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Life Preserver Pants | ON Three

Be Prepared For Life’s Disasters

The best and most effective way to handle unexpected emergencies is to prepare for them before they happen. Disasters happen quickly and often without warning. They may confine you to your home, or force you to evacuate.

Plan For an Emergency to Ease Anxiety, Speed Recovery

September is National Preparedness Month, and it’s time to get your home and family ready for any event. It can be difficult to overcome the natural inclination to think “it won’t happen to me.” Being prepared doesn’t have to involve backbreaking work. It simply means assembling the tools and resources you’ll need if the unexpected occurs.

Tips For Hurricane Season

The hurricane season begins June 1 and ends November 30. Unfortunately, it only takes one storm to cause a tragedy. People need to develop family disaster plans and compile kits with necessary supplies to be prepared. Your family should develop a plan and know how to stay safe in a hurricane. Discuss what your family should do when a hurricane comes onto land and where you might go in an evacuation.

Earthquake Preparedness

Preparation is key when facing any type of natural disaster. Although preparation can help alleviate some of the fear, of course it doesn’t solve all problems. One of the most recent earthquakes occurred on May 19, 2009 in Long Beach, California. It was a mild one; some shattering glass, but most importantly a reminder to those Californians to be prepared. So how do we really prepare ourselves for an earthquake?

Survival in the Wilderness – Why Do Some People Make it and Some Don’t?

Too many people do not know what to do in “survival conditions.” We drive down snow covered highways and/or backroads…go hiking in the woods… snowmobiling with friends…hunting or fishing in the mountains…or skiing and snowboarding with our family on the weekend…

The Prisoner Dilemma

Imagine if you will that the balloon has finally gone up and people are quickly scurrying around aimlessly with no major plan what so ever. The highways are rapidly being overloaded with potential travelers looking to relocate somewhere for a temporary stay until the dust clears and they feel it is safe to return to their homes. Police are rarely seen and public services are no where to be found. As one witnesses these events unfold we would have to wonder if anything could possibly get worse. I hate to do so but I am the bearer of bad tidings at this point and would like to bring you the worse case scenario.

Survive a Natural Disaster

Blame it on global warming, or even end of days, but it seems that natural catastrophes are more frequent and more violent than ever. Compound this by the looming threat of terrorism, which can take several forms, biological, ordinance, or a disruption of our clean water, power or other modern necessities. Proper preparation and planning are your best defense, and can dramatically increase your chance of survival in an emergency situation.

Mom – This is Dedicated to Your Families Well Being in an Emergency Survival Situation!

Alright, what a pitch right? It’s not as it seemed. I do believe in freeze dried food but, I believe more, that you should do what ever feels right to you! If you would feel better storing your own food, the food you are eating on a daily basis, than please move forward and stock up. If your eating from your garden already then start canning. If your pantry is over stocked with canned goods find more space somewhere else for the overflow.

Are Your Children Prepared For an Emergency?

We all are too well aware that an emergency can happen at just about any time and anywhere. No person or location is completely exempt from these sudden crisis situations.

Having Infant CPR Certification Proves That You Can Save a Child’s Life

The article shows how important infant CPR certification is to parents and those who are constantly in the presence of children. There are an increasing number of parents who go through childbirth classes. The childbirth classes are done to better prepare the parents on what’s going to happen during childbirth.

Why Coaches Should Be Trained in How to Handle Medical Emergencies

This article will discuss the important things all coaches should be trained in to ensure the safety of their players. Many lives have been lost unnecessarily on a playing field or court because the coaching staff was not trained on how to handle a medical emergency.

AmeriGel Wound Dressing Review

AmeriGel Wound Dressing is always in the first aid kit of every home. It ensures everyone in the family infection-free wounds.

Disaster Survival – Become Your Own First Responder

A spare tire and a jack can help get you out of a bind. But there are much worse situations to be in. In a disaster, you need to be just as prepared as you are for a flat tire. So why do people overlook this fact? It doesn’t take much time, and it is well worth the effort. Learn what it takes to be disaster prepared!

Retreat Admittance Rules

Since you are the person responsible for establishing your retreat it only seems logical that you should establish a few ground rules for any visitors that you may perhaps invite in during an emergency situation. Under normal circumstances a leader is usually chosen by age, experience in survival techniques and the supplies that they have accumulated. However this is not under normal conditions as this is your personal retreat. No one else has contributed towards its construction or its required maintenance. It is on your personal property and you and you alone have the final say so concerning it. Or do you? It is likely that you are not as young as you used to be. Age has been catching up to you and your reflexes are a bit on the slower side these days.

Horse Power As Transportation

Transportation is important in any survival plans. There may come a time when leaving your immediate area could be the difference between living and dying. Possibly your BOV just will not do the trick. Perhaps the roads are out due to adverse weather or the number of people who have the same idea has impacted your ability to depart on public highways. In either case it is important to have alternate plans to leave the area and get to your established retreat.

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