Last Chance to Stock Up Before the Whole Thing Crashes (Again)

Last Chance to Stock Up Before the Whole Thing Crashes (Again)

How to Travel 50 Miles in a Day on Foot – Survival Strategies Unveiled

What if you are stuck in the wilderness or between a vast amount of open space and you have to walk on foot 500 to 1,000 miles? Could you do it without dying and collapsing? Could you travel on foot 25-50 miles a day until you completed your journey? Well, there are some serious athletes who could, but could you? What if it were a matter of life and death, then what? Would you give up and become road kill or insect food, renewing and recycling to nature.

Emergency Survival Kit – Why You Should Have One

Thinking back to that dreadful day in September 2001, as the world sat watching in numbness as the catastrophic events unfolded before our very eyes as the first plane found it’s target. The North Tower of World Trade Center. Then shortly thereafter, the second plane strikes the South Tower.

Urban Survival – Minimum First Aid Requirements Following a Disaster

Disaster preparation should be a family affair and must include some first aid training. The person best suited for the job, should be the designated caregiver. A second person should be trained as backup in case the primary caregiver is among the injured.

How to Pick a Fire Escape Ladder

A fire escape ladder must work during critical moments when panic is ready to take over. Follow these tips to make sure you buy the right escape ladder for your home.

The Importance of Being Armed With Information in an Emergency

Almost everyone will face an emergent situation during the course of their lives. It is how you react to said emergency that will usually determine its outcome. The best possible defense in the event of an emergency situation is information, best found in the form of a field guide. If you know exactly what do you, you could end up saving the life of a family or friend or even your own.

10 Steps For Starting Your Food Storage

Building up a food storage supply can feel like a daunting task. What do you store? How much of it? How the heck do you use wheat? Where do you buy these items? And how do you store it all? All of these questions come to mind when you try to get started. We have split the process up into ten simple baby steps which will hopefully make the task feel less overwhelming.

Plan Your Escape Route Carefully

Here is an article that I recently wrote concerning escape routes during emergency conditions. If you happen to be like me you want to plan for any type of problem that you may possibly encounter. During a bug out whether it is an actual emergency or a practice drill you will want to make the most of your bug out plan and this includes your escape route as well.

Tips For Survival When Stranded in a Snow Storm

Snow storms are commonly recognized as an unpredictable natural catastrophe which may occur to you and your family at any time during the winter months. This natural mishap is capable of rendering you and your family helplessly stranded in any place you may possibly be at the time it occurs.

Prepare Yourself For Crime

Big cities or small towns, it does not matter. What ever area you may be located in, preparing for crime in advance is a sure fire method for success. It will build confidence and educate rather than have you living in fear waiting to be a victim.

Your Emergency Evacuation Kit – The Essentials and Extras

Television coverage of recent hurricanes kept you glued to the screen. You saw footage of people on rooftops, people who refused to leave their homes, and people who wished they had left their homes. Emergency evacuation is a serious business and you need to prepare for it.

Home Inventory Equals Less Stress

Experiencing a disaster is horrible enough! Consider your frame of mine and if you’ll be able to work through the stress and negative emotions to provide a thorough listing of your belongings.

Don’t Taze Me Bro! My Personal Taser Encounter

It seemed like a good idea at the time he thought as regrouped from the 50,000 volts he had just experienced. Ouch was the next response.

Flood Emergency Preparedness – Water Over the Bridge!

A flood is an overflow of water past its normal boundaries that submerges the land around it. Flooding may result from a body of water (a lake rising too high) or a river (when it flows out of the river channel). It can also be caused by a significant and unexpected event (a dam breaking) or as a result of another hazard (earthquake, tsunami, hurricane or volcanic eruption).

Be Careful Or You’ll Hurt Yourself!

How many times have we heard those words, “Be careful or you’ll hurt yourself”? Every mother knows that children are going to fall down and scrape their knees, elbows and or hands, it’s a given. It is all part of growing up! Being prepared for these emergencies is important.

Urban Survival – Sanitation and Hygiene During a Disaster

Following a disaster, sanitation and hygiene is one phase of survival that is often overlooked, with sometimes disastrous results. Following a flood, tornado, earthquake or hurricane, sources of water that are normally safe can instantly become contaminated. Septic tanks, sewer systems and water reclamation ponds overflow and contaminate wells, lakes, ponds and creeks. Refuse and animal carcasses add to this contamination. People do not dispose of human waste correctly. Waste disposal sites, fuel and oil from submerged vehicles all contribute to the contamination. Survivors end up, sometimes literally, wading through this toxic soup.

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