Introduction to HAM Radio | TJack Survival

Introduction to HAM Radio | TJack Survival

Safety Features – What You Need to Find in Every Structure

Aside from your work area in the building, you should also familiarize the different safety features of the building you are in. It is important so that you know where to go when there is an emergency in the building.

Fire Regulations – The Importance of Adhering to the Laws

The government recognizes the possibility of fire in all establishments in the society. Various factors can start a fire and destroy millions worth of property. A person who fell asleep while smoking in his hotel suite can cause a tragic end for the other guests. An overloaded adapter in an office can cause an explosion and will endanger everyone in the building.

Fire Fighters – Who Protects Them and What Keeps Them Safe During a Rescue Operation?

Since firefighters risk their lives to do their jobs, it is very important that they have all the essential equipment to keep them safe during an operation. They also need each other to carry out their plans safely.

You Do Not Have to Deal With Fire – Ways to Fireproof Your Home

We know of several instances wherein fire could have been avoided. Fire usually results from carelessness and irresponsibility. This means that you can do several things to prevent it. You do not have to deal with it if you apply the necessary safety precautions.

Fire Fighting Equipment – Devices Fire Fighters Need

Fire fighting is a tough job. The firefighter risks his life for the welfare of the people he does not know. His duties involve getting inside the smoldering establishment to rescue victims. They also have to open windows, make holes on the roof, and break wall parts to provide ventilation. As they enter the burning establishment, anything can happen. The walls around them can collapse and the floor underneath them might break.

Aim and Fire – The Necessary Steps to Stop the Fire From Spreading

There is more to using the fire extinguisher than to aim and shoot. You have to assess the situation before attempting to stop it.

Fire Fighting – Five Reasons Why it is Not an Easy Job

Fire fighting is never an easy task. This needs skills and dedication. Fortunately, we have brave fire fighters to come to our aid when we need them.

Anticipating the Worst – How Can it Save Your Family From Fire?

There is more to anticipating the bad things than just being pessimistic. This also means that you are taking the matter seriously. The important thing is that you do something about it.

The Alphabet of Extinguishers, What You Need to Know About the Device

We know that having fire extinguishers at home can help keep our house safe from fire. Establishments also need to have this to keep the people in it safe. It is also necessary to save their property. Although there are other fire fighting devices, the fire extinguishers are the most popular. This is because they are portable, and easy to use.

Five Important Considerations For the Location of Your Fire Extinguishers

It is important to have fire safety equipments at home. This will help us stop the fire from spreading. A small fire in the kitchen can get out of hand, if you do not have fire blankets to smother the flames. The flame from the garage can engulf the entire house if you do not have the extinguisher to stop it.

Health and Safety Signs – What Do They Mean?

We see signs almost anywhere we go. When we dine in restaurants, we read the entrance and exit signs. We also see signs pointing us to the emergency exits. Signs also keep things in order. It tells people what part of the street they can cross. It also provides instruction as to where to pass.

Carbon Monoxide – Ways to Prevent Its Danger

Why should you care about carbon monoxide? What is so important about it anyway? Well, let us start with this. Carbon monoxide kills. When exposed to it, it enters your bloodstream. The build-up of carbon monoxide blocks the oxygen from entering your body. Without oxygen, your body cannot survive. This makes long exposure to high concentrates of carbon monoxide fatal.

Smoke Detectors 101 – Things You Should Take Note Of

We are aware of the various fire fighting equipments available today. Although dealing with fire is a horrifying experience, we have to be thankful because combating it today is not as difficult as what our ancestors have to endure.

Exit Signs – Understanding Their Importance

When we enter a building like the mall for example, we do not expect that something bad will happen. We go inside, do our business, and leave the premises as soon as we finish our transactions. That is how we intend to go about our day, however, the unforeseen happens. The fire alarm sounds and all of a sudden, people are running around and screaming.

Surviving the Flames – Things You Need to Do When There is Fire

Knowing what to do when there is fire will save your life. You can try to stop the flame, but if it has grown, it is wiser to leave the area.

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