How to Survive “The Golden Horde” Violent Mobs

How to Survive "The Golden Horde" Violent Mobs

Infant CPR Certification Requires a Separate CPR Class

The article shows why learning first aid and CPR is important, as well as, attaining infant CPR certification. First aid is important. People at certain levels in their life should be taught how to administer first aid. Even kids should be taught what to do and what not to do in an emergency situation. We do not want to be caught in a situation where a person’s life is in our hands. But sometimes, we are placed in that situation and it is best for the person who needs it at that moment that we know what to do in an emergency situation.

Junk in the Trunk Or Travel Survival Tips

Old man winter has been making his rounds dumping record-breaking amounts of snow and ice across the United States. If you have nothing more than your spare tire stashed away in your car, then it is time to do some shopping and load up on the junk in your trunk.

A Can of Heater

We haven’t departed company with ole man winter as of yet. Spring and summer are still several months away and we still need to think in terms of emergency heat during a crisis situation.

Should We Be Very Scared?

Yellowstone National Park is the home to one of the world’s largest and most active volcanic system. During the last several million years this area has produced some giant volcanic eruptions. As of this date we have not experienced any eruptions which contain volcanic ash or lava however future eruptions may likely contain both of these dangerous contents. We may be lucky and all we will see are some ongoing hot spring activities, an occasional steam explosion and perhaps even a few moderate to large size earthquakes

Animals in Emergency Shelters

Often people complain that they can not take their animals into emergency shelters. As many persons become displaced from their homes during times of crisis, they are relocated in evacuation centers. One of their major gripes is not being able to bring their pets with them. It is true that many times the mere act of having a pet nearby serves as a means of comfort to those in these emergency situations, unfortunately evacuation centers refuse to permit pets to accompany their owners.

The X Cargo Roof Top Carriers and Bugging Out

Often times we drive down the highway and make a mental note of one of the cargo roof top carrier which appears on many of the vehicles that we pass. At once we start to wonder as to the value of these items during a possible bug out situation. Would they benefit us? Do they have any sort of merit in survival? These are questions which we need to answer.

Winter Bug Out Exercise

When a crisis is about to befall us we can never know what time of the year it will occur and as such we must be prepared. We would all hope that if and when it happens we will have fair weather but that is certainly one thing that we can not count upon.

Survival Kits – Everything You Need to Know

When an emergency strikes, you need to be prepared in order to protect and provide for yourself. Here’s a guide to building a complete survival kit (a/k/a “bug out bag”) for you or your family.

Home Safety and Emergency Planning – Be Ready, Be Prepared

It is only a matter of time until the next earthquake, flood or tornado cause a disruption to normal life. Planning ahead will lessen the impact of a disaster and may even save your life, your family’s and even your neighbors. Follow these simple steps in preparing for and surviving the next emergency situation.

Colorado Eastern Slope Wildfire Danger Growing

The Threat of a Bad Fire Season for Colorado’s Eastern Slope is Growing. Extra dry conditions and lack of precipitation should prompt homeowners to prepare now. Potential fuels are dryer than normal and conditions are similar to 2002 and 2003.

Simple Ways to Enable You to Cope With Chemical Poisoning

Chemical handling can be hazardous and can even result in poisoning. Thus, it is vital for us to adhere to these simple steps as well as use extra safety measures in using chemicals in order for us to stay safe.

Severe Weather Week Begins

It is that time of the year again! Around the nation many of our cities and states are making the necessary preparations to launch the severe weather week. Sever weather can strike just about any location in our nation and does so usually without warning of any sort. It is not restricted to the southern portion of our country or to the Midwest. We can at any time encounter hurricanes, tornadoes, flooding and a host of other inflections from mother nature without so much as a simple warning.

Communications Capabilities

One of the foremost questions that many people ask is what they can do about obtaining valuable information and communicating with other people during times of crisis. Let’s face it our cell phones may not be much use to us after the emergency generators that operate the cell phone towers run out of fuel and are effectively dead.

What Are Water Purification Tablets?

Water is one of the most essential needs of the human body. Well over half of the human body can be made of water. Impure water can thus damage the human body a lot and the working system of the body can decrease in performance due to bad water which contains some harmful contaminants.

What to Do During a School Fire Escape Drill

Recently the Manchester Fire and Rescue Service went on strike for higher wages. They truly deserve it because they literally risk their lives in order to save others. The high number of factories in the City demands a lot of hard work and skilled training to fight fires in the Manchester area.

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