Is EcoFlow Delta Better Than Your Gas Generator? (Full Review & Specs)

Is EcoFlow Delta Better Than Your Gas Generator? (Full Review & Specs)

Bush Fire Preparation

You have probably heard about the devastating bush fires in Victoria Australian, and if you are one of those lucky people who lives close to nature – either bushland or woodland – you’re probably a little more concerned about the bushfire threat to your home and family, though probably the biggest threat to your family and your home is being unprepared. Too many people have perished trying to defend their home and property fighting a bushfire they were totally ‘unprepared’ for, in fact the best time to fight a bushfire is when there is no bushfire around because ninety percent of protecting your home, property and family from the dangers of bush fires is preparation.

Freeze Dried Food Versus MRE

More people are looking to prepare every day as the economic outlook worsens. Learn about benefits and differences of MRE versus freeze dried food as a survival food reserve. There are a lot of people looking at survival food and supplies for the first time due to concerns about an economic depression…

Disaster Planning in Advance

Disaster strikes when we least expect it. For some, it causes extreme panic and apprehension about how they will make it through the emergency. The best way to have peace of mind that you and your family will make it through whatever comes your way is through disaster planning.

Essentials in an Outdoor First Aid Kit

There may be a chance that a person may have to face a mishap when in the outdoors. In fact, it can be said that most injuries are caused outdoors than inside the house. When a person is outside, they may become more excited (especially children) which can make them more vulnerable to injuries. The intensity of an injury can vary and the nature of it can also be different because different places have different types and level of hazards. A person may face different types of injury when they are in the forest whereas a simple trip to the beach may cause other types of mischief.

Why Learn CPR?

There are many reasons to learn CPR including professional requirement, sick family member, or new parent. Your reason may simply be general interest, it really doesn’t matter. Taking a CPR course will give you the knowledge and skills to help when it is needed most.

What Are Emergency Preparedness Kits?

Well is there ever a reason to be prepared in a state of emergency the answer to this question is yes, you should have a basic Emergency Preparedness Kit at all times, and make sure if you use any of the items to make a note of it and restore them. When we look at being prepared for emergencies a lot of us forget the golden rule, which is to remain calm and be prepared. First thing you should get is food – several can goods and several packages of non perishable foods – don’t forget a can opener, a basic first aid pouch that can be purchased in camping goods section or even local drug stores. Water bottles you should have at least 12 bottles of water in your basic pack, you will need a flashlight and a spare battery or batteries.

What Disaster Survival Equipment Do I Need?

When you are in the thick of an emergency we have so little time to be prepared to grab everything but the kitchen sink per say, so let’s look at a few basic essentials that are a must if you are caught in a disaster and ways to better equip ourselves to survive a little easier.

Butter When You Need It

During extreme times of crisis and under emergency conditions you can certainly bet that you will not find any sort of butter in your local food stores. Butter will tend to become a valuable commodity in those particular times.

Search and Rescue Dogs

Teaching search dogs to discriminate scents is an important part of their training. Scent is different in different environments. Weather, vegetation and time of day will affect what scent will do.

Is There a Difference Between Short Term and Long Term Food Storage?

When sitting among the various survival groups you often hear it said that someone is storing this or that for their short term storage and this and that for their long term storage. This is actually utter nonsense as the only difference in the short and the long term storage should be the quantity of products that are being stored.

The Essential First Aid Guide For External Bleeding

Bleeding can occur in all kinds of injuries. Whether it’s playing some kind of sport, in the kitchen cooking, a child playing or one of many other scenarios, accidents happen all the time. When one does occur we want to be prepared, we want to ensure that we know all there is to know about caring for the patient and treating the injury in the right manner.

Sustain and Protect Your Family With a Survival Kit

As humans we prepare for presentations, meetings, tests, first dates, even our retirement! But do we prepare for emergencies or disasters? Be sure your family can sustain itself during a disaster with a home survival kit.

Using Dry Ice to Store Your Emergency Foods

When storing up food we have to have some sort of way that we can preserve the food. Many times you will hear survivalists saying how they have placed five oxygen packets in their 5 gallon bucket in order to preserve their wheat or flour. Well, this is all well and good but using the oxygen packets is not the only way to preserve your food. In this article I am going to briefly explain to you how you can use dry ice to accomplish the same thing.

Saving Your Stored Food by Use of Oxygen Absorbers

All true survivalists have found that at one time or another they have encountered various problems relating to their food storage. Perhaps they merely run out of space or even worse their containers of grin became buggy. We can’t do much about the first problem but there is plenty that we can do concerning the later one.

Storing Bulk Foods in Five Gallon Buckets

If you are looking for an inexpensive and simple way to store your bulk foods then search no longer. For several years now I had started obtaining the five gallon icing buckets which were used by cake decorators for storing cake icing in. These buckets are food grade products so they are safe for just about any type of food.

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