Is This The Ultimate Apocalypse Tool?

Is This The Ultimate Apocalypse Tool?

Preventing Animal Attacks

Thousands of animal attacks occur every year in the US. Ranging from small scratches to fatalities, these attacks could come from your neighbor’s dog or from a bear on a camping trip. Although some are more prone than others, any and every animal is capable of attacking. However, many of the attacks that occur could or should have been prevented.

Ready For a Natural Disaster

A 6.3-magnitude earthquake struck central Italy recently. This strong quake was actually the second to strike the country on in less than twenty-four fours.

The Ultimate Fire Safety Device

When evaluating the likelihood of installing fire escape ladders you are presented with two viable choices. You can install permanent fire escape steps to the outside of your home which has certain disadvantages. I would caution you greatly on this decision. Permanent steps are a sure invitation for burglars and others who may mean to harm you. In addition the initial cost is considerably more then using the portable rope ladder. The rope version is probably your best bet but you will have to instruct those who will use it in its proper operation.

The Definition of Survival Food

Continually I stress that everyone should have a survival kit made up and ready for any sort of emergency that Mother Nature or fellow man can toss our way. I continually relate how this kit should contain certain essential emergency supplies as well as a selection of survival foods.

Duck, Cover & Hold Versus Triangle of Life, Which is Safer?

Considerable controversy revolves around whether Duck, Cover & Hold is safer than the Triangle of Life. Professional firefighter and disaster response expert discusses the realities of disaster response in schools and homes. He points out doing the right thing can save lives using a common sense approach.

Don’t Spoil Your Spring and Summer by Not Being Prepared

Accidents occur all year round and a responsible person or family should own some form of first aid equipment anyway but it’s getting to that time of year where owning a suitable first aid kit or components is especially important. With the finer weather comes and increase in home leisure and activity based injuries. People are more inclined to finish off those outstanding DIY jobs, do some work in the garden, go out and about and participate in sports and other leisure related activities.

First Aid is Not Just Important But Also Crucial to Saving Lives

Knowing what to do in an emergency situation can be the difference between a patients survival or death and long term injury or full recovery. Knowing what to do, or at the very least, what definitely not to do can make all the difference to the outcome of the situation.

Survivalists and Fear

Nearly everyone at sometime or other has experienced the sensation of fear. Fear is normal for any living thing to experience and acts as a danger threshold for our body. Human bodies are frail and often times the owners of those bodies fail to comprehend the limits that Mother Nature has imposed upon us but fear tends to balance this out and warn us of impending perils.

Moms Be Prepared – How to Help Their Families in a Disaster

You never know when a disaster can strike. It does not matter where you live, or how much money you have, if a disaster happens to you being prepared is your only defense.

Preparing Your Home For a Hurricane

Heading into hurricane season, those of us in danger of being affected by the storms should be well prepared. Having the knowledge to better protect yourself, your family, and your home will give you peace of mind if a hurricane is predicted.

Locusts Can Save Your Life

In 2004 Israel experienced a severe incursion of locust which reached biblical magnitudes. This famished swarm of gluttonous vegetarians devastated a significant amount of vegetation leaving little in their wake for human consumption. The locust was promptly approved for human applications and several recipe books were composed instructing the public on how to prepare these creatures for the dinner table.

Fire Safety Signs – Use Them For Protection!

The purpose of signs is to direct people. Fire safety signs have the same purpose. They are put up around offices and work places to aid people in times of emergency.

The Importance of Emergency Water Purification During Natural Disasters

Not everyone is aware of the importance of emergency water purification in times of disaster. If we don’t have water, which is our most basic and essential need, we obviously won’t be able to survive. Most people aren’t aware of what it takes to purify water, so we will go into detail about what this process involves in the following article…

Car Emergency Preparedness – When the Going Gets Tough!

If you own a vehicle it is important to keep an emergency survival kit in it at all times. Since you are usually located within close proximity of your vehicle, you can easily gain immediate access to your emergency supplies.

Are We Prepared to Survive a Nuclear Attack?

Most persons believe that everyone will perish in a nuclear war with another significant power (Russia, France, Great Britain, Israel, etc.), but that isn’t the case. Statistically, many of us will survive such a conflict. Bold action will be required in a number of areas by our uniformed members of the armed forces.

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