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How to Disinfect Emergency Drinking Water

In an emergency situation you may not have access to a supply of clean drinking water. Being prepared to disinfect your own supply of potable water is an essential part of personal emergency preparedness.

Firefighting Equipment

Firefighting is one of the most risk-ridden jobs that one can imagine. Firefighters use certain essential equipment or gear to protect themselves from extreme hazards caused by fire. While there are devices which help in search and rescue operations, there are several other equipments used during medical emergencies. Technological advancements in the field have resulted in the creation of new firefighting devices.

Be Prepared – A Home Safety Plan

Even if you don’t live in an area prone to natural disasters, you never know when an emergency might strike at home: after all, all houses are susceptible to dangers such as fire, flooding, and even damage from severe windstorms. Wise families are prepared families; and now is as good a time as any to develop a workable and practical Home Safety Plan. Here are some suggestions for how to go about it.

Are Emergency Supplies Necessary?

Regardless of physical capabilities and or level of knowledge survival gear is very helpful and in many cases necessary to sustain life. It is great to have an emergency survival kit ready in a back pack. In the worst case scenario you strap it on your back having your hands free taking away the burden of having to carry survival gear.

Survivalist Bugging Out Basics

As a well prepared Survivalist we all have some sort of bug out plan in place to evacuate an area by vehicle if necessary. When initiating such a plan ones first question rightfully so has to be what I will need to carry with me and the second one should be where I am heading to. When you think about it when you are leaving one rural location for another is a far different approach then if one must escape an urban area. The size of ones family is equally important as well for determining ones course of actions.

Condominium Fire Safety

Now a days, condominium living for many is a way of life, the buildings are getting higher and higher each day, the taller it gets, the more prestige it has and the price tags soar to the building heights. Condo buildings are generally constructed to be fireproof as what the building codes mandate. It is what you put inside the buildings; including your furnishings and belongings which are not fireproof that will burn and produce a tremendous amount of heat, smoke and toxic gas that can be fatal.

Mistakes of a Bug Out

There is nothing better then to practice bugging out before the activity is needed for actual emergencies. Since I use a motor home for bugging out I try to plan accordingly.

Emergency Preparedness When You Have a Disability

If you or someone you care about has a disability you may face obstacles to evacuating your home or preparing for an emergency. Being prepared is even more important for someone with a disability.

Maggots For Wound Healing

There is a little known method used by American Special Forces to clean wounds that may be of great benefit to Survivalists in the event of an emergency. This is by intentionally introducing live maggots into the soft, damaged tissue wound.

Earthquake Prediction For Everyone

Signs and symptoms that have been garnered from places as diverse as China, Peru, Japan and the Caribbean, where they’ve been tried and trusted by countryfolk for centuries. One important point emerges: trust the animal world! Their hearing is more acute than ours, their instincts unhampered by intellects.

What is the Cause of Fire?

Fire is one of the most destructive accidents that people usually have. Fire will cause a lot of danger for the human life. A lot of people will lose their family and also their prosperity. Unfortunately, a lot of fire is caused by the human error. This fact teaches us to be more aware in doing all of our activities and protecting our family.

When Performing Emergency Preparedness, Plan For Fido Too

Disaster preparedness is essential, but often pets are forgotten in the planning. Preparing for the family dog’s needs helps ensure the family stays safe and together in a disaster.

Hierarchy of Survival Needs

A very common question for people who are getting started with preparedness and changing to a more self-reliant lifestyle goes something like this, I’ve only got $X. I know that I need to stock up on food, and I should probably have some gold & silver on hand, but what should I get first?

Astonishing 2012 Predictions

There are a lot of truths out there in our world that stem from ancient wisdom and foresight. Many of these things are diminished in popular culture as nothing more than myth. However, some of these things end up being more true than ever, and those that adhere to the warnings and wisdom of ancient cultures seem to dodge bullets while others get hit hard.

Self Defence Techniques – Reasons Why You Should Learn Self Defense

In my opinion, everyone on the planet should learn self defence techniques. Not just women, men and children should learn them too. You should not consider this as a sign of weakness, but an opportunity to protect yourself, loved ones and family members. Read on to learn more…

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