Its All Crashing Down! Total Supply Chain Chaos

Its All Crashing Down! Total Supply Chain Chaos

What on Earth is This 2012 I Keep Hearing About?

You may have heard about it on the news, or maybe you were flipping through the channels and found an end of the world program on the History channel; maybe you heard about Emmerich’s new movie 2012, or maybe you read it in a magazine or newspaper. Wherever you heard it, you may be wondering why the date 2012 keeps coming up.

Seven Steps to Earthquake Safety

Scientists now agree that the likelihood of a major earthquake (magnitude of 6.7 or higher) hitting Southern California within the next 30 years is almost inevitable. Such an event could have a catastrophic impact on our future, but with proper preparation we can avoid some of the destruction.

Disaster Response Contingency Planning

Inherent within disaster management is developing response, and an essential element of response is contingency planning. Developing appropriate response to mitigate the impact of natural disasters calls for crafting well thought out contingency plan with the involvement of all concerned stakeholders.

Outdoor Survival Guide – The Knife

At its most basic form, you can keep a pocket knife with you at all times, after all, when disaster strikes, you may never know when you need it. Most outdoor enthusiasts agree that the knife is by far the most important tool of all.

Survival Guide – An Introduction to Survival

The further we advance as a human race, the more we are at odds with nature. Global warming, lack of natural and an ever growing population rate, these factors and many more make it extremely important that we know how to deal with nature’s unpredictability and ferocity.

Preparing For Disaster

Did you know that September is National Preparedness Month? The U.S. Department of Homeland Security and Citizen Corps have sponsored this event for the last sixyears to encourage Americans to prepare for all kinds of emergencies. What do you need to do in order to be prepared? Create an emergency kit, and develop a communications plan.

The Many Types of Damage Caused by Earthquakes

We live on a shifting, moving, groaning, spitting ball of rock. We want to build solid, unmoving, long-lasting structures on it. To accomplish this feat of construction, builders need the help of an expert in geotechnical engineering. The geotechnical engineer has studied the shifting and moving of our rock ball and gained the knowledge to give advice on how to anchor structures or build them to accommodate what happens underneath.

Planning a Survival Budget

One of the most frequent complaints that I hear from survivalists and preppers is that they simply do not have the extra cash to properly purchase needed emergency supplies. This is simply an excuse as far as I am concerned. Every one of us can establish a sufficient supply of food and necessities over a period of time if we only plan our budgets accordingly.

Water – The Key to Survival Prepardness

Survival preparedness includes numerous precautionary steps to protect yourself and your family. These steps should be prioritized and accomplished in order according to their importance. One of the most crucial steps in survival preparedness is storing and preparing a way to provide drinkable water in survival situations. Water is the life-fluid for the human body. It aids and facilitates a variety of bodily functions such as…

The Deluxe Survival Kit

Are you in to outdoor adventures, hunting, camping, or hiking? Have you been looking for the ultimate survival kit for your pack? Perhaps you’re looking for a compact survival kit with all the essential components for when you are on the trail, hiking, camping, fishing or climbing.

Your Greatest Outdoor Survival Tool – Mental Toughness

Are you mentally prepared and tough enough to pull through in a wilderness survival situation? Read this.

Disaster Response For Schools and Business

A lot has been written about disaster preparedness, food, water, etc. Very little has been written or changed in the last ten years in regards to disaster response for schools and business. Get the latest life saving techniques and strategies for spontaneous rescuers.

Keeping an Emergency Kit in Your Car

You never know when you will encounter or experience an emergency and keeping an emergency kit in your car is a great way to prepare. The idea is to spend a bit of time and money upfront to make sure that if you do have an emergency, it’s as low-stress and safe as possible. The contents of what you should keep in your car will vary by your driving habits and where you live. Perhaps the most important thing is to make sure that you have a spare tire and that it has enough air in it. Road flares are also a good thing to have, and can help keep you safe in any situation that leaves your vehicle in a potentially dangerous position. If you drive in potentially snowy or icy conditions, keeping a set of chains is a great idea.

Natural Disasters Contingency Planning

We have recurring natural disasters, seasonal in their patterns, just like the floods in the monsoon season. That’s when things could wrong with damages to structures, property, and even loss of life. With natural disasters intensifying to greater scale and their destructive force getting worse, there’s a dire need to ensure that we have a Contingency Plan devised for such circumstances to be prepared for anything that could happen.

Why Do I Need Emergency Preparedness?

Survival preparedness is a topic that is often overlooked. Emergencies will happen. Nobody can predict when or where these emergencies may occur. Natural disasters, accidents, disease and civil unrest all contribute to the probability of experiencing a survival situation, and these threats increase every year. The only way to maximize the chance of survival in survival situations is to achieve survival preparedness.

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