I Hope I’m Wrong About This…

I Hope I'm Wrong About This...

Fire Prevention

Losing a loved one, belongings, or even a home is devastating. But losing it to a fire over something that is so preventable is incomprehensible. Is it worth any amount of money to just stop and look things over before you walk out the door for the day or go to bed?

Earthquake Emergency Preparedness – Are You Quaking in Your Boots?

An earthquake can be due to either a natural phenomenon or human activity. Large earthquakes cause many serious problems to the surrounding land and its inhabitants. You might want to consider these ideas when preparing an earthquake emergency plan.

Top Ten Reasons I Desperately Needed to Rotate My 72 Hour Kit Foods

While writing the article “How to Make a 72 Hour Kit”, I pulled out my own 72 hour kits to take remind myself of how they were put together. I realized the date on them was July 2006! I decided I better buy some replacement foods since the recommendation is typically to rotate it every 6 months to a year.

Pocket Survival Kits Build Children’s Responsibility

I totally believe that children should know all the ins and outs of surviving should disastrous situations progress from bad to worse. In view of this, I have tried to teach my children as much as I can. One of the important things I attempt to stress is to be prepared. To me having specific bug out bags and survival kits are of great value in teaching children about survival responsibilities.

Loose Lips Sink Survival Plans

Similar to the old military saying concerning “Loose Lips sink Ships” so it is with your survival plans. Prudence would dictate that you not openly advertise any of your plans in advance.

Preparing Your Family to Face an Emergency

Disaster has been striking our nation, and the world, recently – earthquakes, tornadoes, severe flooding, tsunamis, hurricanes. What would you do if one of these disasters happened to you?

Preparing For a Hurricane – Yes, It’s That Time Again!

While all natural disasters can be frightening, one of the most common is a hurricane. Hurricane season takes place between June 1st and November 30th. If you reside in an area typically known for being struck by hurricanes, don’t think “it won’t happen to me”, be prepared!

Prepare For Avian Influenza (Bird Flu)

Avian Influenza is an infection caused by the bird flu virus. Although Avian Influenza is an infection typically affecting birds, infections can also occur in humans. This factor makes it important to educate yourself and be aware in an attempt to decrease your risk of contracting it.

Urban Survival – Surviving a Natural Disaster

Are you prepared to survive a natural disaster? In the aftermath of any disaster the first 72 hours are critical to the longterm survival of you and your loved ones. Advance preparation is the key to survival.

Why Disasters Mean More Danger to Men!

We all read about the massive flooding in the Midwestern U.S. this past June. At least twelve people were killed. But did you know that, out of the twelve, nine of them were men? Yes, that’s right – men made up three-quarters of the fatalities.

Be Prepared – Survival Gear

Only 7% of Americans have taken the necessary steps to prepare for an emergency. 93% of Americans are unprepared for an emergency requiring multi-day survival. Knowing what to do during an emergency make make all the difference when seconds count.

Wilderness First Aid Kits Save Lives

If you are heading out on a wilderness trip you better make sure you have your wilderness first aid kits prepared and with you. Chances are that if you do not bring a kit with you then you will need it. Most times you bring a kit you will not need to use it, but that is fine, just as long as you have it with you.

Tornado – What Could I Have Done?

Cows are flying by, there is a witch on a broom cackling at you and you can see Dorothy’s house being flung through the air, Yes, you’re in the middle of a tornado! Now how do you get out alive? What should you have done prior to this event?

What Can You Do With Your Food Storage?

If you are dependent on your food storage to survive for an extended period of time, would you be able to create familiar meals for your family? Any meals at all? Or do you just have a hodgepodge of random cans and buckets of wheat collecting dust in your basement? I’ve compiled a list of foods you can make with some of the most common food storage items. Find out how your food storage compares!

What to Do in an Emergency

How well you survive a national emergency depends on how prepared you are. What is public safety? How do people contact their loved ones in an emergency? Can you explain how technology can be used in public safety? Are Asian countries prepared for an emergency?

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