How to Pick an EDC/Bug Out Backpack | TJack Survival

How to Pick an EDC/Bug Out Backpack | TJack Survival

Bug Out Camp

Everyday I pick up the daily newspaper and read about another small business closing their doors or even worse I see major corporations requesting additional government funds in order to continue their operations. These types of newspaper headlines tend to scare the dickens out of me. Obama’s budget breaking stimulus plan does not appear to be having much of an effect upon this situation in the least.

Ernest Shackleton – Explorer Turned Mountain Climber

The hunt for the first to reach the South Pole was over and Shackleton and a crew wanted to be the first to cross the pole from side to side. Barely starting the journey, the ship got frozen up in the ice. The rest became a story that should have been lost in the snow and water around the frozen continent. But for various reasons, some unknown, the story had been told and it had a lot of witnesses.

Sir Ernest Shackleton – A Disastrous Expedition

Sir Ernest Shackleton led a group to within 97 miles from the South Pole and returned to be knighted by the King. But he would not rest and planned to return to be the first to cross the continent as Amundsen had already reached the South Pole. This seemingly easier task would prove to test everything needed for such a task. The difference was that there was no glory, no reward but to be alive for those who returned.

Emergency Procedures to Be Envied

On September 11, a 2001 flight slammed into the Pentagon. Fuel, fire and concussion waves poured out into the most secured of areas. Sensitive and Classified military information and material, communications equipment, secure containers and much more became vulnerable to loss or compromise. Security containers welded shut and unable to access in the extreme heat of the subsequent fires.

First Aid at Home – Are You Sure You’re Up to Speed If Someone Starts to Bleed?

According to the CDC, injuries at home are not accidents – they can be prevented. None the less, injuries at home are extremely prolific, and that is why having a first aid kit that is stocked up and ready to deal with almost anything is essential. The CDC says that about a third of all injuries that require emergency room or personnel to visit and attention happens at home or in recreation, and drowning, falls, fires, and poisoning are among the most common ones. While everyone should take steps to ensure that their homes are as safe and secure as possible, having the tools to deal with these unintentional injuries (that’s a CDC phrase, by the way) can mean the difference between life and death, or lasting damage or full recovery.

Emergency Car Kit

Having an Emergency Car Kit with you at all times while traveling in your vehicle will greatly improve your ability to get to your destination should you suffer a breakdown. In today’s world, you might not be surrounded with as much help as you think.

How Your Spouse Feels About Your Preparedness Efforts

Years ago as I began to store up on food my family looked at me with strange glances. They really thought I had lost my marbles. Along came Y2K and as I increased my preparedness efforts the looks increased drastically. The going joke in the home was that the food being stored was my children’s inheritance. (Think about that statement for a few minutes and you will see the true value in it).

Fire-Based EMS – The Cost Effective and Efficient Solution?

Good afternoon readers. Today I am going to talk about an interesting video that I stumbled across on YouTube. The video advocates for fire-based EMS as opposed to private or third-service. It did not present any valid argument that fire-based EMS is actually better than anything else. This was rather disappointing being that fire departments usually put up good arguments for their product.

Fires – Why They Get Started and How to Stop Them

In all kinds of fires, it is true what they say. We need air to live, so does fires. When a fire happens to start, one of the main ingredients to keep the fire going and burning is air.

Home Fire Preparedness Made Easy

In case of a fire in your home, the first thing you really should do is get out. As with so many fires, they are usually unforeseen and never expected. They can be formed in so many different ways.

On the Value of MP3 Players in Bug Out Vehicles

When we reach the point of no return and have to make that ultimate decision as to stay or go we want to do so with as little discomfort as possible. I know this sounds a little petty however lets consider for one moment the amount of time that we could perhaps be in hiding. One month? Perhaps several months? Maybe even as much as 6 to 12 months. In a case like that I could just about guarantee that radio stations will no longer be broadcasting. Television will certainly be non-existent at this time. Even if the infrastructure was still present most operators and maintenance people would be with their families and not at work.

Preparing Your Home For Damage and Insurance Fraud

Be ready for a hurricane by preparing your home for hurricane damage, and your insurance claim from insurance fraud. Texas and other coastline states are at risk every hurricane season so don’t be caught unprepared.

Heating & Lighting in an Emergency Situation

Considering emergency Lighting and Heating before you need them in an emergency situation. A few good flashlights and a dozen solar blankets may be all you need? Consider your unique situation and plan accordingly.

Emergency Survival Car Kit

Each day millions of people get in their cars and drive to some destination. Most not giving a second thought as to what may lie ahead of them as they go about their task at hand of getting from point A to point B. Most of the time this is accomplished without incident. But for thousands of drivers each day, that’s not the case.

Emergency Survival Kit – The Survivalist Stigma

We live in a fear-laden, terror-scared and recession-battered society. The simple fact is, that basic emergency preparedness for the most dire of emergencies is quite simple to achieve. Often the most difficult process is getting past the ‘survivalist’ stigma as gun-toting militia men with an extremist military mentality.

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