I Got A Scary Message… Prepare Now

I Got A Scary Message... Prepare Now

Importance of CPR and First Aid Training

This article looks at the importance of could be obtained online through various websites that teach the fundamentals of Basic Life Support. The American Red Cross and other organizations are providing first aid and CPR training online and some of these courses may be available for free.

Benefits of Wearing a Reflective Safety Vest at Night

If you expect to be outdoors on a regular basis especially late at night, then you should be aware that visibility can be drastically reduced for others on the road. However, being seen by others is especially important as there are hundreds of pedestrian related accidents that occur each year.

Will My Neighbors Think I’m Crazy If I Plan For an Emergency?

It’s not crazy to plan ahead. Self reliance is a skill set and a mind set.

Bug Out Exercise Vehicle Departure Checklist

We all tend to forget important items when actually performing a bug out exercise. About the only way to prevent such things from occurring is to do as the military does and use checklists. Included in the checklist are several items that should be performed prior to departure if time permits.

What Type of Communication Devices Are Needed at the Bug Out Location?

If you have a bug out location for disasters or emergencies, one issue that will come up is communication. There is one way communication like receiving news as well as two way communication between you at your location and others. Both of these are necessary.

What Should Be in a First Aid Kit?

You can purchase a kit at the drug store or at a hunting and camping store. You have lots of options. Do not let them overwhelm you.

How Weapons Have Changed the Way Wars Are Fought – What Does the Future Hold?

From sticks and stones to smart bombs; the way of warfare has changed. As weapons have improved, shielding and personal protection has evolved.

If I Perform CPR Will I Catch a Disease? (Part 2)

In part one of the series we talked about the chances of catching a disease from CPR. Now, we will focus on how to decrease your chances even further!

What Should Be in a Home Safe Room?

Having a plan and a safe room is an important first step. Now, let us look at what should be in the safe room.

Earthquake Risks in the Midwest

This article raises awareness of earthquake potentials in the Midwestern States from the New Madrid Seismic Zone in southeastern Missouri that generated three large earthquakes in the winter of 1811-1812. The probability of a New Madrid earthquake of moment magnitude 6.0 or greater occurring in the next 50 years is 25-40% according to the US Geological Survey. The expected regional economic losses and buildings damage are briefly presented. Haiti earthquake serves as a wake up call for earthquake preparedness in the Midwest that has lagged far behind as compared to the West Coast.

Build a Survival First Aid Kit

One thing that you should have to go along with a bug out bag is a good survival first aid kit. If you are in a disaster situation and you need to get out with your bug out bag, there is a very good chance that you are going to need a first aid kit in the coming hours.

Be Prepared For Whatever Life Throws at You With an Emergency Water Filter

You don’t know what happened, and you certainly didn’t expect it, but all of a sudden you found that when you turned the taps on around your home you were unable to get water. As time went by, you learned that there had been a major water main break a few blocks down, and the water company has no clue when they’d restore your water service. All of a sudden, it becomes imperative to get your hands on clean, fresh water for drinking and cooking, so what are you going to do?

Earthquake Hazard Program is Your Best Earthquake Warning System

Earthquakes are a danger that many people are always on the watch for. There is no way for the general public to know if there is going to be one without some type of earthquake warning system. This system is in place because of the earthquake hazard program of the USGS or United States Geological Survey.

Survival Backpack – The Perfectly Thoughtful and Unusual Gift For the Person Who Has Everything

They think they have everything, but do they have the one thing that could mean the difference between life and death after a disaster? A Survival backpack not only says survival disaster, but it also shows you really care.

What to Consider When Purchasing a Bug Out Retreat

Some people like having what are called bug out locations that they could go to during a disaster type situation. These retreats have some food, water, provide shelter, and give them a place that they can go to that will help them escape whatever problems are caused by the disaster.

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