I Got A Real Bad Feeling About This… Be Ready

I Got A Real Bad Feeling About This... Be Ready

Important Precautionary Measures You Should Take in Highly Flammable Areas

When we go to places, we see signs. Some tell us what to do while there are others that prohibits us from doing something. There are also signs that warn us about the inherent danger in the area. Since it is about the risks involved nearby, all should take signs seriously.

Important Points to Keep Your Family Safe From Fire

Prevention is better than cure, a cliche, yet true. Although this is important, we should also keep in mind that awareness and information will save us when tragedy hits.

How Does A Fire Start and What to Do to Prevent It

A fire can possibly start in any home. To prevent this, families should identify possible fire hazards and identify ways to prevent it from occurring.

Fiction For Survivalists

As some of my closest friends know I save all my survival information onto CD’s so that I can use them with a laptop as I am making my way to my survival retreat. Often times when I create a survival CD with my survival information placed on it I will frequently include books which are of a fictional nature and not at all associated with the topic of survival or even survivalists. Over a period of time several people have approached me and inquired as to why I create the CD with fiction on it and I thought that it was time that I explained my reasoning to my readers.

Too Much BOB Junk

Ahhh, here we have the sweet life of a survivalist. Every now and then I decide to get away from it all and jump in the bug out van and merely travel a short distance from civilization. It tends to opens up ones sense of survival and produces some clear thinking.

Water Removal For a Basement Flood

If you are the victim of basement flooding it can be very depressing. One may wonder what to do next. You have a really big mess on your hands especially if you have a lot of items in your basement. The first thing to do is to act fast. Find yourself a top-notch company that specializes in water removal. It is imperative that you get the water removed from your flooded basement as soon as possible.

Self-Defense – The Role of Your Emotions in Effectively Surviving a Brutal Self-Defense Attack

Most self-defense and martial arts classes avoid the emotions altogether. Others limit their focus on a gross over-simplification of emotional states during a self-defense situation. But, aside from being frightened or angry, what role do your emotions play in dealing with a potentially deadly situation?

72 Hours Survival Supplies Food & Gear

In the case of potential disaster you need to be self-sufficient for a minimum of 72 hours. That means 72 hours survival supplies food and gear needs to be available according to the minimum time recommended by various government sources. The 72 hours survival supplies food and gear provided by a Survival Kit is designed to support a family of four for three days. It consists of emergency food, water and shelter, first aid and sanitation, lighting and communication supplies.

How to Maintain a Good First Aid Kit

Having a first aid kit in any home or business is absolutely essential. From small cuts to larger medical issues, a first aid kit can solve a range of medical problems. Here are some tips on how to properly stock a kit for your home or facility.

Are You Ready If the Worst Should Happen

A ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. In today economic state and with companies going under and governments all around the world failing. It might be a good Idea to prepare yourself a well built survival kit.

Self-Defense Training – The 4 Pillars of Defensive Handgun Training

One of the most frequently asked questions in the realm of self-defense training involves the use of weapons, like guns and knives, for protection. This article outlines the four areas that make up a complete defensive handgun training program.

I Think I Ripped My Pants

The title may sound like a tale from the popular kid’s show SpongeBob SquarePants however it has a certain ring of truth to it when it comes to survival. Surviving in the wild can be rough not only on the individual but also upon the persons clothing. Burrs on the woodland bushes are certain to snag the pants as are the overhanging branches getting caught on ones shirt. Add to that the amount of dirt that could be collected from a romp in the woods and the poor washing conditions and your clothing is certainly not going to last that long.

Salmonella Contamination and the Survivalist

Usually we open the newspaper or surf the internet and several times per year we end up seeing where one product or another has been contaminated with Salmonella bacteria. With this danger continually lurking how can a survivalist beat the odds and keep his family safe and secure?

It’s About the Future – Yours!

Will you be able to survive those first critical 3 days of a disaster with no electricity, water or medical help? WILL YOU?

Still Time For That Survival New Years Resolution

Although the New Year has already started you still have sufficient time to create that all important Survival New Years resolution list. We always hope for the best of situations but one never knows what disasters will be presented to us during the course of the year. That is why being prepared is so important.

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