How to Deal With Bad Guys After it Hits the Fan

How to Deal With Bad Guys After it Hits the Fan

Pepper Spray – A Great Gift of Safety

I once bought a good friend Michael a fire extinguisher as a Christmas gift. He thought this was an odd and strange item to buy. He asked me “what made you think of a fire extinguisher?” My reply was remember when we first met? He had told me his house burnt down. So that is why I bought that gift.

How to Survive a Coming Great Depression

With rising fears about the current debt crisis in Greece, many people are worried for the economy and living conditions. The smart analysts admit that the economy will worsen and are learning how to survive a coming great depression.

The Many Uses of Emergency Shelters

We cannot predict our lives. What is going to happen next is something we do not know. We cannot assure ourselves that we will always be safe from any type of emergency situation. Things can change any moment.

2012 Doomsday Planet X – Are You Ready?

Sooner or later, everything comes to an end. That is a universal fact of life. But what if that “end” is only a couple of short years away? Will it drive you mad or will it make you a better person? Well, in this article one of the most intriguing and terrifying ends will be discussed – the possible end of our dying and loving planet. Earth is home to billions of creatures such as plants, animals, and man.

How to Make a Fire in the Wilderness

Making a fire in the wilderness can be a great skill especially if its in a life and death situation. A fire can serve different purposes: To keep you warm and dry, cook food, purify water, sterilize bandages, rescue signal, and even keeping you safe from animals. Choose your location first before you start building your fire.

Emergency Storm Preparedness

There is nothing you can do to stop or change the weather so if you are going to live in a storm prone area you have to take the proper steps to prepare your property and yourself to successfully withstand the storm. There is one inviolable rule however, if you live along the coast and a category 4 or category 5 hurricane is bearing down on you – get out.

What’cha Gonna Do? Tips For First Actions in an Emergency

Should you bury your head in the sand or prepare? It’s a predicament of the most educated and the least. What are *you* going to do?

Could You Evacuate in 15 Minutes?

There’s a knock at the door, you have to evacuate your home and you have been given just 15 minutes to leave for an unknown amount of time. Are you ready? Do you have your emergency supply kit for your family and pets?

2012 Magnetic Polar Reversal Effect – Is it For Real?

Global warming has a devastating effect worldwide. Many of us would ask, what action does our government do to eradicate if not to lessen the impact to us? Instead of pointing fingers to other, why don’t we ask ourselves, what have I done to contribute to the destruction of our planet earth?

Easy to Assemble Emergency Shelters

The places where people can live for a limited time during the period and aftermath of a disaster, or in the time of emergency, are called emergency-shelters. Emergency shelters are similar to homeless shelters to some extent but the dissimilarity between the two is that emergency shelters allow people to stay there during the whole day whereas in the case of homeless shelter, it is expected that people will spend their day out and will only come in at night or to eat only.

Should Every Classroom in California Have Earthquake Fault Maps on the Wall?

For those who live in an Earthquake zone, you’d think they’d be better prepared, but they aren’t. It is rather amazing when you consider it. Indeed, I live in California and for the most part, the whole place is in or near Earthquake faults, and many folks are not prepared, some who literally live on-top of a fault-lines in fact. There are more faults in California than you can count, seriously and they keep adding more as the Earthquake science gets better, along with our high-tech sensors.

Dec 21, 2012 Polar Shift – Info Alert to Prepare For a Big Phenomenon

Becoming aware of the much talked about Dec 12, 2012 Polar Shift is actually something that is frightening and daunting at the same time. There are so many theories about the impending Doomsday come year 2012.

Polar Shift Survival – How to Prepare in Order to Survive

If you have heard of the upcoming polar reversal come December 12, 2012, then you should know that you must prepare and be equipped with everything you need to know about the upcoming major event of the world. What is more, you should make preparations to ensure your polar shift survival.

Why Should You Prepare a Home Survival Bag?

Most of the time when someone goes on a camping, backpacking, or hiking trip, some sort of survival kit is put together so that you can have something just in case something bad happens. This is something that is always there just in case a problem occurs. This makes sense because something could happen.

Emergency Preparedness – A Quick Beginners Guide

In today’s society it is easy to forget how fragile we are when disaster strikes. Even so, there are very few people who are concerned with the importance of emergency preparedness. Even though a little time spent in preparing for an emergency can go a long way.

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