Making a Knife Sheath for Angery American | ft. ON Three

Making a Knife Sheath for Angery American | ft. ON Three

What Considerations Are Important When Choosing an IV Fluid Warmer?

An IV fluid warmer is a piece of equipment medical professionals apply to pre-heat substances supplied to a patient. It is designed to maintain internal body temperature during the application of blood or additional types of fluids such as medications. This process decreases the chance of hypothermia in traumatized or individuals receiving surgery.

Fluid Warming System Manufacturers: Innovation Leads to Enhanced Patient Safety

The danger of hypothermia drastically increases when a patient receives a large quantity of fluids intravenously. Previous equipment did not accommodate the immediate needs of emergency environments where individuals required quick application. Patients developed this secondary condition as a result and this created the need for a better option.

Three Day Emergency Kits Made Easy

Have you ever had the power go out in your home? Could you find all the supplies you needed to care for your family and create a comfortable environment? In the past, I would have had to answer no, but by organizing four item categories, I can say I am prepared now. Even if the power goes out for THREE DAYS and if there is a blizzard or other disaster you can be prepared.

Pool Safety Inspections – Why We Need Swimming Pool Safety Legislation

In a perfect world we would not need prisons, because no one would break the law, we would not need road rules, because everyone would drive properly and we would not need legislation associated with swimming pool safety fences, because all adults would supervise their children when they are at the pool. Unfortunately it is not a perfect world and the law makers are required to help protect people in the community, especially children, from those who would abuse them. Some would see leaving a large pool of water inadequately fenced as a form of child abuse.

The Ultra Battery 1 Gives IV Warmers the Edge Over the Competition

There are two types of intravenous (IV) fluid warming systems: conventional models that require an electrical outlet, and portable models that draw power from a battery. The value of the latter is their ability to be used in environments where the former cannot go, such as war zones, emergency medical vehicles, and any setting where electrical outlets are unavailable. Within these environments however, the type of power source the systems use can define their performance.

Be Prepared For Any Emergency

Preparedness is key in emergency situations. One of the best ways to be prepared for such situations is to utilize emergency preparedness food and survival kits.

Basic Principles Behind Food in A 72 Hour Kit

It is common knowledge that emergencies and natural disasters can happen even without our knowledge and thus the need for an emergency 72 hour food kit. Man has always been trying to predict when a calamity or natural disaster would hit. But even with the modern technology and all the gadgets that try come up with a sure-fire way of determining the exact time a natural disaster like an earthquake, volcanic eruptions, hurricanes and tsunamis would come and bring destruction, there is still no certain way to know when.

List Of Items To Go Into A 72 Hour Kit As Well As Instructions On How To Put It Together

Surviving has always been the concern of almost every person who has braved every natural disasters and calamities with the help of a 72 hr emergency kit. It is undeniable that people are no match for what nature can bring upon him. With every hurricane, tornado, flood, earthquake, pandemic, power outage and severe winter storm, people have witnessed how defenseless they can be when nature unleashes its wrath. People don’t even have the tool or equipment that can accurately detect every happening of these natural disasters.

Choosing the Best Blood Warming Device for Military Use

Weight – Medics that treat wounded soldiers need lightweight medical equipment that allows them to move quickly. With the battery attached, some portable IV heaters can weigh several pounds. For military use, they should ideally weigh less than two pounds with the battery attached.

IV Warming Systems: Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly can IV heaters be set up and heated? Some devices take several minutes to set up and heat up, while others have a combined set up and heat up time of less than two minutes. IV heaters that are used on an emergency basis should have a combined setup and heat-up time of less than two minutes.

Identifying the Best IV Fluid Warmer Bag for Emergency Use

According to research, Emergency Medical Services (EMS) will typically administer IV liquids that are below 95°F (the lowest temperature at which the body can function). When the body falls below this temperature, hypothermia can set in, and hypothermia related conditions such as cardiac arrest and opportunistic infections can occur. Administering heated IV liquids helps prevent hypothermia, but EMS crews need an IV fluid warmer bag that is suited to the demands of EMS work.

Survival Preparation Made Easy

There has been a lot of popular media surrounding disaster scenarios. From the zombie apocalypse to visiting planets from afar it seems everyone has predicted some sort of global cataclysmic event. While it’s impossible to predict what the future may hold, it is easy to prepare should something happen. Discover a couple of easy things you can do to better prepare for almost any disaster.

Is Bugging Out Really Worth It?

A lot of hardcore preppers insist that you have a bug out bag and a bug out location. Many of them say that when the SHTF, the cities will burn to the ground.

Paracord Thin Blue Line Survival Bracelet

This article will provide guidance for creating a standard paracord survival bracelet with the “thin blue line” model. This bracelet with show your support for your local law enforcement agencies.

Understanding the Post Apocalyptic Genre

Ever wonder what all the hype about post apocalyptic movies and books are all about? This article explains the post apocalyptic genre in detail, as well as the reasons why it has become so popular and far reaching in modern years. What some see as doom and gloom, others see as a fascinating realistic possibility that makes them appreciative of their everyday life.

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