Massive Solar Storms Inbound: Nationwide Blackouts

Massive Solar Storms Inbound: Nationwide Blackouts

Are You Ready For A Survival Situation?

What would you do if a natural or man made disaster caused you and your family to have to flee your home in a moments notice? What would you take? Where would you go? What would you eat?

How to Prepare For Earthquakes

Be prepared in the event of an earthquake. Get an Emergency Kit. In an emergency you will need some basic supplies. You may need to get by without power or tap water. Be prepared to be self-sufficient for at least 72 hours. You may have some of the items already, such as a flashlight, battery-operated radio, food and water. The key is to make sure they are organized and easy to find. Would you be able to find your flashlight in the dark? Make sure your kit is easy to carry. Keep it in a backpack, duffel bag or suitcase with wheels, in an easy-to-reach, accessible place, such as your front hall closet. Make sure everyone in the household knows where the emergency kit is.

Tank Pump – Providing Essential Water Supplies in Times of Emergency

The recent and tragic events in Christchurch have highlighted the need for emergency and back-up water supplies, where natural disasters result in a lack of drinkable water for a population of over 300,000 people. There are serious health and safety concerns for the residents as well as the council and managerial institutions and organisations charged with the responsibility of providing essential supplies to the city of Christchurch.

Real World Self-Defense Training – Are You Learning How To Survive?

You’ve been training in self-defense for how long now? You’ve learned how many lessons, how many different techniques, and how many ways to deal with a hostile attacker who is trying to beat, break, or kill you?

Deal With Natural Disasters With the Help of a Disaster Kit

We cannot rely on external help sources such as police, rescue officials or government to help us survive during natural disasters. With all the communication channels destroyed, it might take days for them to even locate you. Therefore, it becomes entirely your responsibility to take care of yourself as well as your family at the time of disasters.

What to Do in Case of a Hurricane Alert

If you are taking your pet along with you, remember to take their dishes and some food for the pet. Do not leave your pet back in the home just because you are more concerned about your own needs. Emergency rescue teams are usually not able to find the pets or save them.

Survival Kits Are A Must Have To Everyone

Survival kits are things people should have at home, in the office, or anywhere they go. There is no better way to survive than to be prepared for unexpected circumstances to happen such as flood, rainstorm, snowstorm, accidents or medical emergency, and accidents encountered due to outdoor activities like camping. Camping entails adventure, and part of this is to experience unprecedented events in our life both good and bad scenarios. Good experiences are the excitement and bonding that happens on those days while bad encounters are the inevitable accidents that confront us off-guard.

How To Choose An Emergency Radio That’s Right For You

Buying a cheap emergency radio may end up costing you far more than the price you paid. This article will show you what you need when buying an emergency radio.

Have a Certain Level of Earthquake Preparedness

With the growing number of earthquakes in recent years, even in countries that are not on a fault line, it becomes more important that people have a certain earthquake preparedness about them. This does not have to take long to put together but can be detrimental in surviving during and after an earthquake.

Get CPR Certification Now and Be the One Who Can Help in an Emergency

Basic lifesaving skills are something that should not be left to doctors and EMTs. Most often when an emergency happens, a professional with first-aid training is not in the immediate vicinity. Someone in need of CPR or first aid does not always have the time to wait for an ambulance. Get CPR certification now from an expert and gain the ability to save a life.

Infant And Child Choking Hazards: Foods and Objects

A list of foods and objects that pose the biggest choking hazards for infants and children. Also includes options for becoming trained to respond to a choking emergency.

Pepper Spray for Survival During Bugging Out

Crime is going to get pretty bad when the balloon goes up and our infrastructure breaks down. Just listen to the evening news cast or read your daily newspaper you will hear or see of various incidents that had become very deadly. This is just the tip of the iceberg for when we have an emergency condition present.

Using the Right Emergency Equipment

The emergency equipment of your choice may include things that can come in handy if something should happen to you at home or while you are out driving around. For instance, an at-home emergency kit may include flashlights and first aid kits if the electricity should go out on a certain day.

First Aid Basics All People Should Know

What is first aid? First aid or emergency care is exactly what it says it is. It is not a medical treatment and you should not compare what you can do with what the doctor would do. You are not to make medical decisions, just simple common sense decisions that are appropriate to the injured person’s interests at the time.

I Said It Before and I Will Say It Again

Over and over I have habitually been predicting that our food crisis is rapidly deteriorating and quickly heading for greater disaster as the days past. Now all of a sudden we can start to see the figures slowly emerging. I am confident that once you view the horrible black and white numbers that you will realize the severity of the situation and act accordingly.

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