How to Survive the Dark Winter With No Technology

How to Survive the Dark Winter With No Technology

Earthquakes Are a Natural Disaster

A natural disaster is defined as the effect of nature that is hazardous and affecting human activities. An earthquake is a sudden shaking of the earth. The vibrations vary in magnitude from mild to very serious and destructive. Earthquakes by themselves are rarely disastrous. It is usually the secondary events that trigger disasters, such as building collapse, fires and tsunamis.

Storing Your Home Emergency Supply of Water

We all can appreciate the fact that we must stockpile a adequate supply of water for our families use during any emergency condition. This is generally an straightforward chore if you approach the problem in a suitable manner.

Automobile Emergency Tool For Seniors

These days there are countless reasons to have a good and powerful flashlight in your car. A senior citizen should especially have a good flashlight available for a variety of uses. If you are going to have a flashlight, why not have one that is a part of a good Auto Emergency Tool?

Is Chap Stick a Survival Necessity?

Many people often pose the question of whether Chap Stick should be included in our first aid kits or survival packs and I repetitively respond “yes”. In addition to the customary lip use there are other lesser recognized uses as well.

The Importance of Knowing Where the Fire Extinguisher Is

Fire is a tool that man discovered in prehistoric times. Throughout all that time, man has developed the use of fire, and how to control it. Even so, sometimes fires break out and cause damage. Many people, animals, and even plants have been lost to fire disasters. To prevent or minimize the loss of life and damage to properties, firefighting methods and tools have been invented and refined.

Fire Prevention Codes, Programs, and Measures

The start of the summer season also opens the more rigid practices for fire prevention. These are measures conducted to do away with the possibility of fire occurrence in a place that may result in fatality, injury, or property damage at the least. Fire is a rapid paced chemical reaction when a combustible material mixes with oxygen, which releases heat, light, smoke, and flames. In order to spark fire, there are some elements which would have been present at the same time of the ignition.

Is Your Emergency Kit Missing Something Important?

Given that hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, wildfire, winter storms and power failures are the reasons to have these emergency supplies, ask yourself, will people really be at their best under those incredibly trying circumstances? The sad truth is that in times of mass disaster, there will be an increase in vandalism, looting, theft and violent crimes and so maybe we should seriously consider adding some defense products to our list of basic emergency supplies.

Is a Fire Blanket a Useful Purchase?

A fire blanket is a specially treated article that can be thrown over an individual who has caught fire. By wrapping a fire blanket around them, and snuffing out the fire by smacking the fire blanket with an open palmed hand, you can extinguish the fire while keeping your own body away from the flames. With automobile accidents increasing in frequency, many people are now purchasing fire blankets that travel in their cars. This way should they be involved in or witness an accident that entails flames, the fire blanket is handy enough to be put to good use.

Winning the Battle Against Fire With the Help of Powder Fire Extinguisher

It is a hot Thursday night and while inside your office, you hear a sudden burst. Immediately you go out of your cubicle and started to investigate. As you were exploring, a horrid smell tickled your nose from the storage room. You ran towards it and saw that the place has been consumed by fire, and its growing faster every minute.

The “Double Stimulus Response” Secret

If you were to take a simple test on practical self defense advice, you would probably get a high score. That is a good start. It is not enough, not if you want to assure yourself of optimum personal protection.

Emergency Preparedness & Survival – Why Sanitation & Personal Hygiene Win the Prize!

The British Medical Journal recently surveyed more than 11,000 readers, mostly physicians, and asked them a simple question: What was the most significant medical breakthrough in the past 150 years? Their answer may surprise you. What does their answer have to do with emergency preparedness and survival? Read on to find out, and learn how you can take three simple steps to protect your family during a major disaster or national emergency.

Be Prepared With a Personal Survival Kit

What do you need to be prepared for an unexpected emergency? Plan now for what you might need if disaster happens.

Survival in Economic Chaos

It is certain that the future cannot be foreseen, but it is undeniable that change is ahead of us, and hopefully that change is a positive one brought about by a new President and a new outlook. However, while some of us wait patiently for that change to take place, others may panic in the process.

2008 – Possibly One of the Deadliest Years in History

A reflection on 2008 reminds many of the devastation’s caused throughout the world by natural disasters such as Cyclones, Earthquakes, Typhoons and Storms. These curve balls thrown by Mother Nature left over 220,000 people dead, many injured, countless homeless and billions of dollars worth of property damages.

Can I Store Some McDonald’s in My Food Storage?

Some families live on farms, with chicken coops and cows and root cellars and gardens the size of city blocks. At the other end of the scale, you’ll find some families who live in apartments in cities. The closest they come to farm life is keeping a canary in a birdcage. The only thing they make for dinner…is a reservation. A home-cooked meal means reheating last night’s Chinese take-out leftovers.

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