people, and an outbreak occurring in at least two regions of the world. The press implied that WHO had proclaimed a major, world-wide disaster only days away. Mexico was virtually shut down as businesses, schools, and churches closed and people stayed home in droves—a self-imposed quarantine. Governments quarantined travelers from Mexico.

How to Survive a Natural Disaster at Home

The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) reports that occurrences of natural disasters have increased from less than 50 per year in 1960 to 350 per year in 2000. At least some of them could happen where you live.

How to Stock Emergency Supplies at Home

For centuries Christians have spoken of wars, famines, pestilences and earthquakes occurring in much greater extremes than ever before until it gets so bad that, without divine intervention, no one would live through it. And many believe that it is almost upon us now. If you search the Internet, you will discover that Christians are not the only ones that believe this.

Passive Protection in Times of Crisis

For many reasons one can not often protect their assets as they would like to. These reasons may range from the lack of the necessary money to accomplish all that would be needed to various local ordinances which would forbid installing certain protective devices. Even if you can not afford all the luxuries of protection that other survivalists have done there are still ways that you can adequately protect your home and your family in times of crisis.

First Aid For Near Drowning Victims

Many people think that it takes a lot of water to drown. This is not the case. A person can drown even in a very small amount of water; especially a child. What I’d like to point out in this article, is how to recognize when a person child or adult, is in trouble in the water. The next part of my article will be how to rescue them and treatments along with steps for prevention to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

MRE Meals Just in Case

In case of emergency, MRE meals are a real lifesaver should the worse case scenario happen. There is no need for a can opener or electricity when preparing to eat MRE survival food. The military meals, ready to eat have a long shelf life and can provide your family with nutritious freeze-dried food.

Study Safe – Fire Safety Points to Consider When Moving Into Your Student Digs

When you have put up your posters and stamped your mark on your new home take a bit of time to check that your place is fire and carbon monoxide safe. Your landlord should provide you with an up to date Gas Safety Certificate for the property and this should show that there has been a service within the last year.

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