Kelly Kettle Review | ON Three

Kelly Kettle Review | ON Three

The Stun Baton Will Protect Anyone For These 5 Reasons

Have you been checking into getting a stun baton, but don’t know if this is the smart choice for you? There are many reasons that you need to understand why this is the perfect way for anyone to use to protect themselves.

Disaster Kits – A Life Savior

A disaster kit is basically composed of basic survival materials like non-perishable food, water, matches, first-aid kit, flash lights, batteries, knife, etc. You can include all the other things that you think you will need in order to survive during disaster. Make sure that your disaster kit is placed in a location that is easily accessible in case of an emergency.

Shelters: What They Are Used For?

Shelter is listed as a physiological need according to the famous Maslow. We all need it to survive. Sometimes the situation is grave, other times; it’s just a matter of comfort. Listed here are four different types of shelters and what they are used for.

Disaster Preparation Planning – How To Identify Potential Disasters In Your Area

This is the second of two articles in how planning for a disaster can be a fun family activity. The first article entitled “Disaster Preparation Planning – How To Make It A Family Activity” focused on ideas to get each family member involved. This second article highlights ways to collect information about potential disasters in your area.

Disaster Preparation Planning – How To Make It A Family Activity

As a risk manager, I may have a warped sense of what is a fun family activity, but I’ll share one with you anyway – Disaster Preparation Planning. Now how can that be a fun family activity? Well this article outlines how to get started. Keep in mind that to be most effective, creating a disaster plan is not something that can be completed in an hour, it is an activity that can be done in several steps over a few months.

What an UNREP and Emergency Breakaway at Sea Is Like

When a ship is out patrolling the coast or ocean, it will eventually start to run out of fuel. And if they are not a nuclear powered ship, it will usually be a diesel powered ship. Just like a car, you can fill the tank up with fuel, and it will eventually get down to empty if you use it enough.

How to Prevent Becoming the Victim of A Home Fire

It seems like wintertime is one of the most common times of the year to hear about homes being burned. Perhaps it is because people get careless with their fireplace safety or maybe it’s because we are so busy, that we overlook simple fire prevention steps. But whatever the cause, the result is always one of despair, distress and grief. And while the numbers of household fires have decreased in recent years, it has not been alleviated. There are many things we can all do to reduce the risk of becoming the victim of a house fire.

Creating a Retreat First Responder Force

First responders are those groups of people who are at the scene of any emergency within minutes of it occurring. In the real world these first responders consist of the police officers, fire personnel and EMT’s. With all first responder time is a crucial element and is one of those assets that are best not wasted. The topic of this article is intended towards direct a retreat organization in the development of a first responder team.

A CBRNE Incident Involving Chemical Hazards

Recently during one of my emergency management classes at the university a peer of mine submitted a final project on the topic of CBRNE recovery operations. As I reviewed his manuscript I thought that would be an excellent subject to discuss with my fellow survivalists.

Intestinal Parasites in the Wild

When living in the wild the possibilities of acquiring some sort of intestinal parasite is high. It seems that regardless of how clean you try to be the creatures attack and invade our bodies with a vengeance.

December 20, 2012: Are You Prepared for This Day?

Are you ready? Do you care? What will happen in 2012? There is only one way to prepared. Take action and learn as much as you can.

Recycling Number Ten Cans

Any time you have survivalists you also have those large number 10 cans that are used to store their dehydrated foods in. It is only good sense to use what you store and store what you eat. With that thought in mind your food storage should be properly rotated. When new cans of food are introduced to your pantry the older ones should be used up first.

None Dare Call It Looting

It doesn’t take very long after a disaster occurs before the various crimes start to happen. In no time at all we see ruthless events taking place that show total disregard for other individuals. Stores are looted and robbed within 24 hours of the emergency condition beginning. My question to this is whether it is looting or a case of scavenging.

It Wasn’t Me Who Committed Civil Disobedience

Civil disobedience is a professed and active refusal to accept certain demands, laws, and demands of the government or that of an occupying international power. Usually it is defined as a non-violent resistance. However, it may not always be so.

Common Mistakes in Combat Arms Survival

The modern world is not only in danger because of natural and man-made disasters. But it also faces another threat – a more imminent threat. This danger is the threat of terrorism.

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