I’m Not Supposed to Talk About This…

I'm Not Supposed to Talk About This...

Stun Gun Safety Concerns – Will I Also Get Stunned When I Use One?

Stun guns are very effective personal protection devices. However, most people are afraid of using it because of their wrong notion regarding the electricity that this device uses. Stun gun manufacturers designed this device to provide protection with your safety in mind so you need not fret.

Earthquake Safety Tips – What to Do When an Earthquake Strikes?

As earthquakes occur without any prior notification, it is necessary for all us to follow earthquake safety procedure when it takes place. Earthquakes occur in almost all the parts of the world.

Survival Preparedness – Practice May Save Your Life

This scenario is a product of my own imagination. My hope is that it will be food for thought for some. And possibly save some lives as well, in disaster, or emergency situations.

Knowing Basic First Aid For Drowning Saves Lives!

Before attempting to rescue a drowning person, it’s imperative to assess the situations. Many people, even those who were strong swimmers, have jumped into unstable bodies of water to rescue a drowning person, only to also become a casualty. Never attempt to rescue another person if it appears the situation may put your own life at risk.

Wilderness First Aid Courses – Going Beyond Basic First Aid

Due to the difference in conditions in the wilderness as compared to the general work or home environment, wilderness first aid courses must cover emergency medical attention in different settings with different conditions and hazards. Types of injuries that occur in the wilderness frequently differ from those occurring in traditional settings. Courses are available for the casual outdoor enthusiast, for wilderness tour guides, and for others who act as first responders in remote locations.

First Aid For an Impaled Object

When a victim becomes impaled with an object, it is usually a sudden occurrence and the odds of being assisted by someone who has completed a first aid class are low. However, the odds of a successful outcome are increased when someone has taken a course.

First Aid For Wasp Bites

Unlike a bee which has a barbed stinger and can usually only sting once since the stinger gets stuck in the victim, a wasp can sting multiple times in multiple places. A wasp sting is not technically worse. It only can produce a certain amount of venom which is usually less than that of a bee.

Online Vs Live CPR Training – Which is Right For You?

A live CPR class is just that, a class with a group of people. Once they have completed training, usually a few hours to a day in length, you will receive your certification in the mail. Many people enjoy the experience of the group atmosphere.

Who is the American Heart Association and What Do They Do?

The AHA works through volunteers, products and services to promote healthier lifestyles to prevent cardiovascular disease and its extreme symptoms which are heart attack and stroke. The AHA also teaches classes on Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and how to use an Automatic External Defibrillator (AED).

What Are Disaster Relief Shelters?

Disaster relief shelters are highly mobile versatile structures used by specialists in chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear defense to help in avoiding, protecting against and mitigating the effects resulted from the hazardous use of dangerous substances and weapons. As the primary focus of intervention teams in such situations is quick response, one of the main features of disaster relief shelters is the fast deployment time. In fact, best shelters can be erected in under three minutes, allowing intervention teams to be at the spot of the disaster and ready for action in a very short time.

Is it Safe to Collect and Drink Rainwater?

Some wonder if you can drink rain water. Is there really anything to worry about?

Everyone Needs to Know About Emergency Response Planning

Most families understand the importance of being prepared for an emergency. The issue is most families just do not prepare. They get busy and may just not understand how to prepare. The fact is, emergency response planning is crucial and could potentially save the lives of those that you love.

CPR For Infants

Once you get to know your baby, caring for them becomes easy. You know how to feed them, clean them and calm them down when they are crying. You keep them safe and provide them with everything they need.

Reasons to Let the Professionals Handle Problems With Emergency Gas

When you have an emergency gas problem, it is usually a good idea to let the professionals handle it for you. There are many different reasons why the professionals are the best choice for any type of gas problem.

Rescue Breathing

When a person is having difficulty breathing, it’s important to give immediate assistance. If oxygen levels decrease significantly, unconsciousness, brain damage, or death may occur. Rescue breathing is when a responder breathes for the person who cannot do so on their own.

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