Leaked Coronavirus Report “pandemic will last 18 months”

Leaked Coronavirus Report "pandemic will last 18 months"

Power Outage? – Beware of Frozen Water Pipes

A loss of power is frustrating for everyone. Knowing what to do in these situations can help you avoid serious water damage to your home. Here are three things that you can do yourself that will help prevent this from happening to you.

Keeping Warm During a Power Outage

How will you and your family cope with having no electrical power in your home for a few days? We all take for granted the fact that our homes will be warm and that we can cook our meals any time, until these conveniences are gone. However, there are some steps that you can take before and during a power outage that will minimize the discomfort.

Refrigerated Food and Power Outages: When to Save and When to Throw Away

Food and water are both vital to your well-being. Many foods can spoil quickly when left un-refrigerated. That’s why, when a power outage occurs, it is important to take steps to ensure that your food is safe to consume.

A Survival Situation

What started out as a fun family trip into the snow near their hometown in northwest Nevada’s high desert, had quickly turned into a life or death survival situation. Six people were reported missing when they did not return home.

Buy Quality Survival Kits to Brave Emergencies

As nature unleashed its fury all over the planet this decade, more and more people have turned to emergency preparedness and survival kits that are easily available online. With loads of information available on the internet, it is often confusing to decide on the right plan for you and your family. Ideally it’s best to prepare for two scenarios during an emergency; an at-home emergency situation and an on-the-go emergency.

Survival Tips: What Is A Good Car Escape Tool and Why Do I Need One?

According to Ask.com the average American spends about 600 hours a year in their car. That would be about the equivalent of 5 years of the average lifespan. Yahoo.com reports that statistics would indicate the average person is involved in 3 motor vehicle accidents over their lifetime. There are too many variables to predict how many times in your life you will be stranded along the road somewhere (i.e., breakdowns, bad weather, flat tires, etc.) This article explores the types of car escape tool, why you need one, and the advantages/disadvantages of each type. Nobody wants to be injured or be a victim of an accident. Therefore, even though we all hope for the best, you need to always plan for the worst that you might experience and prepare for that. While frequently they can be very helpful, never rely on strangers to be there when you need them or to help you in times of need; it is always be better to be prepared and rely on yourself for knowing what to do and having the tools to do it.

Survival Tips: The 7 Major Domains of Earthquake Emergency Preparedness Planning

Earthquakes are among the most devastating natural disasters. What makes them even more dangerous is the fact that there is no precise way of predicting when an earthquake may occur. The most effective method to survive a major earthquake is to make solid earthquake emergency preparations. Due to our survival instincts, taking time to “think things through” and normal problem-solving activities during a major disaster does not occur – there is little or no time for that! The instinctive, subconscious mind literally takes over and we just react, sometimes with lightening speed or super-human strength. This is why having a plan, practicing it, and “working it into the muscle” with repetitive practice is so important.

Illinois Concealed Carry Guidelines for Residents and Non-Residents

Illinois is the 50th state to allow concealed carry of firearms, but the restrictions are many and the penalties for violating them can be severe. Let’s start with non-residents’ ability to carry concealed in Illinois. First, nobody can carry concealed in Illinois without a permit.

How to Choose a Concealed Carry Holster for Illinois Concealed Carry Licensees

Choosing the right holster for concealed carry is important for people in any state, but what about the laws in Illinois? Are there specifics that you need to be aware of when you carry concealed, whether as a resident or non-resident, in Illinois? First and foremost, it is necessary to understand the Illinois law that pertains to both residents and non-residents carrying concealed.

How to Make An Every Day Carry List

So, you’ve made your bug out plan and built your survival kit. Magnificent, you are now better prepared than the vast majority of the population. But what survival tools should you have on your every day carry list? Here we review how to assess risks to determine what would be most useful for you to carry as an EDC kit.

How to Detect a Hotel Bomber

Hotel bombings are carried out by people who have intimate knowledge of the layout and workings of the property. Protect yourself by learning how to weed these unsavory individuals out.

Basic Survival Skills You Need For Bugging Out

The more skills you learn, the more self reliant you are and the higher your chances for survival become. Here we are going to talk about some basic survival skills and teach you how to best utilize them to protect yourself and your loved ones when disaster strikes.

Food Waste: The Growing Financial and Environmental Impact

There is good reason to believe that food prices will be both higher and more unstable in the decades to come. They are now higher in real terms than at any other time. The global population is expected to grow from 7 billion today to 9.6 billion by 2050. Our food supply should be at the forefront of human concerns. If the world cannot feed 7 billion people now, how do we expect to feed over 9 billion by the mid-century?

Survive a Fire in an Apartment Building

Forty percent of Americans are renters, and over half of them live in apartments. While a fire in a high-rise apartment seems particularly frightening, there’s a lot you can do to protect yourself in the first place, and get out safely if fire does break out. Know what steps to take to survive.

Emergency Preparedness Scenario, Can You Get A Perfect Score?

This is a fun exercise to see just how prepared you are, or think you are. Don’t just read about survival, play the game and see how good you are.

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