Miller Brother Blades at Blade Show 40

Miller Brother Blades at Blade Show 40

Top 10 Urban Combat Weapons

In highly urbanized towns and cities, the combat conducted is known as urban warfare. Two or more military organizations are involved in urban warfare.

Top 10 Urban Survival List Outdoor

When going on a trip, it is always recommended to get ready and completely prepared. In case unexpected incidents occur, one can have emergency kits and survival guides handy.

How To Survive A Natural Disaster

With the increase of natural disasters around the world, developing a disaster preparedness plan should be at the top of everyone’s to-do list. Without one you just might find out what it means to be devastated.

Defense Spray, Cheap Personal Safety Insurance

As career law enforcement, I commonly hear victims ask why they were attacked and that it had never happened to them before. Remember, most victims were never victimized until they day they became a victim.  Defense spray is a cheap non-lethal force alternative and insurance policy into your personal health.

Safety Supplies to Deal With All Kinds of Emergencies

Emergencies and harsh conditions can go further than just natural disasters. It is important for business owners to have safety supplies readily available at their work-zone to help employees during emergencies. For example, construction workers working on construction sites need proper attire. Safety goggles to protect eyes from debris during drilling, rubber boots that prevent feet from cuts, hardware hats, and highly visible safety vests are some of the must-have safety supplies for every construction workers.

Dehydrating Cheese Slices

My family likes to indulge in a treat of cheese slices served with a tasty selection of sliced homemade bread. The problem is when we purchase the cheese in bulk from our local SAM’s Club it is frequently too much for us to finish. As a result of that we waste a good portion of the product. To counteract this problem I decided to dehydrate the remainder for use in other foods at a later date.

First Aid Training: Helpful In Life-Threatening Situations

A simple case of drowning can be the best example where first aid training can save a precious life. This accident can take place irrespective of level of water. That means your knowledge might come useful when you encounter a similar drowning case in a swimming pool of a hotel, school, college or any other place. A quick response from you in resuscitating a victim might turn up to be the most effective action from your end. If well versed of drowning, it can also be helpful in preventing a death that might erupt because of secondary drowning. Secondary drowning is a process where a victim can be seen going untreated for a long time.

4 Basic Survival Skills, The Sacred Order

In today’s world with the collapsing economy, pollution running unchecked across our planet, the threat of the take over of our “safe” food supply by GMO’s, and many other threats to our safety, I feel I should share some very basic skills for survival. You never know when these skills may come in handy.

Prepare Don’t Complain

Prior to the arrival of the Katrina disaster the many folks who were transferred to the Superdome were instructed by the authorities to bring at least a three day supply of emergency rations with them. These supplies were to include not only their food and water but also any necessary prescription medications that were necessary. Unfortunately the majority of the potential occupants failed to comply with that simple request whether it was a result of not having the materials necessary at hand or simply being in a hurry to evacuate their home.

Economic Collapse Imminent

Economic collapse imminent, preparation and survival skills needed, this is what the newspaper heading may say one day. Economists and spectators are almost certain that the economy is headed for a another downfall. No one seems to know exactly when the next recession will take place, but they fear that the worse to come is not far away.

Economic Collapse Survival

Economic collapse survival skills, and know how is now required from everyone. If, or when the economy fails, survival skills and good business management skills will be needed to bring the economy back into right standing. In the meantime, families need to make plans today to prepare themselves for tomorrow.

How to Survive Economic Collapse

How to survive economic collapse takes some serious planning, and some working knowledge of how the economy works. Everyone has their own views on how to plan for their future when financial disaster hits. Individuals should consider investing in precious metals such as silver and gold.

Be Prepared for Your Perfect Wedding Day An With Emergency Kit

Being prepared is a very important thing for anyone going to explore a new territory, especially a bride. If you are a would-be bride, having an emergency kit ready is a must thing for you. Make a list of every little thing that you or anybody else might need at the last minute of your wedding day. Your emergency kit should contain everything from safety pins to spare batteries that might be needed during the entire process of wedding.

Underground Bunkers – The Way of Saving Your Life No Matter What?

Wishing to help people understand and decide whether or not the evident attacks and dangers out weight the cost of protection against such events. The events are such known as chemical, natural, as well as biological.

Emergency! CAB In Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation or known as CPR is a critical procedure done to patients who experience cardiac arrest. Nowadays, basic guidelines to deliver such heroic measure change from ABC (air, breathing and chest Compression) to CAB (chest compression, air and breathing). According to the latest study, doing chest compression prior to air assistance can deliver direct amount of oxygen to the brain without a minute of delay. Thus, by means of such procedure, several patients have been revived.

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