I’ve NEVER Seen Anything Like This: Its Bad… REAL BAD

I've NEVER Seen Anything Like This: Its Bad... REAL BAD

Getting Hold Of Tips To Survive 2012

Whether you are aware or still clueless about the impending Doomsday of 2012, it is very important for you to read Survive 2012 books or reviews to give you a better picture of what you can expect come December 21, 2012. Do not allow yourself to get caught flat-footed not knowing what to do. The Survive 2012 books and guides are everywhere available to help people prepare for the upcoming 2012 devastation. Bear in mind that in order to survive, you will need to help yourself first.

Top Seven Life-Saving Firefighter Rescue Tools

Firefighters enter dangerous situations every day. To protect themselves and save others, they must have the correct firefighting rescue tools. Learn what to look for in a firefighting flashlight, firefighting knives, and more. When having the right tool can mean the difference between life and death, it’s important to have the best tools available.

How to Choose a Survival Knife

Before you buy a survival knife, here are the 6 things you should know. Read this short article before you purchase a survival knife.

Emergency Survival 101

Think for a moment about all the things that make your life easier. On your list, you might have put running water, electricity, air conditioning, cars, computers etc. Imagine what would happen if all of this were to be taken away through some kind of disaster.

MRE Meals To The Rescue For Emergency Situations

You need to be prepared when it comes to emergency situations. You must pack emergency food such as MRE (meals ready to eat) in order to survive a calamity.

Survival Knife Care – Keeping Your Special Knife Pristine

If you own and regularly use a survival knife, perhaps whilst hiking or hunting, you will appreciate just how robust and versatile these knives are. However despite the fact that they are designed to withstand a high degree of hard, regular use, with a little regular care and maintenance they will continue to give years of faithful service.

Volcano Movie and Me

As many of my close friends and associates may already be aware of I have currently returned to school in an effort to obtain a degree in Emergency Management. I had previously taken a large number of FEMA classes on location as well as online in an effort to hone up my knowledge of emergency actions. You may ask why I would even want to do such work. The answer is simply I enjoy the thought of working at a job that offers me a degree of satisfaction and I feel that I can best contribute something useful to the emergency actions program as well.

Survival Kit – Preparation On A Budget

There’s a lot of information out there on the web about preparing for an emergency.  Most of this information is geared towards readers that are able to plunk down some serious cash on…

Natural Disasters – Think Tank Topic

It seems it is hard to keep people interested in planning and strategic thinking to mitigate the damages caused by natural disasters. Everyone is completely interested in the topic just after a big disaster. For instance after Hurricane Katrina everyone was interested in all the technologies, techniques, and strategies to help people in flooding natural disasters, building seawalls, and mitigating the problems from disease which occurs afterwards.

Survive 2012: Help Create Life Past The Ruins

With the flitting information and talks about the December 12, 2012 cataclysm you will come across online, there is no doubt that you have already heard of the impending 2012 catastrophes forecasted and envisaged by known prophets of the world. As a matter of fact, there are even countless of scientists in the field of science who have affirmed to the possibility of such predictions.

Survive 2012 Apocalypse By Believing

Although there are countless of scientists and experts who have already affirmed the predictions about December 12, 2012 as true and valid, there are still scores of people all over the world who remain unconvinced about such prophecies. As a matter of fact, even the Mayan calendar reflected such date as when the world will finally meet its end.

How to Augment Your Emergency Kit With Personal Items

Personal items can often be forgotten in emergencies. It’s best to add personal items to an emergency kit when performing emergency preparedness planning. As each person is different and has varying needs, this article provides some suggestions and a helpful list to insure you have what you need to survive and to be as comfortable as the situation will allow.

Why Honey Belongs in Your Survival Kit

Honey has been known for centuries as a miracle food due to its nutritional value and antioxidant properties, but did you know it also deserves a place of honor in your survival first aid kit? Here’s why…

Emergency Survival – Disaster – What Is The Best Tool?

Use the most powerful tool that you have, when faced with an emergency. If fact you can use this tool at any time that you wish. It is readily available and anyone reading this article has one.

Pet Survival 2012

2012, the world of tomorrow, will present all mankind with challenges we have never encountered before. Human survival is of the utmost importance, but what about our beloved pets? Do they not deserve the same protection and lifesaving care that humans require?

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